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How to Survive Your First Day Playing Valheim: The Beginner’s Guide


My name is arius and i play games valheimis upcoming survival in sandbox video gameby, the swedish developer irongate studio, publishedby coffee stain studios early access kicked offfebruary 2 2021, as this is a fairly new mmogame, we’re sure you’re excited to start playingbut before you jump in head. First, there are somethings, you should know this. Video will give youthe valheim beginner tips and tricks so that yourfirst day playing goes as smoothly as possible. Now that you’ve picked your character, what’s nextresource gathering you’ll need to get resourcesas soon, as you can in order to successfullysurvive your first few days, fortunatelyitems spawn intuitively and knowing how and whererequires only a little understanding of the rulessome rules are quite easy. Wood, for example, tendto be near trees or stone that can be found.

Onthe ground others require a little more carefulobservation. Lint is a good example. It’S onlyfound near or in the water. If you want flintlook for bodies of water creatures, work, thesame bores tend to be near water. Deer spawn in themeadows biome skeletons spawn near burial chamberslook for the commonalities.

When gatheringresources your surroundings, the landscape, oreven the time of day, the rules might be subtlebut learning will help you be more successfulthere’s, a tiny arrow in the lower leftcorner of your mini-map that indicatesthe wind direction. You’Ll also see some whitestreaks in the world, which represents windbe, aware that your character scent can be carriedby. The wind animals, especially deer, are sensitiveto scent. If you’re up wind, a deer will run awaylong before it sees you. Staying stealthy, whilehunting means being aware of the wind directionand, where your character is standing, learnnew crafting recipes, learning recipes is easyin valheim.

All you have to do is pick up aningredient at the beginning of the game, picking upa piece of wood and a stone unlocks the stone, axethe club and the hammer your first set of toolswhen you find flint you’ll unlock the next setpick up at least one of Everything to unlocknew recipes, you don’t have to fill your pocketswith everything you find just focus on what youneed to collect. Your inventory only has 32 slotsand your armor clothes and tools occupy several ofthem space is at a premium you’ll also eventuallybecome, encumbered by weight. There are thingsyou’ll always need like wood for building orfood for eating, but don’t be a hoarder concentrateon. What you need right now, a dozen mushrooms willlast you a long time. So maybe don’t stop to pickevery one.

You see, repair everything right, awayyou’re going to spend a lot of time, choppingdown, trees, mining for ore and fighting enemiesin belheim. All of that work is going to take atoll on your armor tools and weapons. You mightthink since everything else in the gamecomes at a great cost. So would repairingguess what that’s not the case. You can repairany armor piece tool or weapon at a forge andworkbench for free during the early releaseperiods of this game, whether or not they willcontinue to allow this and for how long, isunknown but stay tuned for future updatesas.

You use weapons and tools and take hitsagainst your armor, your gear will degradeyou, can see the health of any item by lookingat the white bar below it on your inventoryscreen, when the white bar is depleted, your itemswill no longer be usable and must be repairedto repair. Any item take it to either the forgeor a workbench with the crafting stations, menupulled up click on the hammer icon next to thecrafting list. Each click will fully repair adamaged item in your inventory. Keep clickinguntil everything is repaired, feel free to fixyour items every time, you’re near a craftingstation, build only what you need for nowduring early game play focus on what you needto survive, so you can build greater structuresas. Your wealth increases, simple structures, likea lean-to, a roof and three walls is good.

Enoughin, most cases like when you build your firstworkbench. It requires a roof and this worksperfectly. Similarly, a quick and temporary campwith a roof and a bed are often all you need whileyou’re still new. In exploring once you have enoughmaterials having a warm place to sleep, betweenexpeditions is nice, a simple house with a doorwalls, a roof, a fire and some basic amenitiesgive. You, the rested effect, which increases yourhealth and stamina regeneration for some timemaking, a comfortable home.

The rested buff isone of the strongest buffs to have in valheimand should be up whenever you’re doing anythingin the game. The length of your rested buff isdetermined by the comfort level of the buildingyou gained it in so once you start to make biggermore complex and more permanent bases, you’ll wantthem to have the highest comfort level. Possiblecomfort level is determined, bythe features each building haswhile. You won’t have access to many of thebest comfort items until later. In the gamehere’s a list of things.

You should include inyour main base to maximize your comfort buffthough. Some items will require youto kill the first boss to craft themhere. They are campfire bed, a shelter, banner, rugtable and chair. This is a fairly cheap way. Toget all the way up to a level 9 rested.

Buffwhich should last you, through most of the dayand, can be refreshed at night, just by visitingyour base again eat different foods to increasehealth and stamina. You’Ll start the game with abase health of about 25 points and you’ll havea, pretty limited stamina, gauge you’ll burnthrough, both of them quite quickly, eat; foodto, increase health and stamina. The mechanics hereare a little tricky, though eating food, increasesyour, max health and stamina for a set time and itheals you every tick, an in-game unit of about 10real world seconds, you’ll see all of this happenwhen. You hover over a food item in your inventoryyou can eat up to three different things at atime, all of their effects will be active and stackyou cannot eat. Another of the same food, untilthe timer runs out the icons to the left.

