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Post overview:
.Equipment stats
.Explanation of the recipe and how to obtain it
.Location of materials and specific mob spawn locations per map

Weapon Stats

Note: you can also view it on tosneet English version, it is added now: https://tos.neet.tv/items?name=masinios&f=1 494
I made this section before it was added on tosneet, please use whichever translation you prefer (tosneet or this post).

 Shield <<< click
 Rapier <<< click
 Sword <<< click
 2-Handed Sword <<< click
 Dagger <<< click
 Spear <<< click
 2-Handed Spear <<< click
 @Crossbow <<< click
 @Pistol <<< click
 @Bow <<< click
 @Rifle <<< click
 @Cannon <<< click
 M Rod click to view weapon stats
 M Staff click to view weapon stats
 M Mace click to view weapon stats
 M 2-Handed Mace click to view weapon stats

If you prefer to view the weapon stats in pastebin format, click here: https://pastebin.com/jeE3rrZS 571

Since Rank 9 patch, all armours have safe anvil upgrade until +5 (like weapons). Also applies to bracelet & amulet.

 How to use tosneet to view anvil and enhancement effects <<<click here

Armour stats

 Leather Armour <<< Click
 Leather Pants <<< Click
 Leather Boots <<< Click
 Leather Gloves <<< Click
 .Cloth Armour <<< Click
 .Cloth Pants <<< Click
 .Cloth Boots <<< Click
 .Cloth Gloves <<< Click
 Plate Armour <<< Click
 Plate Pants <<< Click
 Plate Boots <<< Clicks
 Plate Gloves <<< Click

If you prefer to view it in pastebin format, click here: https://pastebin.com/kj1vrmXD 225

Marquinhos Materials

Common items required are:
.2x Practonium
.30x Sierra Dust / red dust
.150x Nuclea Dust / white dust
.the correct recipe
.amount of mob drop materials

Option 1: Mishekan quest for free practonium for lvl 317+ character click here 534
Option 2: Practonium Recipe questline for Guildmembers here 730
Option 3: Unique Raid 330+ (First Refuge) can give you 1x practonium as a cube reward
Option 4: Guild Raid (level 14 Guild Boss Demon Lord Hauberk) has a chance to drop multiple practoniums more info about guilds here

Note: the Mishekan quest reward has been changed. Open the reward box to instantly receive: 1 practonium, 20 mithril ores, and 20 Keistas Restoration potions.

Dust / Powder
Dust is received by disassembly(special destruction) of equips.
-Orange equips will give you Sierra Dust (red dust). Unique raid cube reward will also give Sierra dust.
-Blue and Purple equips will give you Nuclea dust (white dust).
You can disassemble equips at the Blacksmith NPC. It is very easy, just select an item and press ‘disassemble’. You will destroy the item and receive your dust.

 View image of red dust click here
 View image of white dust click here

Recipe from challenge mode -> unique raid

You must enter challenge mode to get 4 keys(portal warp stone recipes to craft warp stones) to enter the new 330 raid. Kill mobs on any level 100+ map, excluding Hunting Ground maps. You may enter challenge modes up to -80 levels, and up to +30 levels (compared to your own character’s level). Keep in mind you get a big exp penalty after a difference of 30 levels, so joining a much lower level challenge mode is charity to help lower level players.

Sometimes a special Purple/Pink glowing mob will appear. If you kill it, it will turn into a challenge mode portal. Make a party and enter the portal to start the challenge mode. Each character must press enter themselves. The challenge mode ‘dungeon’ is created on the map you are at. Mobs will spawn near and they will automatically go to you to attack you.

Everyone can enter the portal. So if you feel generous, shout your portal to share it (include map name, and map level). Players on the same map will see a big cross ( X cross) when they press M to view the minimap. The ‘X’ indicates the location of the challenge mode portal.

Challenge mode entry = 1x per day, per character. After you enter, you will immediately receive a debuff on your character. Debuff = cannot enter challenge mode again. The debuff will end at daily dungeon reset time.

After killing purple mob: image of a challenge mode portal timer (10 minutes until it disappears), note the portal is supposed to show but sometimes it is invisible:


Challenge mode tip:
When you interact with the portal, do NOT press ‘yes enter’. Instead, keep the dialogue box open and move to another better spot on the map. Then press OK enter on that spot. Challenge mode will start on your new location! Find a location for easy mobbing.

