This guide is for fastest leveling up as soon as possible so if you are still newbie i recommend you should do the quest and know more about the game. (Mostly everyone know how to grind and where to grind but some don’t so yea this guide is for them)
The guide do not include equipment for each level, just grab the best thing you have and go!
Things need to know before we start:
#Buying buff:
They mostly open at klaipeda near goddess statue.You only need to buy Sacrament and Blessing.
#Warp portal:
They mostly open at klaipeda near goddess statue too.You just need to find a portal that warp you the destination point you want which it write on the title and click use to go there.
#Make a party and how to let people join
Press F6 and it will show you the window. Click Create Party . Now you have the party,click Insert Party Invite. Press Enter and you will share the party link to everyone.People and you just have to click on the blue chat(yellow on world chat and guild chat) and they can join your party.It is easy right? :sunglasses:
#Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode or CM is where a party can try challenging them for the greater reward. CM will give you exp/drop/cube. But in this guide i will only focus on the exp CM give, CM is one of the best place to leveling up till maxed level so try do your CM everyday because the reward is good!
CM divide into 7 stages, the higher the stage the more difficult it would be, also from stage 6 you will get additional cube that give reward different from normal cube.
Dungeon is one of the best place to get exp too, it also give you cube for reward. You can enter it at Klaipeda
There is various kind of dungeons you can try, all of them just require to clear all mobs and defeat the boss for 6 cube and 100% exp.
In this guide i will skip dungeon till we’re level 270, but you can try it if you want!
#Hunting Ground
If you already did CM and dungeon and seek for both drop and exp, HG will be your home. I can’t write detail about HG in here but you can check it at: 5( Credit by [Mila Tiemy] + Castro, kamaroo + [Tk Magnus] )
OK let’s get started!
#Level 1 to 60
Location: Tenet Garden
You just need to farm on the way to Tenet Garden to lv5, after that focus grind at the middle of the map which mobs spawn a lot and fast!
Way to Tenet Garden:Klaipeda>East Siauliai Wood> Miners Village>Srautas Gorge>Gele Plateau >Nefritas Cliff>Tenet Garden
#Level 60 to 100 and above
Head back to Klai and buy Klaipeda warp scroll from Item Merchant.
Then try find a portal to Feretory Hills, if not try shout.There may have people save their quest for you to warp.
Location: Feretory Hills
Grind below of the map! That have Necroventer.
#Level 100 to 124 and above
Back to Klaipeda using warp scroll i said before.
Location: Top right of Klai
Talk with Rota she will give you a quest,you only need to talk to 3 guys that is Ramda / Donnes / Liam (they just around there)
After done the quest, go to Ramda talk with him and choose Siauliai, it will open Siauliai misson.!
Auto Match or you can try solo it if you can, you can also back to grinding at feretory hill to 124.
#Level 124-190-200
It is recommended to grind here to level 200, it will take lot of time if you don’t have exp buff so you should best tome you got here( just my opinion). But if you bored grinding at here you can grind still 190 and move to next area.
Location: Demon Prison District 2( find a portal )
Run around that red circle and grind. It is recommend to find a party and grind through the nightmare.
#Level 190-229
Remember to buy Klaipeda scroll from now on xD
Location: Croanto Coast ( find a portal)
Just run around the map and grind every monsters you see. Also you can try find a party and do Challenge Mode (for short:CM) they usually shout on world chat and you just have to click on the party link (yellow highlight). You can also try shout for party. ( Mostly you will need dps, healer etc)
Recommend from players: Grind here till 232-245 before heading to Kale
#Level 229-262-270
Location:Kalejimas Visiting Room ( find a portal, it might lead you to Steel Heights, just need to move a bit to Kale)
It is recommend to grind here till lv270.
Run around this map and grind to lv262! It is long way and hard time after demon prison but this is the last mountain you need to climb, after that no more boring grinding! I can guaranteed to you about that! So fight! You can also do CM with party here too!
#Level 262-310 and above
From now on, we will queue for lv 270 dungeon-lv 300 dungeon till we reach lv310 above. Combine with doing CM you will leveling really fast!
Location: Timerys Temple ( find a portal, from Lhadar Forest to Timerys)
Grind and do CM here till level 310 above.
#Level 310 to 350 and above
Combine doing CM and dungeon 300 – dungeon 330 till you reach 350 above.
Location: Sausag… erm i mean Sausys Room 9
You can grind or just doing CM is fine! ( i’m lazy person myself so i will just do CM)
#Level 350 to 390
The last and the end of the road for now. I’m so proud of you guys to reach here, but now save those cheerful tear and go for it!
Combine doing lv 330 dungeon and CM till reach 390!
Location: There are lot of locations for doing CM from now on but i will recommend:
Sausys Room 9 ( stick with it would be fine if you don’t good gears cause higher map, mobs are strong and might kill you right away, but caution the higher level you are the less exp you received so you should invest for gear now and head to new area)
Astro TowerBarynwell 86 WatersSpell Tome (from easy to hard,for mid and end game gears)
And also you can try challenging yourself with ET , unique raid and The last is VELCOFF’S NEST, the last challenge and have the best equipment in this game for now! But is hard and you will have to well prepare for it!
#That is it!
Thanks you for reading my post, sorry if i have bad English and Grammar thing if you see please comment below so i can fix it.And sorry that i didn’t add any image cause it is limit for new member :frowning: . Also if you have better place to grind on your experience or tips and trick please do share it!
Happy Gaming and Best Regard to everyone!
Exp table and detail about monsters shared by @ greyhiem credit by wizardguidetreeofsavior website (they got a lot of guide there, you should go and see it!)


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