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Advanced TIPS and TRICKS for Valheim #4


Hi guys Steelovsky here, and these are 8advanced tips that will make your life in Valheimquite easier, Its always nice to deal more damage. Butsometimes theres, simply no point to use expensiveobsidian arrows against deathsquitos, as you killthem, with regular wood arrows in one shot. Anyway.Same goes for goblins, which you kill in3 shots, either with needle arrows or woodarrows Dont waste your materials and keep yourbest ammo. For a moment when you really need it, Frost arrows might be thebest ammunition in the game.

Not because of its damage but ratherdebuff they apply on the enemy.Once, you hit the target. Frost arrows, apply freezefor a short amount of time. If your bow skill ishigh enough, you can make it practicallyimpossible for your enemy to reach. You

Ive done some further testing on a dummy trainingtip from a previous episode and, as it turns out, your skill bar fills at different speedsdepending on what you actually hit.

s. You can see on the screen. It took me14 hits to level up my bow skill. If I hitthe tree and only 7, if I hit a living target,
Ive tried different bows arrows with differentstats or additional DoT bonuses, and it basicallydoesnt matter what type of things you use Whenit comes to bow the best way to level up. Yourskill level is to train on trees till level 60.

Then hunt Loxes with wood arrows as they arerelatively slow, big and have lots of hp. You can move while youre in attack animation, Usethis knowledge to confirm a three hit. Combowith your club, or to avoid charging foe. You can take a hammer, choose raventhrone from the menu and aim on the groundas youd like to place it here.

Youreabout to gain 3 additional comfort pointseven, if you dont, have materials tobuild, the throne in the first place, If you have trouble findingmerchant in your world, you canalways create new one with this peculiar seed.

2069lolxd is legit and you can find a trader bygoing to the east. As you can see here on the map, Do you remember portable portaltrick from second episode Lets spice it up?
You can keep the portalcompletely tagless Once you gon na placedown your portable portal. It will connectwith your emergency portal at your base.Very useful, if youre being chased by fastenemies like deathsquitos or mountain wolves, Basically reversed ore collectingtrick from previous episode.

reate new world and place chests in thereJump. Back to your main worldand start looking for oresOnce youre at your capacity limit, relogto the storage world and store your stuff
Repeat this process, as long as you need Once youre full of ores go back to your base, log on storage, world andtransfer needed materials,

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