Hi there. My name is Izolet and im a Guild Master from Orsha Server. Ever since our guild was born we have faced and absolute lack of information regarding Guilds in General and particulary about Guild Events. By Trial and Error We have learned a lot and so we thought of sharing what we have learned so others can either learn from our experience or teach us from theirs.

Of course i will start by providing some of the information i have gathered myself. By the time if this post All of my information comes from my lvl 7 guild and lvl 6 Templar.
I wont get too much on the “How to make a Guild” since that info is not that uncommon and the real problems ocurr after the guild creation

About Guild Management:

-Dinasty of the Templar: A Guild is a Dictatorship Mwuahaha, while this means that the Leader Templar is the absolute ruler it also means that he is the one who haves to deal with everything.

-Recruiting: Only Guild Master can recruit or expell members, in order to recruit someone you must met their characters, if you are the guild master you can Manage anything about your guild from any character of your team

-Towers: Want to know somethign funny? You think that once you have the templar class and found your guild everything is magically rdy for you to order arround and start raiding villages but it turns out that basically only gives you a guild chat. In order to have a functional Guild you need to be at least a lvl5 Templar, this is in order to be able to have the build tower skill on lvl 5 and have a full tower. Until you have this skill maxed you wont have the options to upgrade the guild lvl and initiate Guild Events. Towers have a 1 Week Duration and you can place them on any field on ch1 only by using an item sold by the templar master.

-Guild Hangout: This is avaliable when you have enought guild lvl and templar lvl, here you can summon pets obtained from guild events or grow seeds, the water can is sold by the templar master and the seeds are either sold by the master or gained as guild event rewards

-Guild Lvl’s: Regarthless of you Templar lvl some functions won’t be avaliable until you reach a minimum guild lvl, some example of this are guild events wich you have a button on the tower to access them but once on the list you will not see any until you have enought Guild.lvl since you get new events as your guild lvls up.

-Guild Storage: this function has the only purpose of distributing Guild Event rewards to players, you have to be carefull when giving items since when you select an item the item count will start at the max value so you might accidentaly give all the items to a single player.

About Guild Events:

-Event Types: there are types of events avaliable: Boss Hunt, Mission, Raid. since i have only a lvl 7 guild i dont have yet access to Raid Mode. Guild events become avaliable arround glvl 4 or 5 the more lvl your guild has the more events you have avaliable, at glvl7 you have access to the Mage Tower Mission. All guild events consume Tickets wich are avaliable dialy for the guild master to chose the events, each event has its own tiket cost, The ticket cap depends on glvl.

-Event Invitation: once the guild leader selects a event a window with a timer will apear to any logged member asking if they want to participate. is important that ALL the people who accepted assist to the event. The invitation will have a link to a map and a huge Cross will appear on it and members must assemble at that location. after the timer expires the guild event will begin if enought people are close the guild master must be carefull to be the last to arrive since the event can’t start without him but depending on certain unclear conditions (bugs) it can start without all the members if some of them havent reached the area yet.

-Boss Hunt: This mode consist on hunting a lvl 285 Boss, the event will give a map and location for the event to happen. Once everyone is in place a notification will appear and a cutscene with the boss will begin. Anyone who dies during the event must be carefull to wait to be resurected by a priest otherwise they will exit the scene and wont be able to rejoin the event. The Rewards are sent directly to the guild storage upon the boss death.

-Mission: This mode is a bit more complex than the first and my info may be incomplete since we only have access to Mage Tower Mission. After the event is running it will give a location where a green arrow will apear indicating the entrace to an Instanced Dungeon (the dungeon is subject to instance server capacity so if you cant enter keep trying). The mission consist on a series of challenges including Multiple-Boss Battles Tower Defense and Destroy enemy Objectives. People who die during the mission can be revived by a priest or reestart at the dungeon entrace. One person must be alive at all times or mission will fail (All monsters and mobs are lvl 285)

-Guild Events and Lvl Penalty: Since the monsters are max lvled any character bellow lvl 275 will suffer from defense penalty and as result will only hit 1 dmg to any event monster. However Certain skills can bypass this protection and deal nomral dmg. so far the ones i have knowledge of are DoT or debuff based skills (Wugushi Poison, Fletcher/Rouge Bleed, PD Incineration) this makes all of the event viable by the use os strategy and clever play, My guild was able to clear Mage tower with party average of lvl 200 (260-Wugushi and a 220-fletcher as DPS and 9 more members between support, Aggro holders, and Healers)

-Guild Raids: No info yet avaliable

-Event Rewards: Each kind of event holds its own reward. Aparently the number of items given to the guild is directly dependant to the amount of participants and perhabs the guild lvl. Boss hunt events mainly give Attack Potion Recipes (+5% stackable dmg against other players (usefull for GvG i guess)). Low tier boss hunt give the recipes, Mid Tier boss hunt gives seeds for those recipes, we still need info about high tier boss hunt.
Mage Tower Mission is confirmed to give a certain amount of Talt or the Guinea Pig companion egg (Darwin must be convulsing underground somewhere) depending on the mood of RNG-sama.

Thats pretty much what i got. Any bit of aditional information will be really usefull. and Enjoy your Guild Life :3


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