Well I hope parts 1 and 2 were exciting, but time for the nitty gritty information that’s not easy to come by. This time we will be covering Field bosses, not to be confused with what I call World bosses (trust me I’m an idiot). There’s a lot of information I would like to pass onto you,

 which shall include;
  • Spawn Time
  • Drops
  • Spawn Locations/Maps
  • Additional Tips
 And I won’t include;
  • optimal builds
  • What peridot is for
  • reroll costs
  • boss stats (will include links to them)

The Universal rules for event bosses are pretty close to field bosses but there are some major differences. If you want to even have a chance at getting to fight them you need to know;

  1. Field bosses are not locked to any one channel there can be as many field bosses spawning at once as channels there are
  2. In order for the boss timer to count down and spawn the boss there MUST be at least one person in the channel. If no one is in the channel the timer is also liable to reset, player shops do not count. (I believe it’s about 5-10 minutes of not being in the channel)
  3. Field bosses do NOT give boss cube unobtainable debuff and are unaffected by it (meaning you still get cube if you have the debuff)
  4. Similar to any world boss top dpses and their party will get cube, however cube will drop on the ground and must be picked up
  5. Should the channel crash the timer will reset.
  6. Once the boss spawns it will remain until it dies, the channel crashes or the next maintenance period starts
  7. Unlike world bosses, the places field bosses spawn is fixed so they should spawn on top of any spawn points they have rather then in general areas.

Quick Tips:

  • Checking how many people are in channel when you get there is useful should you plan to camp yourself, if 0 people in channel you know it will be up in the exact amount of hours it takes to spawn.
  • The addon for boss tracking does not work on these which means you have to find them yourself. This can make the first one hard to find if you don’t know when the timer started. As a result learning the spawn points is a must.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a second comp to run the game it will be your new best friend allowing you to spawn bosses while doing other things.

Abomination 32

I bet he’s a hit with the ladies
Location: Guard’s Graveyard
Level: 56
Drops: Abomination Card, Peridot, Saw, Magi Staff, Abomination Neckless, Abomination Bracelet
Respawn: 2 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: Abom is pretty well known for being a push over. I’ve seen him one shot on several occasions (he has less hp then mobs on new maps). There’s only one thing you need to watch out for which is a ten second reflect he casts on himself.

Earth Templeshooter 31

Location: Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge
Level: 76
Drops: Temple Shooter Card, Earth boots, Earth Gloves, Earth Plate Gauntlets, Earth Plate Greaves, Leather Earth Boots, Leather Earth Gloves
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: The normal in terms of big aoes, not as hard hitting as other bosses, but still lethal and no real CC to speak of from him.

Earth Canceril 32

Location: Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge
Level: 81
Drops: Canceril Card, Earth pants, Earth robe, Leather Earth Armor, Leather Earth Pants, Earth Plate Armor, Earth Plate Pants, Wind Runner (rec)
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: Crab is incredibly annoying to fight. He’s surprisely mobile making it hard keep magic circles on him, While knocking you around easily if you have low block or low evasion. I can’t say much about fighting at his level I’ve never done that. Either way a popular boss for a long time thanks to the demand for wind runner.

Earth Archon 25

Location: Royal Mausoleum Storage
Level: 85
Drops: Archon Card, Silver Bar, Gold Bar, Regina Crossbow, Sapphire, Maid Headband, Toy Hammer
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes:If you fought him doing quests like 3 or 4 times for every character you have created. He fights the exact same way. Mostly melee attacks with an aoe that will knock you down. He looks like a rugby player.

Necroventer 18

Location: Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family
Level: 133
Drops: Necroventer Card, Legwyn Family Boots, Legwyn Family Gloves, Legwyn Family Pants, Legwyn Family Robe, Legwyn Family Leather Armor, Legwyn Family Leather Boots, Legwyn Family Leather Pants, Legwyn Family Gloves, Legwyn Family Plate Armor, Legwyn Family Plate Greaves, Legwyn Family Plate Pants, Legwyn Family Plate Gauntlets, Naktis (rec), Petamion (rec), Sunflower (rec)
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: A LOT of unique drops come from necro, fights like any other necro you done before. Only difference is he uses flame pillar.

Glackuman 12

Location: 2nd Demon Prison
Level: 164
Drops: Glackuman Card, Black Staff (rec), Miskas Sabre (rec), Knotted Armbad, Nulis (rec)
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: Pretty straight forward fight, hits decently hard. Has a couple knock downs. There’s some green w/e aoe that will knock you down along with rocks he will hurl at you. Not all that tough of a fight, but you only care to get like two of his drops.

Marionette 32

Location: Roxona Reconstruction Agency West Building
Level: 181
Drops: Complex Gear, Marionette Card, Grave Crossbow (rec), Conqueror (rec), Karacha Crossbow (rec)
Respawn: 4 hours
Spawn Locations:

Additional Notes: Most field bosses happen to be pretty easy fights, however marionette has incredibly large aoes, with knock downs to go with them. It can be pretty easy to die if unprepared, being near its level or just careless. While the boss can’t move, it can move with one of it’s attacks covering large distances. At higher levels it tends to be much less of a threat since it is only lvl 181. currently the only way to get your hands on complex gears for those who wish to have a full roxona armor set

Need part 1 on world bosses? you can find it here
Need part 2 on event/gimmick bosses? you can find it here

If you read my guide, I would like to thank you for taking the time to do so and more importantly shouts outs to sumXsabaw for clearing up a lot of misinformation I was given when i started doing field bosses. I still don’t think i have 100% of the information, but I want to say i covered most of it to allow others a solid chance.

If you think there’s something I should work on for a new guide, I would love to hear some feedback.


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