Building a Forward Base in the Black Forest { Valheim Survival Game }


Hey everybody kerstius here welcome backto valheim, so we’re gon na go ahead and getstarted on a new day, but of course it’s nighttime. So we need to sleep through the nightand uh. Then we’re gon na go into the plan. Hereis we’re going to go into the black forestand, we’re probably right around the river righthere we’re going to build a house that i can livein in the black forest. While i search aroundthe black forest for things, i need like um like these right here.

The sterling cores soinstead of running back and forth and having notime to do so we’ll have a place to live and umwork it all out. So we’re gon na go ahead and sleepon this bed right here, we’re gon na get through thenight and then after we’re done. We’Re gon na gointo the forest and we’re gon na build a housethat. I can temporarily live in andapparently. I can’t breathe in smoke.

It is day 30 fantastic. I almostexpect. The a forest raid today seems like everything’s calm, though i’m not gon na. Do anything crazy. Just yet, let’s see here and there’s gon na be plenty of woodfor me to work with in the black forest, obviously, because there’s treeslots of trees, it’s a forest!

You knowi’m just gon na pick up whateverlittle bit of wood. I can on the way, the more wood. The better saves me time. Trapping in fact, didn’t i have like a big pile of woodthat was sitting in the middleof this area. I don’t remember, i could have swore oh well anyway.

I don’t like you uh all right. Well, let’s go aheadand get to that river point. The only thing i got to watchout for is maybe uh trolls and some random strong gray dwarfs like those guys we’re going in the woods to build a house uhbuilding your main home in the woods, though, by theway, is a bad idea. You do not build your main homein the woods, because the woods is very dangerous and therefore you probably wouldn’twant random skeletons and gray. Dwarfsto uh wander up on your little abode.

Okay, keep going north here and uh kind of wreckyour day. It’S not a good idea: berries! Berriesberries, i will take all the berries i can findbecause, who doesn’t like berries, delicious berries, all right yeah. I hear a lot of grunting in that directionso. That’S the direction, i’m not going to go in all right, we’re gon na get to that river pointinflection point here.

Now, in fact, let’s start upmy power here. So this way ican run for a little bit longer i’ll. Take all the stones andstuff i can find here. Oh god eat it. Oh easy buddy!

All right! All right are you gon na smack make a smack come on? Oh die, and this is why you don’t build yourhouse in the middle of the woods too. Now i can’t pick any of this up because i’moverloaded at the moment, but it’s fine um. I can remember where this isit’s actually kind of easy.

So what we’re going to do here is we’regoing to find a part of the ground herelook at all these deer – oh hi, yeah here another troll on the water. Why you suck? Oh this one has a weapon ow ow! I run. I need stamina.

Trolls are annoying. I don’t liketrolls that have weapons and i don’t have stamina. I have to kill you, you troll, you guys spawn way too oftenwhoa. I almost got hit, i think, and you die all right. Jeez and my food is almost done there.

We go oh yeah. This was a troll cave. We need to go a little bit thisway to avoid things like the troll um yeah. We need to go like this way across the water. Like i said, this is just a small temporary shelterthat we build so this way you don’t have to uhleave the forest to go home all the time.

Okay, i can’t pick up any more woodif. I remember right, though therewas a pretty good spot, not there. That’S a uh spawn point for skeletons skeletons like to spawn in this area, so we just need to find a nice little area that we can flatten out with our hoe and just to make it clear. I do believe thebest place is on the opposite. End of thebank here not on the opposite end over there, and i think this is probably a decent spotso.

Let’S get started. Firstthing you need is the work bench: okay and then after thatwe start building, flooring, yeah well, actually, first, let’s uh just level out the ground and this tree’s in the waybad fur tree you’re. In the way, then, the stump here is in the wayand. Then these rocks are in the way, rocks win way must get rid of rocks another rock in the way allright. Now we can take our hoe kind of just level things out.

Oh there is something here: oh interesting get rid of it. Please thank youand. I think we’re good, i think thisis going to be a nice little shack. Now, let’s see here, how wide can we make that check? I’M not sure just got ta make sure here that everything is beautiful.

Becausewe only have so much time here and by the way, uh building apparentlyyou have a lot. You don’t have a lot of uhleeway with what constitutes a valid building spotapparently. If the ground is too high, you likeyou cannot float. Structures is basically whati’m saying structures actually do needto have what you would call uh support that that is the word all right. Oh, come on, don’t be a piece of crap, oh you’re, being a piece of crap.

