Understanding the Valheim Building Support System [Valheim Guide]


In this short video, i want to coverthe basics of support beams how theywork to hold up your structureswhen to use them and when not toin the game right now, the ability to build withwood stone and a little bit of iron is possibleyou, may also have already noticed When youmove your mouse from one item to the nextas you’re building, sometimes you’ll, see itchange to blue green or different colorsthe coloration is actually feedback from thegame’s physics system. It’S basically tellingyou how much support that little piece has leftto offer by using that, and a combination of whatwe can learn here about the materials it’s easyto figure out how to best support your structureone small example. Right off the bat. Is the ideaof placing a support pole into the ground? Tosupport your roof?

The amount of support an itemhas is based off of a number of calculations oneof, which is how close it’s connected to theterrain. Placing a support pole into the floorinstead of into the terrain will make it weakerstructurally. If you’re, adding a new piece to anexisting. Building holding your mouse over theitem will show you the calculation taking placeif. You imagine support as links in a chain it’llmake a little bit more sense.

The game will lookat each link. What the material it’s made out ofand determine how supported that structure. Isit then uses that calculation to give you a coloryou, should look at wood as the basic buildingstructure of the game. Even stone structuresshould involve wood to really be supported. Wellwood has a much better ability to supportstructures horizontally as well as verticallystone has a difficult time supporting anythinghorizontally.

You can and should make a lot ofreally awesome things out of stone. It’S a greatmaterial to work with, but all the support itoffers is completely vertical, so you usuallywant to use it at the base of your structureone really interesting thing that cameout in testing is. It seems like stonecan, actually increase the structural stability ofwood. When i placed the logs into stone pillars, iwas able to actually build even higherthan just logs directly into the groundonce. You have access to core wood.

The structuralsupport from wood logs is far superior to regularwood. You can support a regular wooden housewith them a stone structure or anything you wantwith any material that supports it. When you buildhorizontally it’s important to consider how closeit is to the ground, it seems like the closer itis to the ground. The further out you can buildas. It stands right now any piece of the landscapeincluding trees count as the ground, so you couldtechnically use them to support a structure veryvery tall.

I use these modes to make these videosbut. When i play, i play solo and the idea ofusing iron right now to build a structureis insane to me, but ironwood is absolutelyamazing vikings who have access to both woodand iron are going to be able to have the mostfantastic of structures. Ironwood has a littlebit of a height advantage, but, most importantly thehorizontal advantage is just absolutely stunningi hope. My testing was able to provide for yousome clarity on the building and support systemwithin valheim. If it did, please be sure to givea like to the video and subscribe to the channelif, you haven’t already have a greatday and good luck out.

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