Challenge mode portal after entrance
Enter the portal to start challenge mode (possible stages: 1->2->3->4->5->6->7).

Each stage = kill mobs until the challenge bar is completely filled, and afterwards defeat a boss with time limit => clear 1 stage. Each stage has a 10 min time limit, make sure to have sufficient DPS!

Once you kill a boss, two portals will appear.
1 portal = CONTINUE, and other portal = QUIT&Receive rewards.

If you do not decide, the challenge mode will consider it ‘quit’ automatically.
If you continue and fail, you will receive 0 rewards.
During challenge mode, each individual choice is considered party-choice. If 1 person picks NO first, then the mode will quit.

If you are bugged/stuck/disconnected, you will be able to re-enter challenge mode. A message will pop-up when you select your character:


You will get 1 of the following rewards from cube (cannot be rerolled):

Challenge mode rewards (I have added the drop % chance):
Warp portal stones recipe (need to craft 4 to enter Unique Raid, lvl 330+) 21.09 %
Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token 1.09 %
Silver anvil (cannot be traded) 2.00 %
1 Old enchantment card (cannot be traded) 1.64%
5x blessed shards 2.36 %
3x Hair costume enchant scrolls (cannot be traded) 2.36 %
1 Attribute point voucher for 500 points 2.18 %
1 Attribute point voucher for 1’000 points 0.18 %
3x Yellow Caro Antenna 2.73%
3x Green Charog Horn 4.91 %
3x Kugheri Lyoni Horn 4.18 %
3x Kugheri Zymbani’s Sword 5.64 %
3x Kugheri Zeffi’s Ornament 4.73 %
3x Yellow Leafnut Tail 6.18%
3x Mourningbird Tail 3.45 %
3x Namu’s Tail 4.91 %
1 Diamond 3.09 %
1 Sapphire 4.55 %
1 Ruby 4.18 %
1 Bloodstone 4.36 %
1 Obsidian 4.73 %
1 Peridot 4.00 %
1 Portium 5.45 %

Opal and Zircon added to the drop items of Lv 200/300 Challenge Cube (the drop rate of other items remains unaltered). patch note link here 7

Challenge mode stage 6 + 7 cubes :

Shining Lv 300 Challenge Cube added as a reward for Lv 300+ Challenge Mode Stages 6 and above (Cube x1 for Stage 6, Cube x2 for Stage 7).

  • The new Shining Lv 300 Challenge Cube drops Lv 350 Unique equipment materials, Hero’s Retribution/Aegis Potions, Practonium and others.

Many thanks to Feedery from KR forum for drop rate test. With 550 cubes.
Image of Challenge mode Rainbow cube:


Official Challenge mode recap:

  • The Challenge Mode is a new game mode that allows you to fight powerful monsters for unidentified equipment and other reward items.
  • This mode can be entered once per day, per character, with each entry being counted as soon as you start the first stage.
    [How to Enter]
  • After defeating a certain number of monsters on a field of level 100 or above, you will come across a monster surrounded by purple light.
  • Defeating the purple light monster opens a portal to the Challenge Mode.
  • The portal remains open for 10 minutes, and anyone can enter it.
  • Premade party members will enter the same map if they access the portal, but if at least one party member is already at Stage 2 or higher, the others will not be able to enter directly to the same stage.
    [How to Play]
  • Inside the Challenge Mode, your goal is to defeat monsters and charge the Challenge Level gauge.
  • When the gauge is fully charged, a boss monster appears.
  • After defeating the boss monster, you will see two portals: Close and Step Up.
  • Choose Close to exit the Challenge Mode and receive your stage reward.
  • Choose Step Up if you want to continue onto the next stage and defeat more monsters for additional rewards.
  • There are 5 stages in total, each lasting a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Every stage increases your Looting Chance by 100 and provides more reward cubes when completed, but higher stages also mean more powerful monsters.
  • If all party members become incapable of combat or you don’t complete the stage under 10 minutes, you fail the Challenge Mode.
  • If your character and the Challenge Mode are 30 or more levels apart, you will not be able to enter it.
  • The Challenge Mode does not open inside Hunting Grounds.
  • Reward cubes can be transferred via Team Storage but cannot be reopened.

Unique Raid (for level 330+)
The entrance is towards the southwest of the teleport statue on the map Nobreer Forest.
It is possible to use Soul Resurrect crystals inside this mode!