We can fix that and no uh. It’S probably fine. Anyway, okay and now, of course, we’re gon na make a fire pit right to there and then we’re going to take a wall. It doesn’t matter to me like which, like ifthe ugly section of the wallis on the inside or outside, i i make no real distinction. Buti, do keep it consistent at leastmeaning that i either have the ugly sectionof the wall on the inside or on the outside, all the way around wait.

What is something wrong here? What i’m confused? Okay? Well, whatever? I think this is what’s wrong.

There we go! Okay, now it looks, i guess right. Listen. I never claim to be awesome. Okay.

What oh now i need wood huh and, i believe, didn’t i chopdown a tree or somethingthat’s. Why i did oh well, it’s almost nighttimewe have to get this done. Don’T fall on my house, i should have thought aboutthat too. Don’T let the game uh core wood? Interesting!

Oh i’m! Sorry, are you uh having a swim, and this is why you don’t build yourhouse in the middle of the woods anyway. Walls there we go. Oh yay! I need wood and it’s now raining.

Oh, this is fantastic. I love it come on chop it and i need wood. Give me the wood. Oh baby. Oh that’s!

The core wood. Okay, interesting! Is there anyother non-pine trees around yep? I am wet, hmm! Well!

No! You jerk actually give me this well youknow, where you going friend, prefer to have my workbench inside all right, uh building, oh youknow, what dude that’s right! There we go and um! You know what yeah that’s uh, there we go and now we have something of a shelter and i can no longer be wetif. I have to be or want to be, and now i need wood.

So this core wood. Is it not used forbuilding uh wall segments of any kind log beam, log poles? No, it’s not used forbuilding any of the wood, that’s not goodlike! I need a specific uh tree then, like this, i need wood. These tiny fur trees are gon na.

Give me some wood fur cones huh. Okay, that’s just regular wood, good all right. Hopefully this is enoughto kind of finish up around here. Why doesn’t it feel like it’s right? Oh well, and now we need half wallshere and you’ll close that and there we go, and now we just need to.

Let’S get this stuff done now. I need wood again. I need a fur tree or something whoa hello. Oh now, there’s a whole bunch of them. Coming huh, you guys are jerks.

I really don’t like any of you. Ow. Okay, you, oh, wait! You running huh! I don’t like running i’m out of stamina and it seems like you can kind of parry hello yeah.

You can kind of parry ohgod, i’m out of stamina: oh okay, geez, oh pete! All these little jerks just stay out of my housewhile. I put down more roof by the way. I’M pretty aware that this is probablynot how you do roof, but you know it just works. I need more wood.

Now, okay, let’s just be uh, be safe. Of course. There we go geez all right. Let’S go get wet and cold. Oh there’s a fur tree and, of course, there’s another rage howcan these guys just do what they do.

Where are you guys coming from? I hate youi hate you all and a great dwarf, shaman. Now all right, i hate being low and i’m low again. Just leave me alone: oh, and stop healing your little jerky friends. I really hate you guys what how did i run out of stamina, all of a suddenall right?

Oh finally, we’re doneoh it’s night time! That’S why you know what i’m going to beright. Stop healing yourself! Stop running, thank you. I’M gon na takeall the wood.

You guys dropped! Oh my god! This is why you don’t build your home in the woods oh and at night come on. I need just a little bit of height. I think bingo and i need more wood.

Can i please go chop this fur tree that i saw it would be really nice. I was allowed to stop stop. Oh, it’s daytime already. Dang! No come back!

Oh sad me noises all right, huh yep! I can’t get that log and now i’m wet i’m wet in my pants because you’rewet in your pants do the skyrim shovelthere we go. This is good enough andnow. What the heck was i gon na do um. What i’m gon na need is probably a.

Is there a fur there’sfur tree across there too? Okay, all right, so what we need here is cooking station. Put that right there, and what’s this smelter charcoal kiln, oh niceokay and bed bed, we need bed any wood, any woodfor bed. But you know what, though, that is all theprogress i needed to make here to have a hut, inthe woods where i can stay here overnight: wherei won’t be harassed by the local uh local jerksbut anyways, though that is all the time i havefor right now. So now we’ll be able to actuallyexplore the black woods or blackforest and get all the things i needmore efficiently.

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