This guide is common knowledge for a lot of people, I know that.

Here I will teach you how to enhance your auto-attack to one shot every monster up until Royal Mausoleum and then 2-4 shot every enemy up until Rank 7-8 content. This is also a very good setup for farming low-mid level mobs and for the Crystal Mines mission mobs.

To follow up this guide you need to invest a couple million silver initially; it is worth it, though, if you plan on making a lot of alts, as it is a one time investment and speeds up leveling considerably. You can do it without the whole set of equipment and it will still be quite effective (with the Agny Necklace being the most “skippable” one).

I highly recommend following Xan’s Leveling Guide 841; it is a little outdated with the recent buffs to instanced dungeon EXP. I’d recommend skipping even more quests on the early game, like skipping all the lvl 4 Cards Optional Quests on Orsha Side. It remains the same for levels 130+.

[details=Required Gear (with estimated prices)]

  1. 3 Hair Accessories (1, 2 and 3) with Elemental Damage on them (at least 70, doesn’t matter wich element) – 350-500k each
  2. Cafrisun Set – 50-200k
  3. Arde Dagger* – 700k
  4. Agny Necklace – 1.5-2m

Also worth getting: Team Storage slots collections to ease up transferring all that gear

*Alternative for Peltastas: Ledas Shield (~450k)[/details]

Level 1 – 15: As soon as you create your character, run to a nearby city and grab your gear. Equip all the Hair Accessories, you should be one shotting every enemy now.

Level 15-75: Always buy Pardoner’s Sacrament buff, preferably level 11 (lasts 75 minutes). Equip your Cafrisun Set. Sacrament and Cafrisun, together, essentially triple your hair accessories damage output.

Level 75-120: Equip Arde Dagger, giving you an extra ~170 Fire Damage on each multiplier.

Level 120+: Equip Agny Necklace, giving you an extra 200 Fire Damage per hit.[/details]

[details=Damage Breakdown]
~250 elemental damage 3 Hair Acc
~170 fire damage from Arde
~200 fire damage from Agny
~40 holy damage from Sacrament
Totals about 660 extra damage per multiplier.

x3 Multipliers (Basic Attack, Sacrament and Cafrisun)
= 1980 Extra Damage per auto attack.[/details]

[details=Extra Stuff]
If you want to spare the coin you can go even further on leveling gear.

  1. For non-archer classes craft a +5 Five Hammer with 5 lvl 5-6 Red Gems, it will last you up untill 315 Weapons and is usable on both physical and magic damage dealing classes.
  2. Buy lvl 15/40/75/120 white weapons for your character and enhance them to +7/+8 since it’s still cheap at that level range.
  3. Always buy Pardoners’ Blessing buff and, when out of town, refresh it with Scrolls (extra ~170 holy damage per multiplier).
  4. Acquire one-three Hair Accessories with both Elemental Damage and HP bonuses to increase your low level character’s survivability.
  5. Socket 2 lvl 4-5 Red Gems into Cafrisun Armor and Pants to increase your low level character’s survivability.
  6. Socket a Red or Green gem on your Arde Dagger for a little bit extra damage/crit rate.[/details]

Use this setup until you start grinding on parties (lvl 200+). You can always use the Set Swapper addon and keep this set of gear handy for grindful quests. After hitting Ibre Plateau and further it’s not worth to use this setup, switch to Grynas or Virtov and start always having Aspercion up (from Pardoners, preferably level 17). It will slow you down but you will be taking 1 damage from everything.

Feel free to point out anything that I have missed.


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