First Patch for Hearth & Home Fixes Tar Pits, Bow Stamina, Fulings and More! Valheim Patch 0.202.19


Valheim has just received the first patch forthe Hearth and Home update, addressing Tar pits, Bow stamina, use Fulings and more.So. Let’S get straight to the patchnotes for the beautifully named Patch 0.202.19 * Rebalanced, hp/stamina, onmost foods, (, more staminaon, hp foods and more hp on stamina, foods, etc.

). This was definitely needed. The new food system iscool and all, but it seemed to go a little far. Theother way, this tweak means that a fully healthfocused food intake with the best available foods will now have around 50-60 more staminathan before making it far more usable.
*, Fixed tar-pit, not spawningon, dedicated-server worlds.

This is fantastic as I was searching. Allnight for the dang tar pits and found none.I was working on a video related tothis, but it may not be needed now So far. I can confirm that worldwhere the map had been revealed. Such as my test, world havetar pits spawned in them.

I am not aware whether revealingthe map actually generates the map or just separately uses the seedto get nothing but topography data.So. I am not convinced that thismeans explored areas now have tar

I think it is more that unexplored areas thatshould have spawn tar yesterday now correctly do but again, this is not confirmed. * Slightly lower hp on Fulings & Fuling shamans. I’M unsure why this was needed, But they have farmore data than me and don’t seem to be inthe business of making an easy mode game, * Slightly easier to stagger Fulings, I’m unsure what this specifically means.

I assumeit means that the time toparry is a little greater
* Fixed issue with pressing I in serverlist, while trying to filter servers, * Lower bow stamina use. This is a big one. Dang bows werenear impossible to use effectively In the fireside chat. The developers mentionedthat a change they made to the bow was thatkeep an arrow drawn. Would use less stamina, so you could aim and play stealth more easily, but drawing the bow has beenadjusted.

So it’s not overpowered.

Well, the opposite was in effect for thestamina use, and it is now far far better * Cage wall, 1×1 physics fix ( Already placedpieces will probably need to be repositioned. ) * Boars now also eat blueberries, raspberries & mushrooms, *, Chinese translation fix, And that is your lot good people
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