Special/ Unique raid (lvl 330) is named ‘First Refuge’.
Entry = unlimited amounts per day. Entry requires 4 portal warp stones for token users. Non-token users must pay 6 stones to enter. Each party member must bring their own stones, you cannot enter without stones!
Each next entry will consume +1 stone (4 stones -> 5 stones -> 6 stones, …). The count resets each day.
Note: the stones will be consumed once the boss dies, however you still need stones to enter.

It is possible to use ‘carry tactic’. 1 party + 1 strong carry —> carry leaves before boss dies to keep stones, carry join new party without consuming stones, repeat.

Clear Raid
Kill all mobs to open each next map segment. There are some poison pool traps, you can easily see the traps so avoid it. The final segment is the boss. Kill the giant raidboss Special Kucurry to clear this Raid.

After you beat the boss, you get 1 cube. Open the cube to get 1 of the rewards:

Unique Raid Drops (from final bosscube, cannot be rerolled):

  • 1 Practonium
  • Random amount of Sierra Dust (red dust) (amount does not exceed 50)
  • Recipe for a level 350 red/orange Mashinios Weapon or a level 350 red/orange armour
  • kugheri balzermancer legendary card

Tips vs the Boss:
When you start, try to lure the boss away from its original location. Original location contains Poison Pool traps. Lure the boss over the bridge. This unique raid – first refuge mode does not have a short time limit, so take your time to safely defeat the boss.

-When the boss becomes a red colour, it means the boss has activated Kucurry Revenged 7 fold. If you attack it, you will get damage reflected and will likely die.
-Boss can use reversi on your heal tiles and then steal your tiles to heal.

Some vids:
Bong at challenge mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6P9KDJ-ddU 282
Inje Kang duo raid : here 69
Unique Raid Final Boss solo: here 349

Official Unique Raid recap:

  • This dungeon does not give Silver or EXP. Instead, you can complete it for Lv 350 Unique equipment recipes and materials.
    [How to Enter]
  • You can enter the dungeon through the First Shelter entrance tower in Nobreer Forest.
  • The dungeon has no daily entry limit, but each entry consumes at least 6 Raid Portal Stones, an item which you can obtain in the new Challenge Mode.
  • Every additional entry made on the same day adds +1 Raid Portal Stone to the entry fee.
  • Token users get a discount of 2 Stones per entry.
  • Daily entries reset at 6 AM (server time).
  • First Shelter Cubes obtained from this dungeon drop recipes and materials used to craft Lv 350 Unique equipment items.
  • Instance Clear Vouchers, Multiply Tokens and Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers will not work with this dungeon.
  • Prodigious Kucarry Balzermancer monsters appearing inside this dungeon cannot be reincarnated.

Material Locations

Please use http://toscamp.com/map/map4.1.php?lang=en 313 to find maps easily (once they are updated)!

I just realized English Tos map does not show the maps yet. I will show the maps:

 New Coast maps on the World Map <<< click here
 Forest and Temple Maps on world map <<< click here to view

Coast maps (mobs drop needed materials!)
The coast maps are on the ‘Orsha’ town side, near the other coast maps. Some players do not have the phamer forest teleport statue, so they will have to travel from Gateway of the Great King (most players have this warp point).

To get there quickly, you could go to (Gateway of the great King ->Letas Stream -> Pelkine shrine ruins -> arcus forest ->) phamer forest -> zeteor coast.

To enter epherotao coast quickly, warp to Elgos Abbey Main Building and move 1 map to reach Epherotao coast.

New ‘Forest & Temple’ maps (mobs drop needed materials!)
To get to Sausys room and Valandis room, you must teleport to Nobreer Forest and move 1 map.
To get to the new Forests and temples, you must teleport to Nobreer forest too and move.

There is a teleport warp statue at Izoliacjia Plateau.
There is a zemyna statue (+1 stat point) at Tekel Shelter.

Remaining new maps (no useful materials)
.New ‘water shrine ruins’ maps do not have mobs which drop any useful material.
There is a teleport warp statue at Ranko waters 26.
There is a zemyna statue at Ranko waters 22 (+1 stat point).
.New ‘Hunting grounds Nazar(ene) tower / star tower’.
To get there, go to Dina Bee Farm and enter the Hunting grounds teleport point to go to Natar Watchtower. Move 1 map to reach the level 340-350 hunting grounds. No ‘material’ mobs here. There is a zemyna statue (+1 stat point).

