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Primus Raffye/Zvaigzde weapons is one of the end-game equips for Saviors who just reached level 360. There’s some way to farm this equipment. Such as Challenge Mode and Hunting Grounds. This guide will help you how to get Primus equips by knowing Challenge Mode popular spots, one of the best build for farming in Hunting Grounds and more.

Looting Chance

First thing first, we’ll look at the Looting Chance status
This Looting Chance status provides you to drop more Unidentified Equips / Hunting Ground equips like Raffye weapons and Zvaigzde weapons. You can boost this stats by using armors with Looting Chance stats, White Gem, and buffs. These are examples of armor, gem, and buffs that boost Looting Chance stat.

 Identified Armor (+30 up to +110 or more Looting Chance)
 Level 7 White Gem (+4 up to +50 Looting Chance depends on the Gem Level)
 Rank 1 Rubbing buff (+100 Looting Chance)
 Looting Chance: 100 (+100 Looting Chance)


There are another way to boost your Looting Chance stats, not limited to those items above. There is Popo Shop that sells 300 Looting Chance Potions, Rank 1 Rubbing additional buffs, and people who activate their Dimensional Burner buffs.

Challenge Mode Popular Spots

Challenge Mode is one of many ways to grind and farm silver and equips. Even you can only do CM once a day, it is still worth it. You can go into CM mode if you meet a purple colored monster and kill it. When you killed it, they summons a CM portal.

 Challenge Portal

A wild challenge portal appears! :heeey:

Start from Level 100, you can do this CM. But, I will talk about level 360+ CMs.

If you are already reached level 332, you may join a Challenge Mode party in Rank 10 maps. Those are the popular spots that people usually do their Challenge Mode.

 Barynwell 84 Waters (Minimum level : 332)


 Barynwell 86 Waters (Minimum level : 336)
 Astral Tower 1F (Minimum level : 342)


 Feline Post Town (Minimum level : 354)
 Spell Tome Town (Minimum level : 357)

“How do I get there” you asked? In towns, there are some Warp Shop you can use to warp yourself to CM locations like my Sage Shop.

If you want to do CM, you can make your own party then shout it or, join other people’s party. Just click the yellow text that people shouted and you will in the party.
Remember, make sure you’re in a good party. Usually, a good party consist a healer and 4 other DPS. There are some favorites support that people always looking for. Such as Falconer because their Aiming is good for support other party members.

While you’re in the Challenge Mode, sometimes monsters will drops Zvaigzde
weapons or Unidentified Level 380 Armor. That’s what are we aiming for.

 Primus Zvaigzde Crossbow

When you killing the boss in Challenge Mode, they’ll drop some Zvaigzde weapons or armor. If you’re lucky enough, you can get 2 Primus equips in a boss kill. So, good luck :haha:

Hunting Ground – Baubas Cave

Hunting grounds are maps designed to farm materials(Mithril Ore, Ruby, Topaz, etc) and equips. They have higher rate dropping Unidentified Equips than regular fields in exchange of much more stronger monsters. There are many hunting grounds but we’ll focus on Level 370 HG called Baubas Cave. Don’t farm in this map if your farmer character is under-geared.


Baubas Cave is a Hunting Ground based on Tevhrin Stalactite Cave dungeon. If you already there, you’ll familiar with the monster. Including those Tala Archers. Monster in this HG will drops Level 380 Unidentified Equips.

If you compare this HG with Level 340 HG (Nazarene Tower), this HG is much more difficult than Nazarene Tower. Not only because of their HP and attack stat, but their skills are quite annoying.

Meta Farming Build

“Then, what is the best farming build in TOS?” people asked me. I always said that “In my opinion, Wizard 2 – Linker 2 – Thaumaturge 3 – Featherfoot 3 is the current best build for farming, but some people modify it. Depends on their play style.”

Therefore, I recommend you Wizard 2 – Linker 2 – Thaumaturge 3 – Featherfoot 3 for farming. Not only in HG but for farm other stuff such as Uosis.

