Tribal Wars Building Tree and Guide

Tribal Wars Building Tree and Guide by Fiddler

Additional Info by shadzar

for those that may have some problems with understanding i have made a litlte, hopefully, at-a-glance view of buildings in the game so when you start you will know what you are looking at without popup pages from the help system.

(stoprage = storage, hidden resources should say unplunderable resources as the enemy can not steal them even if they beat you in battle.)

starting buildings and resources may or may not be higher than normal depending on the server so i dont know what you will begin with.

but try to get your wood, clay, and iron production rates up enough to start construction of a barracks. then get them each up to at least level 5 (timber yard, clay pit, iron mine) so you can produce one spearfighter per hour if you need to.

since you have 5 days of safety from attack from other players you should have time to build a nice little defense force while upgrading your resource production of timber yard to level 9.

during this time you can build a market and start trading off some excess clay and iron you may have for more wood for spearfighters to strengthen your defenses.

ignore the Reports menu item while you are first working cause it is most likely just tribe invites, or join a tribe right away if you want. (still not sure myself about tribes as i am still learning, but writing this to prevent other from making the mistake i did and running out of resources.)

also odds are you can ignore mails since they came with the tribe invites.

only after your 5 days of protection from being attacked will you NEED to wory about mails and reports.

why i ran out of resources?
i upgraded my headquarters first to increase building upgrade and contruction speed while reading the help file and forums.

later it will be helpful to upgrade but a good increase in production at having level 5 on your resources facilities will help you build more quicker than the amount of time gained from headquarters upgrade at the start.

well those are my few tidbits. other more advanced players may have more helpful info to contribute to begginers. but be WARNED!!!

this is war. so some advice may not be good for you since the person giving it may be waiting outside your walls to destroy you.

A NOTE ABOUT RESOURCES: you do NOT have to wait a full hour to get your resources. as each single piece of resources becomes available from your production facilities they are added to you current stock. so at early stages with a level one facility you WILL get one piece of wood, clay, or iron respectively, ever two minutes. you just may need to click on something for it to update your available stock unlike the clock in the lower right hand side, or the countdown until building or troop completion.

i will add or edit any advice that others present in this thread as i find it relevant to help those new players like myself during their 5 day introduction period to the game.

good luck and may your troops always have high morale, and your scouts return home safely!

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