This is a guide meant for ground companion users.
Well, almost all players have some or other pet in their lodge either for collection/team xp slave or for mounts and hunters.
But which pet is actually useful?
This guide will focus on practical aspect of pets rather than looks. So, pet users can be divided into 2 types: Mounted Class(Cataphract; Lancer; Hackapell etc.); and Hunters.

  1. Mounted Class
    These characters depend on defensive passive bonuses pets give upon mounting namely, HP, PDef and Evasion.
  2. Hunters ( the most junk class currently in ToS because IMC refuses to fix AI which hunters heavy depend on. So, its now just growling slave which is independent of pet AI)
    These characters depend on primarily offensive stats pets can have. Getting defensive stats are a bonus to keep the pet alive but that’s not the primary importance (although some may still debate)

The criteria to be chosen to select your pet varies quite a lot for both types:

  1. Number of equipment slots– The most important thing you should think on while picking up a pet. Premium pets have 4 equipment slots. Other have 2 or 1 slots.
  2. Food cost– This is another aspect which will weigh on pockets for using pets. For classes who are dependent on pets, keeping up the stamina for pet is very necessary. Having 0 stamina means mounted class won’t be getting their defensive bonus stats from pet mounting but also hunter’s pet will start moving sluggishly which is quite bothersome. Those free Event pingu or most of TP shop pets use TP food which comes to be very costly for practical uses.
  3. Base stats– Not much of importance because you can make up the difference by pet training. But for minmax purposes, it will be included here.

So, as told earlier, you must 1st and foremost look in number of equipment slots pet has. since 4 is highest you till now, must get a pet having 4 slots.
Then comes food costs. It should be as cheap as possible. Even more so for hunters whose pet directly faces death. food must be cheap enough that you can spam it every 10s of CD in a very dire situation. Those pets who need food from TP, naturally gets rejected.
As for base stats, you can go to companion trader NPC and choose pet training to raise the stats using silver. Initially its quite cheap but gets very very expensive as you keep putting more.

The topmost favourite pets I recommend are: Lesser Panda (from uphill points. Tedious to get but absolutely no other pet comes near it for practical dominance+ its frigging cute) or Rocksodon( One of the exceptional TP pet which eats normal pet food which is dirt cheap). Can also choose goro or golden pup.
They have 4 equipment slot. Panda food is even cheaper than others. And has higher base stats compared to most other pets.

List for food, price and pets along with number of equipment slots they have (for lazy bums):

  1. Companion Food(30 sta): 489s
    a. Velheider [1w]
    b. Hoglan [1w+1a]
    c. Leaf Penguin [2w+2a]
    d. Baby Pig [0]
    e. Rocksodon [2w+2a]
    f. Armadillo [1w+1a]
    g. Golden Pup[2w+2a]
    h. Goro [2w+2a]
  2. Anchovy(15 sta): 5127s
    a. Penguin [2w+2a]
    b. Pengmarine [2w+2a]
    c. Winter Penguin [2w+2a]
    d. Leaf Penguin [2w+2a]
  3. Tomato(60 sta): 300s
    a. Lesser Panda [2w+2a]
    b. Dodo [1w+1a]
  4. Handful of Grain(15 sta): 5127s
    a. Battlebird [2w+2a]
    b. Fairy Cardinal [2w+2a]
  5. Alfalfa(60 sta): 10254s
    a. Guinea Pig [2a]
  6. Battlebird Feed (600 sta): 3TP (bundle is 10TP for 5 feeds)
    a. Battlebirds
  7. Sardine (600 sta): 3TP (bundle is 10TP for 5 feeds)
    a. Penguins

Unsure on if sled even behaves like a pet except mountable part.

Now as far as what equipments to be used are concerned, its a bit cryptic.
Equipment slots can be divided into 2 parts: Weapons and armours.
Weapons can be equipped with any mainhand or offhand weapon in game
Armours can be equipped with [top,pants,glove,boots,shield]

For mounted class, you need to stack up as much as HP, Pdef and Evasion as possible.
For hunters, Patk, Crit rate and HP are priority.

So, some points to keep in mind.

  1. Gems and bonus stats on gears give stats to pet.
  2. Pet’s “Attack” stats, takes only “PAtk” from gears. MAtk, MAmp, Max atk will not add. Reason being, “extra stats” are added separately from base stats. Since Pet doesn’t have any “max atk” stats, it gets ignored.
  3. Attack is calculated as average of min atk and max atk. Anvil bonuses count towards base stats.
  4. If you donot have any armour part equipped, you will not get any offensive stats from weapons bcz of how IMC made it. That’s the reason, getting a weapon on hawk is useless bcz it neither takes crit rate, nor PAtk from it as it has only 1 weapon slot.
  5. CON adds up HP on pet.
  6. Cannot equip trans gears.
    P.S. I am unsure on property attack and Block. If someone knows then please do tell.

Points to be noted on gears stats preference:

  1. For mounted classes, as said, HP, PDef, Evasion and CON.
  2. For hunters, HP, Evasion, PDef, MDef,CON (for pet survival), PAtk, Crit rate (for offense).

Choice of gears:

  1. For mounted classes not much issue here for deciding. No need to anvil weapons. As long as you have the aforementioned stats.
  2. For hunters there are 2 routes
    a. Crit rate based: 2h spear or musket, with all gem slots having green gems.+ Shield with green gems. ( Upcoming new raid cannons might change weapon part but that’s after it comes + I finish some calculations later on.)
    b. PAtk based: Cannons with all Red gems. + Shield with Red gems. (Upcoming new raid cannons will make this thing even more prominent).

So, as you can guess, all this headache just to get your pet even better than it is. Most of the players never bother to do it. And some of those who do, even does wrongly.

25% HP
8% PDef
3% Evasion iirc

you cant really stack on much of just 1 stat. Evasion is already very useless in game.
I dont have leaf pingu to test out, but the item itself says leaf pingu can eat.


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