Hello savior , are you a new player? returning player? old player but don’t know how to beat Velcoffer and other challenges yet? This guide is for you!!

So… let’s start:

  1. Introduction
  2. Characters of Farm
  3. Farming on Challenge Modes
  4. Refining Tips
  5. How to be more resilient


To begin your journey of becoming stronger, first, you have to decide your main character. How to decide this? It depends entirely on you! If you are a new player, create many chars or see many videos to decide with what you want to play, if you continue in doubt the tip I give is to never leave the weapon you choose to move until the 10th with zero point, so you can pass it in case you decide to change character and your weapon becomes completely obsolete for you !!

Now, knowing his main character, even so depending on whatever, there is still the doubt of two hands or a hand, right? Of course only for Wizard and some Sword classes. I would say, in case you opt for bad duhs in the case a Staff. You need to keep in mind that you can only use Wizards if you ever want to make a Cleric for magic damage, you have to make a Rod. So if you want to have both, I highly recommend a Rod, even because a shield helps a lot in the player player and in the player against monsters. But if your goal is to be the king of PvE, a Staff will grant you more magical damage in general than a Rod, but only used in Wizards, the same for Swords and Clerics, for example Monks or Dragoons, can either use two hands or a hands depending on the paths of the classes, but why should I want to use this character? You should always think about it.


Farm character is important to ease your journey towards becoming stronger because?
to get stronger you do not only need a weapon, you need a good refining and you need to go beyond that once you get the refining you want. And how will I refine and arrange enough blades for this if my daily limit on making Saalus Convent is gone? This is very easy to answer.

With this build, you can either shoot at high speed or watch television, movies or that show that you want, haha. Leaving the jokes aside, this build is very good when well invested to farmer blessed shards and gross silver, why? She moves fast with, Hackappel 1 and her passive Dash, consuming her stamina can be annoying, plus nothing that pills, red ox or arcane energy scrolls do not solve.


But does she need a Pistol more or less good to do on maps open quietly, and how to get shards with this build?

Defeating elite monsters:

They have a chance to drop 2 shards, every time they defeated them being at most 30 levels of difference from their character, they exist from 200+ map.


Now to make specific equipment, the best place is in Hunting Grounds, there you can get primus equipment with greater chance, and the best build to spend time there is Thauma-Linker that I recommend with Featherfoot for its ability to cause a lot of damage with very little investment and recover life, saving a lot of money spent with HP Potions.

To drop level 380 equipment, hunting ground is located at this location:


Generally you will always find teleportation shop offered by Sages on the main channels of the city of Klaipeda, Orsha or Fedimian of your server.


Okay, you do not enjoy farming on hunting grounds, because it’s too crowded? No problem, you can cook daily for char in challenge modes, to be efficient you need to be alone, of course.

The best spots are:

Spell Take Town of the places is the most difficult for your level and the place is very tight, but if you have a good defense and a lot of damage in the area, you can.

Feline Post Town is a little easier than Spell Tome.

Barynwell 84 Waters é o mapa mais fácil para realizar o challenge mode, inclusive up to rumo ao 370.


Relying on luck for something important has always been and always will be a matter of concern, but you can get around this with the technique of trial and error, and maybe you can even get it first, and if you can not, do not shudder and keep trying .

The biggest tip I give to refine is, there is no trick or bug to this process as many say, you should simply find the place that most appeases you in the game and hit the anvil:


Put together enough money, primus weapons and start beating them without stopping, I assure you one of them will achieve the so dreaming +15 or +16.
Speaking of refining levels, you’ll get damage bonus beyond the approximate 100 plus damage for each refine level by following these numbers:

+6 +11 +16 +21 after that there is no more bonus the refine limit is +40.

Now, I do not have much silver to spend anymore I wanted a shiny gun, what I advise you to do, it’s UPHILL CONVENT !! That’s right, you know where you make Saalus Convent to get Blessed Shards to transcend your weapons and equipment, then to your right there is Uphill Convent, there you get 110 points per race and there are 10 per character that reset weekly, there you can access the store and spend your points buying the best anvil after the diamond right, which is the wonderful:



With this wonder you refine without spending silver, which is very useful after the +11 where each refining starts at very expensive costs.

So you know, right? Do not be shaken by a bad refining, keep on trading and trying to get there, because if it were easy, would not it be fun right?

The ideal refine is +16 but if you reached +14 or +15 and do not want to zero the potential when opening your slots to insert the gems in the weapon, I advise to stop there and try on another weapon or save potential and use diamond anvils, only if the weapon status is very good and you do not want to put it aside, even though there are items that can change the status of your weapon nowadays that are in the market and in the TP store.


Ever heard of the famous phrase, dead no harm? So. Here and all MMORPG is true.
The biggest tip I give you in all the character you want is solar challenge mode, be a good support, cause damage and make final content of game, invest in constitution, get at least 50,000 HP to invest some points in CON, type 100- 200 points is enough to stay alive, but it will not only be your life that will keep you from standing up.
You need to get a basic survival kit to stay alive in game end content.

PRIMUS Equips of 350 or 380 with Refino +6 and Trans 2 <- with 2 blessed gems you get for every part of your equipment at the level of transcend 2.

With this basic kit you will be able to start to keep up, defense and life, why? How to stay alive and not hurt?

Then my dear friend, dead, you will not hurt or help, will you agree? In this whole game, I repeat all your greatest damage, comes from your weapon, the stats you use to help your survival and keep your character attacking, I say the same for classes that consume a lot of SP, use 50-100 of SPR, it will help you a lot .

There are many goddess statues and secret quests and main quests that give you status points including titles you can check in F1, the more titles in your character, the more status you have literally:


Now if you are a class that needs speed of attack, DEX 120-200 you get a speed, more than that you do not realize much the difference.

Finally, in case you need an up tab, you can take a look at this my guide made in google docs, it’s in Portuguese however, by clicking right you can translate to language you want, there you find everything and more ! !


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