Note that this guide is still a work in progress. All information displayed here may not be 100% accurate. However i’ll do my best to verify the information before adding into the guild listing.

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  • 29th August 2018 | v2.03

Revised Pantorex item drops to include the missing items that weren’t there.

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[ALL SERVERS] Territory Wars Third Beta Test

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Hello everyone! My name is PrimeMinister from Telsiai and I’m the guild leader of Eminence. From many of the various people that I’ve met, there are only very few who are have knowledge about what are guilds all about. Therefore, in order to help everyone understand a little further to what guild are about, I’d like to extend my knowledge that i know so far. There are of course many benefits of joining a guild and I’ll explain them the best that i can within this thread.

If you found any sort of information that is incorrect or lacking, feel free to let me know down below.

Guild Creation

To create a guild, simply be at least Level 40 and head to the Klaipedia Master. Note that you need at least 1 million silver in order to create a guild. Once you’ve joined a guild, All your characters will automatically be placed into the guild.


He can be found in Klaipedia location at this area here. Simply talk to him and select Create a Guild and you’ll be on your way to have your own guild!


Do note however, if you choose to create a guild and not having a Templar character learning the Guild Tower Skills, you’ll lose access to the following functionalities of a guild.

  • Warp from Guild Tower
  • Personal Storage from Guild Tower
  • Upgrade Guild Functionality
  • Guild Quest <— the most important portion of every guild.
  • Go to Hangout
  • Territory Wars
  • Declare Neutrality

In order to obtain these skills, you’d need to have a Rank 7 Swordman and choose to become a Templar Class. From there you’ll have a specific skill. Once you’ve increased this skill, you will have all the functions that the guild has to offer.


There are 3 skills in total that you can increase for the guild. Here is a summary of all 3 skills.

  • Increasing Guild Slot – each point in this skill will expand your guild capacity by 3. The guild starts off with 50 members initially and can expand up to 95 members.
  • Breeding – Each point will determine the number of companions you can breed at one time in the guild hangout.
  • Farming – Each point will determine (skill level * 3) number of seeds you can place in the guild hangout. Each seed upon a successful harvest will yield you 50x of that seed. For example, 1 Dilgele seed upon successful harvest will provide you 50 dilgele upon harvesting it.

Joining a guild (depending on your guild level) provides everyone benefits! To summarize, here are some of the benefits you can get among joining a guild.

  • Able to farm for certain items
  • Able to obtain specific guild companions
  • Easier to get parties for Challenge Modes (CM), Raids, Dungeons and party play content.


Seeds can be placed / destroyed / harvested by anyone at all. Therefore ensure that you have mutual communication between each other on who’s seeds are those upon planting them! One thing worth to note is that over-watering your plant will kill them therefore avoid that at all costs!

Planting seeds also requiring the farming skill from your guild skills. each level of the skill provides you 3 seeds to place. Therefore if you plant 3x dilgele seeds and harvest them, it’ll net you 150 dilgeles! Seeds can only be used in the Guild Hangout.


Similar to seeds, companions can be placed, released or obtained by anyone at all within the guild. The food that it consumes before and after maturity is different. before maturity (within guild hangout) it consumes the normal companion food that can be purchased by any companion trader in any town. During the growing phase, if it dies without feeding, you will lose that pet forever. However once the pet matures, it will not die and acts like a normal companion where not feeding it will not kill the pet.

Only mountable classes are able to mount the pet. However as of this point of time, Alfafa is purchasable through the companion trader in Klaipedia / Orsha for 10k silver each. Therefore unless the pets level up, the stamina bar will always be 0. Getting a Guinea Pig gives better stats compared to the original Hoglan.


There are 2 types of guild events. Depending on your guild level, some of these features will not be available.


All guilds now have 3 tickets to use that is refreshed on every Monday 6pm Server Time. It is highly advisable to finish all of the tickets before the week ends as each and every event will provide drops and experience to the guild.

  • Guild Boss Hunts – Very straightforward, heading to the location and defeat the boss.
  • Guild Missions – This involves a series of challenges, Depending on the type of mission, you’ll may have to destroy some points, defend some points, solve puzzles and many more.

I’ll list down the type of events that are available on the 2nd post below.

Click the link below to head there directly!


In order to promote your guild, there are multiple ways to do so! Currently the first and foremost is adding an emblem! The first time you register an emblem, it is free of charge, however the 2nd time onwards, there’s a 12 million silver fee. Be sure to tick the Promote Guild located below in order to ensure that your guild is advertised in the Guild Promotion!

You can find the emblem under settings for the options below.

Creating an Emblem

  • After you’ve created your emblem, click on register and on Open Folder to open the upload folder. Place your emblem there and click on refresh. If you’ve done it successfully, it should appear as below.
  • Emblems must be in PNG (32 bit) format and sized 64×64.
  • After registering an emblem, you will not be able to change it for another week.
  • The first emblem can be registered for free. Changing it consumes 12,000,000 Silver (subtracted from the guild funds).
  • Be sure not upload any indecent emblems or you may face suspension!

