Tribes Ascend Base Structures Statistics Guide

Tribes Ascend Base Structures Statistics Guide by Trinli

When I first began playing this game a month ago I was desperate for information
on what upgrading base assets did. This information is not to be found on any
topics I can find, nor is it even mentioned except in passing. As such I am creating
this topic.

You Will notice I have applied an Armor category. This is to show why certain
weapon cannot damage objects. For instance a Technician?s pistol can damage a
generator, but not a turret. This also shows the percentage of damage reduction
an object will take from a given weapon. If a weapon is capable of dealing 800
damage a generator with it?s 6.5% armor will only take 750 damage, or a turret
with 28% armor will only take 576 damage.

Level 0?.6000???.6.5
Level 1?.8000???.6.5
Level 2.. 10000??.. 6.5
Level 3?12000??.. 6.5
Level 4?14000??.. 6.5

Any ?SHIELD? graphic you see while attacking a generator, or other base
defense is purely decorative and has no bearing on damage required to
destroy said object.

Level 0?.2000???.28??????(Not confirmed yet)
Level 1?.4000???.28??????(Not confirmed yet)
Level 2?.6000???.28??????(Not confirmed yet)
Level 3?.8000???.28??????(Not confirmed yet)
Level 4?10000??.. 28??????(Not confirmed yet)

As of now I have no Radar Range, or Turret Tracking Data. I am attempting
to gather this data.

?????HP??.. ARMOR?.FIRING TIME??..DAMAGE (Heavy/Medium/Light)
Level 0?.5000???.28???..2.2 Sec??????..(650/430/650)
Level 1?.7000???.28???..2.2 Sec??????..(650/430/650)
Level 2?.9000???.28???..2.2 Sec??????..(650/430/650)
Level 3?11000??.. 28????2.2 Sec??????.(650/430/650)
Level 4?13000??.. 28????2.2 Sec??????.(650/430/650)

There is NO DAMAGE INCREASE with the turrets when they are upgraded!
Also there is NO INCREASE IN FIRING RATE! The Turret Tooltip reads
??Upgrade the turret, increase health and?? and is cut off the screen.
If an upgraded Turret kills you, you see that the turret has:
Max Health + +, Repair Rate + +, Fire Rate + +
This same information is displayed regardless of if the turret is Mk. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Implying that health, repair rate, and fire rate are improved each time
the turret is upgraded. ONLY HEALTH IS!

I will continue to accumulate data, and update this tread if there is interest.

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