Tribal Wars Church Guide


Tribal Wars Church Guide by Pulsar FTW

Church Info

Church Belief Radius:
Level 1: 4 fields in every direction
Level 2: 6 fields in every direction
Level 3: 8 fields in every direction

Church Cost Structure:
Level 1: 16.000 wood ? 20.000 clay ? 5.000 iron ? 5.000 population
Level 2: 20.160 wood ? 25.600 clay ? 6.300 iron ? 2.750 population(additional)
Level 3: 25.402 wood ? 32.768 clay ? 7.938 iron ? 4.263 population(additional)

Church Build Time Factor:
Level 1 = 5:40:00
Level 2 = 6:48:00
Level 3 = 8:09:36
The actual build time is calculated by the following formula:
([build time factor] * 1.05^(-[level of the village headquarters])) / [world speed]

Church Point Values:
Level 1: 10 points
Level 2: 2 points
Level 3: 2 points

Church Build Requirements:
Level 5 Headquarters and whatever farm level required to hold the population.

Church Destruction:
Churches can be catapulted but they take significantly more catapults to drop a level than normal buildings.
It takes 400 catapults to destroy a lvl 1 church(Please confirm?)
167 to take lvl 2 to lvl 1(Please confirm?)
and 125 to take lvl 3 to lvl 2(Please confirm?)
Or 600 to take lvl 3 down completely. (Please confirm?)
This is with against a empty, wall-less village with 0% luck, no morale penalty and religious attackers (religion makes no difference to the defence of target buildings)
?When you noble a village the church ?flies away’? ? Morthy

Church Effect:
All villages that are not contained within a church radius will have all troops? defensive and attack power reduced to 50%.
This means that you can attack outside your church?s radius, as long as the attacking village is inside it.
Defending troops take the church effect of the village/person they are defending.

There is an exception to the above setup/rules. The very first church that you start with will be a church that has a 6 field radius and is 10 points. This church cannot be upgraded at any point. In addition, the original church can?t be damaged by catapults.


  • Yes you can demolish your first church. However it would be a huge waste. As when you build it back, it will still just be the same ?first (non-upgradable) church?. You can only move it to another village if you have no other churches.
  • If you lose your first church, you can rebuild it if you have no other churches.
  • Churches only affect your own villages, not allies, not others. Only yours.
  • This church is a different one to the one that built priests on the early German servers.
  • Barbs/Bonus will not be affected by churches (I.E spiking villages)
  • All calculations of religion will be done at landing time.
  • Having religion/belief at two or more has no effect. It?s just to inform you that your village is under the effect of two churches, you receive no extra bonus for it.
  • First churches take less than 15minutes to build at any level HQ. (Please confirm?)

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