Tribal Wars Loyalty and Morale Guide

Tribal Wars Loyalty and Morale Guide by hoodoo

Well, I realized, that a lot of you don?t understand the difference between morale and loyalty. So I thaught I explain that again.


Before anybody has a nobleman, loyalty is completely insignificant. Every village has a loyalty of 100. Loyalty mean, that the village and all of its people are true to their owner. With loyalty 100 they don?t care about anybody else and think their owner is a real hero 😉
(The loyalty of a village is hidden when it?s 100.)
Loyalty doesn?t influence, what the villagers are doing. They are still doing their job and the troops still fight.

You lower the loyalty of another village by 20-35 every time you attack with a nobleman.

As soon as the village?s loyalty is under 0, the village changes its owner. The attacker gets the village and the old owner gets a new little village!

Loyalty raises automatically by 1 point per hour (at speed 1) until it?s back at 100.


Morale is something completely different. If you attack another player, that is as good as you are, then your troops will attack with morale 100%. They are happy to fight a fair fight and give everything they can.
If you have 5000 points and you attack another player with 200 points, then lots of your soldiers are unhappy with that unfair fight. They will not use all their skill. Or you could say they underestimate the enemy.
The result is, that they don?t attack with 100% morale.
If you attack with only 50% morale that means, that your troops fight with 50% of their strength. You lose more and have a lower chance of success.
That is important to protect small players and make sure that they have a least a small chance.

It does not matter, how far away the target of the attack is. Of course you have disadvantages because the troops are not in your village, but the morale is not affected.

You can have both morale and loyalty in a fight of course.
If you try to take over a village of a smaller player, you send a nobleman in your attack. You might fight with 60% morale and if you are successfull (at 60% of your troop?s strenght), then your nobleman will lower the loyalty by 20-35.

I hope that clarifies things a little?

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