Wizard Circle 2

Sleep : For crowd control monsters. Very nice skill to have.
Surespell : Take this so your Blood Sucking skill won’t cancel if you got attacked.
Magic Shield is a decent skill too but, the rest is up to you.

Linker Circle 2

Joint Penalty : Use this to link 8 monsters around.
Hangman’s Knot : This skill is for gathering all monsters that linked by Joint Penalty
Spiritual Chain : If you’re in a party, use this skill. It allows you to take other people’s buff that supposed to be self buff.
Spirit Shock : Nice filler. Decent damage and very nice for bossing.

Thaumaturge Circle 3

Swell Left Arm : Dramatically boost your Magic Attack. One of the best buffs in the game.
Swell Right Arm : Dramatically boost your Physical DEF and Magic DEF if you equip a shield.
Swell Body : Monster that get buffed by this skill will drops double loot and multiply their max HP by 2. So if you dropped a primus, it will be 2 primus’. Very good skill for farming. Note: Monster won’t gives double EXP if they got killed.
Transpose : Literally change your CON and INT. Very nice for tanking attacks… or flee from HG.
Reversi : Steal magic circles created by monsters. Quite useful if the monster cast heal and you steal it.
Swell Brain : This skill boost your INT and Magic Attack. Very nice skill to have beside Swell Left and Right Arm. Use this skill before Swell Left and Right Arm for maximize the benefit of those 2 skills.

Featherfoot Circle 3

Kundela Slash : Your main damaging skill. After you gather all enemies with Joint Penalty and Hangman’s Knot, use this skill to OHKO monsters.
Blood Sucking : Great skill to replenish your HP if you hit Devil, Beast, and Insect monster only. You can bypass this restriction by equipping Intasurta Gloves

 Intasurta Gloves

credit to Jyabami for showing his/her Intasurta gloves

Bone Pointing : Nice skill to give infinite Hex to a monster. If a monster get hit by this skill, they’ll get Hex debuff which boost +50% Kundela Slash’ damage and Dark elemental damage such as Warlock’s Mastema.
Ngadhundi : Somewhat good skill to have because it can gives debuff that boost all missile damage. Good for our archers friend.
Kurdaitcha : Can replace Bone Pointing if that skill is on cooldown.
Levitation : Float in the sky, make all melee attack against you useless. Moreover, it can boost all Featherfoot skills by 30% while it’s active if you take the attribute.
Blood Curse : This skill is somewhat weird but good. Use 60% (80% if you take the attribute) of your max HP to deal damage and give debuff to all enemies in range. The Blood Curse debuff makes an enemy can’t recover their HP and heal the attacker. Decent damage but careful when use this skill.
Enervation : This skill can gives enemies a debuff that takes additional damage to them. Scale with your magic attack. 831% at level 5 and 10 hit limit. 831% * 10 = 8310% nice damage.

Important Attributes:
Joint Penalty : Poison
Hangman’s Knot : Focused Attack
Spiritual Chain : Duration
Spiritual Chain : Enhance
Swell Left Arm : Enhance level 50
Bone Pointing : Summon Time
Kurdaitcha : Increase Movement Speed
Kundela Slash : Enhance level 50 at least
Kundela Slash : Curse of Curses (priority no 1)
Levitation: Cursed Blood

For farming purpose I suggest you to use “Looting Chance” armors. You can use +11 or +16 Primus Zvaigzde Rod + Emengard Shield or better or Staff. Depends on your standard actually. Then, put White Gems to all your available socket. For cards, use Tutu Card so you don’t have to worry about weight limit and Gorkas card for higher Looting Chance.

How to combo like a good farmer
Gather monsters near you, use Joint Penalty -> Hangman’s Knot, after all linked monsters become one, use Swell Body, then finish it with Kundela Slash while praying they’ll drop 2 Primus’. Then you have to wait for the cooldown.

That’s all for me. I’ll update this guide if I have some time :satisfaction:. I wish you all can get easy Primus equips.


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