 Location of New water shrine maps on world map <<< click here

About prices of materials

When buying, you should not pay more than 50’000 silver per material. The droprate is very high (2.0%).

If the demand is very high, try to settle for 100~120k max if you are very desperate for materials.

Don’t waste your silvers!
When this patch was released on Ktos, material prices were very high too. Players would waste silvers and buy for 100k+ per material. Then after a week of farming, the materials would flood market and prices dropped below 100k per material. The droprate is high and the spawn is high.

Save silvers to buy the recipe.

Mob Spawn Locations on each map

Epherotao Coast – Sword & 2-Handed Sword
This map does not have a warp statue.

Sword: 107x sword of the skipper
2H Sword: 193x sword of the skipper
Mob: Varle Skipper
HP: 194’040
Spawn amount: 37

 View item Click here
 View Skipper mob click here

Epherotao Coast – Mace & 2-Handed Mace

Mace: 107x Handle of the Helmman
2H Mace: 193x Handle of the Helmman
Mob: Varle Helmman
HP: 195’123
Spawn amount: 37

 View item click here
 View Varle Helmman mob click here

Mobs are Melee and Physical. Kite them if you are a ranged character.
Example of farming these mobs, video click here 163

Zeteor Coast – Rod & Staff

This map does not have a warp statue.

Rod: 107x Nimrah Damsel’s broken crystal
Staff: 193x Nimrah Damsel’s broken crystal
Mob: Nimrah Damsel
HP: 99’235
Spawn amount: 46

 View item click here
 View Nimrah Damsel mob click here

The mob is quite easy, it is flying and magic. The magic attacks can be dodged by moving around because they are NOT homing magic attacks.

Video example farming Nimrah Damsel mobs click here 173
Another vid here 33

Iotheo Coast – Spear & Pike
This map does not have a warp statue.

Spear: 107x Nimra Lancer’s Spear
Pike: 193x Nimra Lancer’s Spear
Mob: Nimrah Lancer
HP: 153’446
Spawn amount: 43

 View item click here
 View Nimrah Lancer mob click here

Iotheo Coast – Rapier & Dagger
Rapier: 107x Nimrah Soldier’s Broken Rapier
Dagger: 86x Nimrah Soldier’s Broken Rapier
Mob: Nimra Soldier
HP: 192’885
Spawn amount: 28

 View item click here
 View Nimrah Soldier mob click here

Iotheo Coast – Musket & Cannon

Rifle: 193x Varle Gunner’s Cannon Decoration
Cannon: 86x Varle Gunner’s Cannon Decoration
Mob: Varle Gunner
HP: 191’232
Spawn amount: 55

 View item click here
 View Varle Gunner mob click here

Varle Gunner canNOT move, it is an immobile mob. However it uses Physical Ranged homing attacks on you when you are in range.

Vid farming at the coast map here 63

Sausys Room 10 – Bow & Crossbow
This map does not have a warp statue.

Bow: 193x Horn of the Lunar Angel
Crossbow: 107x Horn of the Lunar Angel
Mob: Lunar Angel
HP: 141’363
Spawn amount: 20

 View item click here
 View Lunar Angel mob click here

Lunar Angels are Flying mobs.

Very short part of vid, farming some angels click here 168

Narvas Temple – Pistol & Shield

Pistol: 86x Swollen Beak
Shield: 86x Swollen Beak
Mob: Boor
HP: 169’920
Spawn amount: 26

 View item click here
 View Boor mob click here

The bird (Boor) is melee, physical and ground-type. Its attacks inflict knockback and will cancel your skills.

Narvas Temple – Leather Armour set

This map does not have a warp statue.

Leather: each piece of leather armour needs: 43x Nook Leather
Mob: Nook
HP: 168’220
Spawn: 25

 View item click here
 View Nook mob click here

Valandis Room 91 – Cloth armour set
This map does not have a warp statue

Cloth: each piece of cloth armour needs: 43x Creto Feather
Mob: Creto
HP: 146’580
Spawn: 30
Location: Valandis Room 91

 View item click here
 View Creto mob click here

Tekel Shelter – Plate armour set

This map does not have a warp statue.

Plate: Each piece of Plate armour needs: 43x Yakyak Horn
Mob: Yakyak
HP: 146’160
Spawn: 24

 View item click here
 View Yakyak mob click here

The Yakyak is a flying mob. It is melee and Physical, easy to kite.

Video of killing yakyaks here


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