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Hey everybody hmac here and today we’re building huts; no, no, no! We’Re not building a hut like the one i made in my wolf taming video they’re gon na be a little cooler and a little bigger, but still small, compared to some of the bases i’ve seen you all make. I’Ve been tasked with building a town for about 10 players who are just starting out their playthrough and looking for something modest, oh and if you want one of these for yourself, you’ll be able to get one and play with me, but more on that later. For now, i’m going to ask you to do a few small things. If at any point in this video, you say to yourself: hey i like that build hmac, kinda cool, keep it up.

Then please, let me know what you think comments like these make my day and they make all the time that it takes to make these videos worth it. Oh yeah, and if you liked the video like the video with all that said, let’s get into five small bases you can make in no time. Here’S the first base we’re gon na check out you’ll notice. For all of these bases, the floor space is going to consist of a 4×4 wood floor foundation. This is a modest living area that can soon be grown out of, but it’s a good starting point for anyone just hopping in this space is modeled.

After a rowan house from the lord of the rings, there’s a small entrance way with hidden circling trophies to add a little light for the weary traveler coming home from a long day of viking activities inside we see all the basic necessities i’ll leave. Most of the furnishing and interior design up to whomever purchases this house, but i’ve added a few small things to help them get going. You’Ll always need a campfire and a few cooking racks. Additionally, a workbench is pretty helpful and a few tests. Well, why not?

The chimney is designed, more is a window and it’s partially built into a tree, but it doesn’t require it for support. So if you’re the new owner – and you don’t like a leaf chandelier – then chop it down if you’re so inclined. But like i mean why would you do that trees in this game are so beautiful? The next base looks similar to one of the broken down bases you might see generated by the game. On your travels, i made it myself and added a nice window to give a view of our community hub for this town.

Again, certainly trophies are added for lighting, they don’t put off much light, but they don’t greatly impact your frame rate, the same way campfires and torches do so. If you have problems reaching 60 fps, i definitely recommend implementing more, certainly trophies in your builds. We also have a nice window to the bonfire providing heat for this base. In a lot of these builds, i added extra wood beams in front of structural wood beams to add some depth. These are for aesthetics only, but can help smaller bases like this pop.

A little bit more so consider adding some layers. This next base may look a little weird, but it’s okay to be a little weird right right. I mean not that i look weird or well you guys. Don’T know that since i brought it up, i wanted to mention that the channel has seen some great support and i’m announcing that when i hit 100 subscribers i’ll do a face reveal. I can’t guarantee that i’ll have a face cam in every video, but i’m planning something special.

So if you want to put a face on to this hmac guy drop a sub. I understand if this announcement gets me some unsubscribes anyway. I like this base because it has a beautiful view of this tree right here. Yes, another tree you’ll also notice in almost all of these bases, i’ve done no terraforming, and this should again help players who don’t have the best performance inside. We see a lower floor section for your bed and chest and tucked away cooking station again i layered some beams on the outside, but i will probably come back to clean this up a little bit more.

I haven’t yet decided here we have a raised pyramid design. The base may feel a little cozy, so if you find it too cramped for yourself, i’d recommend placing the cooking station in the back and just covering the campfire with a roof. I like the style of chimney structure, but it’s definitely not for everybody again, i’m not expecting someone to go out and replicate each one of these builds, except for mags she’s, a brand new creator with a lot of valheim skills, she’s active in my community and even Teaches me some things so check her out on youtube and hop in my discord. If you want to meet more people like her so yeah max, i’m expecting a full build guide on all these bases. Nah just kidding, but thanks for all the support, this last base is one of the coolest.

In my opinion, again we have the layered beams. We also have a little outlet for your cooking station and when you step inside you’ll see it’s built right into the hillside. This is more reminiscent of the hobbit style homes, where you just have a hut built into a mountainside. One thing you all should take away from these builds is that i use a landscape to add to each build in different ways. The use of your environment is something that can help your base stand out from the crowd.

Are you a valheim grinder with hundreds of hours, and you have some friends who play but maybe stopped recently? Well, if you build them, one of these, i’m sure, they’ll appreciate it and maybe they’ll come back and explore with you again now that they have a more developed home to call their own key. Is none of these take that long to build at all? So if they don’t come back, you shouldn’t feel so bad if you’re looking for people to play with who have no problem coming back, in fact, most of them never left then check out mercenary blackwatch company. To give you guys some background, i’m one of the mods for bmc and we’re putting together an entire valheim server filled with lord of the rings themed modded content, i’m positive.

Most of you haven’t been a part of a group like this. So if you want to revolutionize the game and explore what others have created, get involved and join our discord, the link is in the description. If you think these bases are cool, you’ll be shocked when i check out some of the other builds around the rest of the server oh, and when i said you could buy these bases, i wasn’t talking about with cash, though, if you want to give me some Cash i’ve linked my venmo no totally kidding, but seriously. All you need to do is join the server and find some gold. These homes will be pretty cheap and, with the different mods and quests in here, you’ll be able to find enough gold quickly as for bases in the other towns.

Well, we have some stingy mods, so it might take a little more time to build up that piggy bank rainey. I’M talking to you do i really need to give you 5 000 gold. Every time i want to film a video on here. No all jokes: all jokes rainy, along with the other mods, are doing their best to deck out the server with a bunch of cool and fun things so join the discord and get ready for the opening of the server at the start of june, oh yeah, and If you’re still watching comment, something like hmac is my dad or something ridiculous to confuse those who aren’t real ones like you until next time, this was hmac signing [, Music, ] off [ Music ], you

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