Welcome to part 2 of the boss hunters hand book this time covering bosses spawned through map events/gimmicks (sweet drops aren’t a gimmick). This guide will be rather short as it will only cover two bosses the rather classic Dullahan and the rather abused Kubas.

 To which I will cover;
  • The mechanics of spawning/summoning the bosses
  • additional tips
  • What maps to find them on
  • their spawn locations
  • drops
 And I will not cover;
  • my favorite color
  • optimal builds
  • reroll cost
  • boss stats (will include links to them)

Just like world bosses and field bosses, event bosses follow their own rules. To which:

  1. The events to spawn the bosses will appear on all channels the map they spawn on them has
  2. The respawn timer for the event is when the boss is spawned (aka when the event is completed) and not when the boss is defeated
  3. Event bosses do NOT give boss cube unobtainable debuff and are unaffected by it (meaning you still get cube if you have the debuff)
  4. Similar to any world/field boss top dpses and their party will get cube, however cube will drop on the ground and must be picked up
  5. Should the channel crash the event will immediately be available when the channel is back online. Additionally this applies to after maintenance as well.
  6. Once the boss spawns it will remain until it dies, the channel crashes or the next maintenance period starts

Quick Tips:
There’s no need to complicate these ones they are rather straight forward, however do try to secure a party before starting the events in the case you end up alone, it could be more work then what you were asking for when solo.

Kubas 27

Location: Crystal Mine Lot 2 – 2F
Level: 110
Drops: Talt, Angel Wings, Red Armband, Ithildin Ore, Kubas Card
Respawn: 2 hours? (I believe it’s 4 hours but there’s no second sources to back me up)
How to Summon: At a random spawn point on the map an NPC called the machine of riddles 125 will appear (it looks like the little hat on top of Kubas.) After the hunting grounds update Finding Kubas is the hard part, as to spawn it you will need [Resonance Crystal]
(https://tos.neet.tv/items/645603 152). There are several ways you can go about getting these. First is to farm the mobs in mine lot 2, you can farm them in the hunting grounds map (Natarh Watchtower 26), or you can buy them off market as they are more readily available then before. Once you have the item all you need to do is interact with the machine of riddles and kubas will spawn.
IMPORTANT: The event will despawn after time, I’m not sure how long it will remain on map, but i believe it will remain until no one is on map for 5 minutes. However, so long as you have an eye on it, it’s not going anywhere.
Spawn Points:

Additional Notes: Kubas is an often forgotten boss and because he’s on a map not everyone knows exists, the map is not easy to get too and summoning him takes some time even if done as a group. However, If you don’t mind doing a little work I highly recommend Kubas for new players. Not a very difficult fight with unique items in his cube that while only cosmetic will fetch a decent price only downside is the talt. Also I’ve been to mine lot 2 so many times but I have no clue if the map event with the crystals effects how Kubas will spawn. For those that are confused as to how to get to mine lot 2 head to crystal mines 3F and

Dullahan 12

Location: Roxona Reconstruction Agency East Building
Level: 185
Drops: Dullahan Card, Dullahan Armor Fragment, Karacha Dagger (rec), Geras Spear (rec), Gritas
Respawn: 2 hours
How to Summon: This time the npc is called Demons’ Sealed Sphere 37 and spawns in only 1 location, but unlike kubas you don’t need to check it to see if it is up. Simply kill one mob and if it spawns a demon’s soul as a result you will know the event is up. you will need to defeat 200 demon souls to summon dullahan and the event will help you keep track.
Spawn Points:

Additional Notes: Dullahan used to be a highly contested boss, spawning every 2 hours with out fail and additionally the event will not despawn. Making it rather reliable unlike other bosses you can do.

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([Guide] Big Bossing: Part 1 World Bosses (outdated as of 8/1/2017))
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Thank you for reading my guide.
Confused about something? need something clarified, perhaps there’s not enough information for you. If that’s the case feel free to ask, I’ll try to answer in a reasonable amount of time.


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