Advanced TIPS and TRICKS for Valheim #2


Hi guys, Steelovsky here and these are 6 advanced tips that  will make your life in Valheim just better. You can “skip time” by going to sleep and then click on the bed again once you wake  up. Quite useful if you are waiting for food or potions to finish the fermentation process. If you are about to go on the far adventure, making base every few hundred meters  might be counter-productive. Make a portal on your main base,  call it somehow, in my case it is tp#backup.

Take materials needed for  another portal and 10 woods for the workbench. Once you’re gonna need to get back to your base,  just craft a workbench and portal, give it the same name as your portal in base, teleport back,  do what you have to do and then back again through the portal. Destroy what you just  created and that’s it. Your portable portal is yet again ready to be deployed once you need it. So, technically one portal can lead only to the other by binding them with the same tag,  which technically gives you a limit of 1 portal leading to one destination.

Unless… Tags are editable and once you set a portal on your main base,  you can use it to travel to the other portals by changing its tag. As you can see here,  this is my main base. I named my other portals as tp#1, 2 and 3. If I need to  get to my very first base, I simply change tag to tp#, wait for the portal to fade off it’s very important step, don’t rush it because you might end up  in different location than expected without possibility to come back Then change the tag to desired one. Assuming at some point you’re about to have, let’s  say 30 different portal destinations, you’re going to save 290 greydwarf stones, 580 fine woods and  58 surtling cores, not even talking about all the space that would be needed for all these portals.

 Worth to mention this trick might be very hard to use in multiplayer sessions. You can swap between arrows at any time.  Use this knowledge to apply debuffs like burning or freeze in between regular shots.

In the previous episode I gave you a tip about holstering your weapons to gain  additional movement speed. Recently I found out you can do it even faster with a hammer  by canceling holster animation completely.

 Just set your hammer on the accessible button  and click it twice. This technique is quite OP considering the fact you  can holster your weapon instantly in the sprint, which normally is not possible. You can get rid of any debuff by logging out. Let’s say you got poisoned and you know you’re  gonna die. You can technically just log out and once you’ll log back in, debuff will be gone.

 Stinky cheese perhaps, but you saved your precious skill points at the very least..

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