Guide from Pure Grinding (Power Leveling 1-300)

Reference: Combination of several guidelines online with own discovery of better grinding spots

Efficacy: From lv1 to lv300 within 3 days SOLO (around 8 hours grinding per day)
: Depends on efficiency in clearing mobs too (Fastest with AOE oriented class)
: Tested on My Muskeeter (reached 300 within 2.5 days with 10 hours/day), Inquisitor (reached 300 around 3 days with 10 hours/day),Taoist, Cataphract
: No EXP books needed (However, with EXP books can further accerelated your speed to reach Lv300)
: If you manage to grind at higher level spot, it is advisable to do so. (beware of EXP penalty)
: Always buy BUFFS from Klapedia (beware of scam)

Level 1 to 50
*Tenet Garden, Tenet Church B1, Tenet Church 1F, Tenet Church 2F
-Prefer at B1, 2F due to high density of mobs
Level 50 to 60+
*Lv50 Dungeon (reached around 60+ with token)

Level 60+ to 80
*Tenet Church 2F can be still a good place
-If leveling is getting slower, random maps from level 60 to 80 will do.
-You can choose to leveling at the next prefer spot (80 to 110+) if you manage to do so.

Level 80 to 110+
*Enscanciu Village, Fedimian Suburbs
-Fast leveling with high mob density and EXP
-EXP at Fedimian Suburbs will be better than Enscanciu Village, but mob density is lesser in Fedimian Suburbs.

Level 110+ to 200
*Demon Prison 2F
*Level 120 and 200 Dungeon
-Extremely good EXP and mobs density
-However, many bots are grinding here. Choose channel with lesser bots. (I always report them although I know IMC won’t do anything)
-EXP reset at level 186, once you reached level 186, you will fly to Level 200.

Level 200 to 230+ (Start to do CM)
*Almenth Forest/Cranto Coast
-Can get in challenge mode to solo leveling (try to reach stage 2 if you manage to do it SOLO)
-Good EXP but grinding speed will slower compared to before (BE PATIENT and GRIND)

Level 230 to 270+ (Start to do CM)
*Kalejimas Visiting Room, Storage, Evacuation Residential District
-I used to grind at Evacuation Residential District, because EXP of mobs there can be as high as 2-3%/mob. However, mobs density is lower compared to Visting Room and Storage.
-Evacuation Residential District is very unaccessible. Try to get some wrap scrolls to save times travelling back to Klapedia for recharge the BUFF.
-EXP reset at level 236.

Level 270+ to 300 (Start to do CM)
*Timery Temple
-EXP reset at level 281, patient at grinding.
-Congratulation! You have reached level 300!

EXTRA NOTES: Siaulai Missions are good source of EXP from Level 100 to 200+


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