The Manahas Set is the Level-270-Armour-Version of the Cafrisun Set.

When the full set is equipped, it gives – besides of a few other bonuses – an extra ice-property damage line.
That’s what makes it so desired for autoattack-based builds. :satisfaction:

How to get?

Manahas pieces drops from a certain monster on a certain map.
Each monster only exist once on the map (per channel) and has a respawn time of 30 minutes.
The droprate is very low (0,14%), so simply killing them and hope the next would drop a piece would take too long and is not fun at all.


Manahas Armor

  • Castle Gardener
  • Mishekan Forest

Manahas Boots

  • Rhodevassal
  • Lhadar Forest, near the waterfall

Manahas Gloves

  • Cyaria
  • Inner Wall District 9

Manahas Pants

  • Vilkas Fighter
  • Mollogheo Forest

How to farm efficiently?

The best method is to reset the drop of those monster with an Oracle character.
Their skill Clairvoyance makes items that will drop in advance visible above the monster´s head.
Resetting changes a drop, you can use this skill 2 times and it got a cooldown of 150 seconds. Using one circle of Dievdirbys to access the skill Statue of Goddess Laima reduces the cooldown time and makes the process faster.

The Farming

  • Go on of the listed maps and find the “manahas mob”
  • Use Clairvoyance to check the drop
  • If the desired piece is not showing up, use Resetting (If you want to make use of the CD-reduce of the carved Laima, you should use this skill before Resetting
  • Repeat until the Manahas piece is showing up and kill the monster

Keep in mind, this method makes the farming easier and better than just killing the mob, but it still can requires lot of tries until you gonna drop a piece.
Sometimes a player comes by and kills that monster, all you can do about it is either go on the other channel or looking for the next Manahas-Mob.
However, setting a polite yellow “over the head message” worked surprisingly often for me.

My Advice

You are about to spend lot of time resetting the drop? Then make sure you drop it twice at least!

Get help from a Doppelsoeldner’s Double Pay Earn to double the drop (…yes that really works!).
You can double the loot with Thaumaturge’s Swell Body only at Cyaria, the other mobs are immune to this skill.

All mobs, except Cyaria, are not aggressive, so you can reset their drops while doing something else on your computer. In case you want to use Dievdirbys (statue Laima) its useful to know that you will “aggro” the mobs (but they only attacking the statue if you don’t interfere). They calm down and will not attack you when the statue disappears.

Still valuable in Rank 10?

Yes, I used this set without Transcendence or high Anvil status in Astral Tower Challenge Mode on my Archer and it’s still doing a great job.
You can also sell it (recently sold a set around ~9-12kk on Fedimian server for each piece), so it looks like there’s still demand for this set.

Happy farming and thanks for reading my fellow saviors!

Team Name: Charis
Server: Fedimian


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