Ofyour health bar help. You keep track eating. Foodimmediately increases your stamina bar, but it doesnot immediately heal you. It only increases themaximum number that you can regenerate health to. Let’S talk about how it works with berries, ifyou have 25 health and you eat a berry.

Yourmax health increases by 10 to 35, but you don’thave, 35 total health. Yet over time, your healthregenerates to your new maximum of 35 first youincrease the meter, and then you fill that meter treat bosses as objectives belheimis, a vast sandbox and it’s incrediblyeasy to get distracted, exploring huntinggathering or building massive structuresthere are goals, though, and workingtoward them will help. You keep focusedremember. Each boss requires preparationand that preparation moves. You throughvalheim’s intricate technology tree for exampleto defeat the first boss, you need better weaponsto, make better weapons, you need specific, resourcesand, a workbench and then a workbench needs.

A housea house needs a fire and so on. The entiregame is an elaborate stack of dependenciesand preparing for your next fightgives you, a clear path through themso. Don’T get distracted, know what you need toachieve the next goal and go get it defeat. Bossesand explore biomes to continue. Progressionas, an open world, you can wander pretty muchwherever, you want right from the start, thatdoesn’t mean you’ll survive the trip thoughlike.

We said you can think of valheim as onelong dependency tree. You need this to build, thatyou need that to build the next thing, etc. Yourprogression along that tree is tied to finding newresources finding new resources, usually meanstraveling to a new biome like meadows or blackforest, and each new biome has a new boss and thatmeans beyond just treating bosses as objectivesdefeating bosses and traveling to new biomes ishow. You unlock new crafting recipes new weaponsand armor new upgrades and new building. Materialseach biome has its own unique characteristicsand offers various new materials and items thatwill.

Keep you progressing. Belhime, combat basicswhen fighting with a melee weapon hold blockthis will help mitigate damage in the directionyour block is facing. So do your best tokeep your enemies in front of your blockas long as you keep moving back, pedaling andcircling your enemies you’ll be more preparedfor their attacks. This allows you to wait. Fora counter attack, opportunity and capitalizewhen timing is appropriate.

It’S also a goodidea to craft a shield. As soon as possibleas many enemy attacks will do more damagethan. Your standard block can handlea shield will dramatically increase theamount of damage. You can safely blockif blocking still causes you to take moredamage use dodge roll instead hold blockthen, press, spacebar, plus was or d to dodge in agiven direction, always keep an eye on your staminabar. If it gets low, you can sprint away with whatyou’ve got left or retreat, while blocking walkingand blocking both allow your stamina to regen thesame as standing still while sprinting preventsstamina regen, not only will being out of staminaprevent you from attacking with melee weapons.

Butit will also cancel your bow attack if you haven’treleased it yet be aware of your surroundings. Usethe terrain to kite enemies, around objects, likefallen trees or large rocks pay attention if youdon’t know, what’s behind you, you’re liable toend up trapped and unable to avoid enemy, attacksconstantly check behind you if you’re backpedalingadditionally, many large enemies, such as trollscan, be fought more easily in rugged Terrain, beingaware of fallen trees or large rocks can give youa huge advantage against these foes range. Weaponscan also help shooting a few arrows and thenrepositioning your character is a solid strategyagainst, most enemies. This won’t work as well. Inyour rugged terrain so be sure you’re comfortablewith, melee combat, as well as with your bowthe bow, has plenty of drop.

So if you’re shootingat something more than a few paces away aim highas you hold down the attack button with thebow you’ll, see the reticule gets smallerthe longer. You draw back your bow, the furtheryour arrow will fly and the more damage it will. Doyou’Ll know your bow attack is at full strengthwhen. The circle stops shrinking utilizing, thesecondary attack feature depends on the weapon. Andsome weapons, don’t have a secondary attacks at allwith, no weapon equipped.

The secondary attackis, a slower, stronger, kick test out secondaryattacks on any weapons that have them you’llknow. If it’s available, if with your weapon, drawnthere’s a secondary attack, binding listedin, the bottom right of your screen, anothergreat defensive maneuver, is parrying insteadof holding block. You click the block buttonright. As the enemy is about to land, you’ll, executea, perfect block this stuns the enemy and lets youland a more damaging blow on them. You’Ll knowyou did it right if you hear a distinct pingsound when you block, plus your enemy, will staggerbackwards practice this only when healthy andideally against weaker enemies.

Remember this gameis all about exploration, discovery using your witsand, knowing the mechanics, the more you understandhow things work, the more successful you will bepay attention to your surroundings and above allhave fun. Valheim has been a great game. So far, ican’t wait to see what else is in store for us inthe future. Thank you for watching, please like andsubscribe, so we can keep bringing you more greatcontent. My name is arius and i play games.


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