:closed_book: The Complete Guide :closed_book:

Things you need to know:
1) Exp Card – Is an item that increases your exp once you consume it.
2) Instanced Dungeons – These dungeons are entered through Queue system which automatically matches you with other players. Once a party of 5 is gathered, a dungeon run starts.
3) Instanced Dungeons Queues – Whenever a full party is gathered (5 players) everyone in dungeon receives 600% exp bonus. This bonus is nullified if you enter solo.
4) Instanced Dungeon Entries – You have a daily limit of 2 entries for ALL dungeons in game. This means you can complete only 2 dungeons per day. Token users have their daily limit increased by 1 (3 entries).
5) Level Limit – There is a level difference limit that prevents players from gaining exp. If you’re 40 levels below or 40 levels above your enemy, then you’ll won’t be getting any exp for a kill.
6) Exp Gain – You gain exp according to enemy health pool. The more health your enemy has, the more exp it awards.
7) Quests – Avoid doing quests at low level, they take up too much time and aren’t worth it. Only experienced players knows which quests can be quickly completed for fast and easy exp cards.

:star2: Leveling 1-100

The fastest way to level up is by grinding till level 50. Once you reach level 50 you’ll be able to join instanced Dungeons which greatly increases your exp. However, once you run out of Dungeon entries, you’ll have to return to grinding or use Dungeon entries reset voucher.

:open_book: Notes:
1) Although I skipped starting zone, you can choose to not skip it and complete quests which will introduce you to the game. You’ll be also awarded with exp cards.
2) There is a level 80 Dungeon I did not mention in a guide, however it’s Queues usually take very long to find a party (Depends on server and time).

:star2: Leveling 100-200

After Level 100 it is important to do your daily Siauliai Missions and Dungeons. For level 100-110 continue leveling in Mausoleum Workers Lodge or Mausoleum Constructors Chapel. Move to Demon Prison District 2 as soon as possible.

:open_book: Notes:
1) Leveling till 120 might be difficult, but once you reach it, you’ll be able to go to Demon Prison where leveling will be much faster.

:star2: Level 200-300

Leveling for 200-300 is much more difficult. At level 250+ it can be very painful and I’d suggest completing some high level quests for exp cards. At level 290+ it should be a lot easier because of level 290 Dungeon

:open_book: Notes:
1) Avoid doing level 200 dungeon while you’re level 200-210. Instead do a level 170 dungeon, it gives much more exp per run.
2) Alemeth Forest can be reached much faster than Evacuation Residential District. However Alemeth Forest can be very challenging and difficult to survive.
3) For level 250-260+ you can see in video 5 marked zones on map. These zones have also quests that award with high level exp cards.

:pen: Fact:
1) Level 170 Dungeon awards more exp than level 200 Dungeon:
Tested using x8 Exp Tome and x3 Dungeon Multipliers on both runs at level 200.
1 Level 200 Dungeon Run = 6 Level Up
1 Level 170 Dungeon Run = 10 Level Up


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