Creating a Banner Image

  • This will be what will be shown to the players, for example, look at the image below when someone clicks on the Guild Promo! If you’d like to know how it looks like in game, you can see a sample from here as well based on our Banner.

https://forum.treeofsavior.com/uploads/default/original/3X/3/0/3091e18fd21f75110c6a9777fd33c20213d77809.jpg 14

Creating a Cover Page

  • Cover pages are what will appear when a member clicks on the guild Promo. Use this to your advantage to promote your guild as this will automatically appear when a member clicks on your advertisement!
  • Your file can go up to 768 * 3840 in total size in PNG format.
  • If you’d like to view our sample, check out the link below!

https://forum.treeofsavior.com/uploads/default/original/3X/a/a/aa2ee494d5ede02865ae5cf9fa006edfd2076f74.jpg 11

Accessing the guild storage

In order to access the guild storage, it is a fairly hidden button if you’re still new to guild mechanics. You can either press alt+G to bring up the guild menu, or find it under your quick menu on your bottom right (where all the icons are at). From there, select the storage menu and you’ll see all the items listed there.

Upon clicking the image, you should be able to open up your current guild’s storage. Do take note that only the guild leader is able to distribute all the rewards. Here’s a sample of what we have gotten so far from the guild events.


Guild Funds

Within the same page, you’ll notice that there are guild funds located in the guild. Unfortunately, as of this point of time, the funds can only be used to change your emblem. The first time you register an emblem is free, however the 2nd time you’d like to change, there’s a 12 million silver fee. The fee is deducted from the guild funds.


Guild Towers

A guild tower only lasts for 7 days upon placing it. It can be obtained via the templar master and each Guild Tower costs 100,000 silvers. This can be purchased from the Templar Master in Klaipedia. If you place some seeds or rare a hamster within the period and the tower expires, the seeds and hamsters time still countdowns as normal.

Donating Talts

You can donate talts via the guild tower. Click on upgrade guild then drag the talts into the box and click upgrade guild. 1 Talt provides the guild 20 EXP.

Guild Events

All Guild Events can only be started from the Guild Tower, the Guild Master and players who hold the permission to start guild events can begin them.

Invitation to guild

You can directly invite a person to the guild by typing /guild PrimeMinister (Please note that it is case sensitive) and it will not work if the person is in a instanced dungeon.

Guild Disband Information (Credits to Shuchu)

Guild Disband: Require the Guild Leader to Kick/Remove all other guild members, and ensure the guild is not in war with any other guild(if so, need to wait exactly 7 days before the war is over – even the war is canceled in the middle of it)

Guild Leader Transfer (Credits to Shuchu)

Guild Leader Transfer: Only available from Templar to another Templar Players. Require both of them to be in a same guild and inside Guild Tower for the option of transferring leader available(right click the player name). cooldown is 7 Days for each transfer.
Additional Tips: Guild Related Addons needs to be removed for these function to be available

Shameless guild advertising


Here is the listing of the Guild Quests, Unfortunately i’m not sure who to credit on from this one as i’ve gotten this information initially from @WhiteDwarf, however if you’ve contributed and like to add in to the list, please feel free to do so.

Guild Boss Raids

Guild Boss Raid Lv.4
Exp: 2000 (100 Talts) , Boss: Rocktortuga , Map: Glade Hillroad

1x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid 100%
4x Absidium Ore 30%

Guild Boss Raid Lv.6
Exp: 4000 (200 Talts) , Boss: Bebraspion , Map: Khonot Forest

2x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
1x Recipe – Mystical Cube: 10%

Guild Boss Raid Lv.8
Exp: 6000 (300 Talts) , Boss: Colimencia , Map: Paupys Crossing

3x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
6x Absidium Ore: 30%
1x Recipe – Mystical Cube: 10%

Guild Boss Raid Lv.10
Exp: 8000 (400 Talts) , Boss: Kirmeleech , Map: Viltis Forest

4x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
1x Practonium: 5%

Guild Boss Raid Lv.12 Exp: 10000 (500 Talts) , Boss: Cactusvel , Map: Overlong Bridge Valley

5x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
1x Practonium: 7%
1x Recipe – Monster Card Album: Black: 1%
3x Guild Quest Reward: Special Potions
1x Guild Quest One Entry Voucher

Guild Boss Raid Lv.14
Exp: 12000 (600 Talts) , Boss: Kurmis , Map: Khamadon Forest

6x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
1x Recipe – Monster Card Album: Black: 2%

Guild Boss Raid Lv.16
Exp: 16900 (845 Talts) , Boss: Riteris , Map: Elgos Monastery Annex

7x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
3x Recipe – Monster Card Album: Black: 4%
1x Guild Quest One Entry Voucher
5x Guild Quest Reward: Special Potions
1x Old Legend Enhancment Card (Not storage loot, player loot)

Guild Boss Raid Lv.17
Exp: 21970 (1098 Talts) , Boss: Pantorex , Map: Tenet Garden

8x Guild Quest Reward: Boss Raid: 100%
2x Recipe – Monster Card Album: Black: 6%
1x Guild Quest One Entry Voucher
1x Heretic Pantorex Legendary Card (Increases Beast Damage * 7%)

Guild Mission Raid

Guild Mission Raid Lv.5
Exp: 3000 (150 Talts) , Map: Tenet Garden

2x Guild Quest Reward: Mission: 100%
1x Guinea Pig Egg: 30%

Guild Mission Raid Lv.10
Exp: 8000 (400 Talts) , Map: Mage Tower 4F

4x Guild Quest Reward: Mission: 100%
1x Guild Quest Reward: Hair Accessories: 5%

Guild Mission Raid Lv.15
Exp: 13000 (650 Talts) , Map: Ruklys Street

6x Guild Quest Reward: Mission: 100%
1x Guild Quest Reward: Hair Accessories: 10%

Guild Mission Raid Lv.18
Exp: ???, Map: Mishekan Forest



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