Trickster Online Level Up Gifts List

Trickster Online Level Up Gifts List by LeiMagnus

Aegis wanted me to post this for you guys.
Note, it?s from T-0, so the names will vary.
The first item listed is readable. All others are from boxes.
This list is still incomplete.

Level??? Gifts Received
2????????? Level Up Guide
5????????? Recovery Guide; HP Potion x20; MP Potion x20
10????????Shortcut Guide; 100g Coupon x10
15????????Teleport Guide; Lotus Leaf (hat)
20??????? Key Quest Guide; Megalo Pouch
40??????? Popuri Letter; Stallion Sprint (DO NOT OPEN)
60??????? Second Job Guide; 100,000g Coupon; Random MyShop (see below)
80??????? Megalo Letter; HP Potion x30; MP Potion x30 (different kind)
100??????Nepetoli?s Letter; Boost Bracer (3 or 6 hours) x2?(DO NOT OPEN); Random MyShop
120??????Third Job Guide; Resurrection Scroll x2
140????? Random Card Pack; Random MyShop
160????? Santa?s Workshop Pass
180????? Tango?s House Pass x5?or Boost Bracer (3 or 6 hours) x4?(DO NOT OPEN); Random MyShop
200????? Spicy Island Pass x5; Random MyShop
280??????Random MyShop

Possible MyShop Gifts:
Elixirs x2
Nate?s Bottle x2
Repair Powder x2
Light Pink Potion x20
Light Blue Potion x20
Memory Port x5
Storage Coupon

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