Valheim 3rd Boss SOLO Swamp Location Guide: How to Summon & Kill Bonemass (Combat Gameplay)!


This quick, valheim guide will show you how to find the third boss bone mass and how to summon it and how to easily kill it. One method is a bit of an exploit. The other method is how to do it properly and with this particular boss. It’S almost easier to do it properly. Everything is timestamped below if you want to skip ahead, and all you need to do in return is smash.

The like button, like the true viking, you are so starting out with step one to find the third boss location. You need to find the swamp bio, which is a very dangerous place. Indeed, the map is randomly generated, but it’s almost certain you will need to sail across the ocean in order to find the swamp biome, but don’t worry because once you do find it, it looks like this muddy area on the map and you can’t miss it as You’Re sailing past, i do highly recommend actually crafting a ship and not using a raft if you’re going to go and find this biome, since it will be so much faster. You do need bronze nails to unlock ship crafting, and i’ve already made a guide on that linked below step, two to find the bone mass boss location. You must find a boss location stone.

You can find these in two places: firstly and easier is outside in swamp ruins. So here we are, we’ve come across another one just here, and these castles are ruins in the swamp and they exist all over they’re all randomly generated. So you can come across some areas that will have none whatsoever. Usually they will have some draga outside standing guard, but you guys can see. There’S another boss, locator stone up the stairs here, but there is also a draga spawner here which we’re gon na want to kill sooner rather than later quickly.

Take this out get our torch out, and then we can come upstairs here and use this each time you use one of these locators. It will show you the closest boss, location, for example. I used one over, for example. I used another one over here and it showed me the boss location over here. So, as you guys can see, you can have more than one boss location on the map, but you can summon each one of these on unlimited amounts of times now.

Usually, these structures that you’ll come across that have a chance to have the boss location spawn at will have green flame lanterns around them. So i would really just look for those some of them don’t, but most of them do here’s another one that has another boss location which we have already added. Secondly, you can find the boss location stones inside the sunken crypts that exist throughout the swamp. Biome you’ll need a swamp key to open them, which you get from killing the second boss as a reward. I’Ve done a guide on how to do that already and i’ll link it below.

You can use the swamp key to open the crypt doors and proceed inwards. You’Ll find lots of muddy, scrap iron piles inside that you’ll need a pickaxe to get through, since these actually block half of the dungeon doors. It is essential to bring a pickaxe with you. You’Ll want to be collecting the iron scrap from these deposits and withered bones that they drop since you need 10 withered bones to actually summon the boss. I also suggest using a bow and arrow to kill the dragon through the gaps as you’re mining through the mud.

Piles each dungeon has a random chance to spawn a boss, locator stone, so make sure that you fully explore each dungeon that you come across, even though these dungeons are rather mace-like and vast. It is quite easy to get lost in them. So do take your time step three. Once you reach the bone mass summoning platform, which is a giant skull altar that just looks awesome in order to actually summon the third boss bone mask you’ll need 10 withered bones now, withered bones are found within the sunken crips sitting on shelves and in chests, and Also dropped by scrap piles, so they’re not too hard to obtain. So as you’re exploring the dungeon you’re going to come across chess, which are going to hold a variety of things like 20 scrap iron, which you can make tons of iron ingots with, but also withered bones, a giant bone knotted like old wood and just by naturally Exploring the swamp biome, you can quite easily accumulate 10 of them once you have them place.

The 10 withered bones in a quick slot to place them in the skull altar that will summon bone mass, but firstly, step four preparing. Now this boss, fight with the bone mass, is the hardest boss fight in the game. Currently because your character’s power curve is rather high when you first get to this boss, there are actually two ways to kill him. First, i’m going to share with you the proper method, which is arguably much easier and much faster once you know my tips and tricks and then i’m going to be showing you a kind of exploity sort of cheap method. But i highly suggest before you actually do fight bone mass, that you craft yourself, an iron mace and fully upgrade it at the forge to level four since bone mass actually has a weakness to blunt damage.

It is essential that you use blunt weapons like the warhammer or the mace to kill him bone mass has a huge resistance to both slashing and piercing damage, so even arrows won’t work versus him, and fire will do very minimal damage. So trust me, you simply want to get and use an iron mace. I also highly recommend an iron warhammer as well i’ll link a guide on where to get an iron warhammer linked down below in the description. Alternatively, instead of getting the iron warhammer, you can also use stag breaker, but it makes the boss fight a little bit harder. My other recommendation, if you are struggling, is to actually go ahead and craft iron armor, because it gives you a huge physical damage.

Resistance against the bone, masses attacks, but, most importantly, what you’re going to need is poison resistance, mead, which halfs the amount of poison damage that you take. This may seem like a lot of effort to craft, but you’ll actually need to do this later anyway, for the frost, resistance mead, when you start adventuring into the mountains, which is the next place, you’ll be going after killing this boss. So i highly recommend watching my guide on that, which explains how to craft frost resistance, mead, poison resistance, mead, and you can also craft stamina and healing potions with mead. That will also give you a huge amount of health and stamina. Regeneration.

You’Ll also find that a lot of the enemies in the swamp, biome drop entrails and you can find thistles as well and raw meat, which can be used in a cauldron to craft sausages, which gives you 60 health and 40 stamina increase. It’S one of the best foods to craft in the game. Now you’re prepared. Let’S go over how to kill bone mass, the third boss legitimately, i will show you some cheap tactics. After so, let’s go ahead and hop bar our withered bones on number seven, and then we can go ahead and put them inside the boiling death to summon the boss.

Now we’re gon na have a look where the lights going. It looks like it’s burning over there. Now just quickly show you, because why not? Let’S go ahead and fire an arrow fully charged. Oh a lot of damage, it does nothing!

My friends so he’s summoned some more enemies, let’s get out our hammer and then wind up an attack ready to destroy them all. I love the iron hammer because it just instantly kills everybody that it hits pretty much apart from this skeleton. Apparently so, let’s bait out an attack here there it is. We can just step back watch out for the falling trees and we can go ham with our mace he’s about to use his poison attack. So he just back off once again and get out of that massive aoe, because it’s his poison attack the bone masses.

That does a ton of damage, so, let’s just bait out his melee attack once again there it is watch out for those falling trees and then we can just start hitting him again hitting like 156 damage off. That is nuts. You guys get used to the animations by the way you can see: okay, he’s about to throw some enemy slime, which will spawn those enemies, and then you can just take a step back to deal with that before going back and attacking him now, we seem to Have lost his aggro a little bit here and there’s two slimes on their way over. Do take care with the slimes not to stand next to them for too long, because they will like release their little poison gas cloud. But here he comes.

Let’S try and aggro his attack there. It is and we’ll go in and start swinging, okay he’s using his poison, so we back off again there’s the attack. Now we can just start going ham but he’s widening up his poison. So let’s take a step back right here and we can go after these ads. You don’t want the ads to build up.

That’S like the most important part about this boss fight. Now i will show you that you can actually parry him really easy. So i’ve got my shield now i’ll 100 block all of his damage there, as you can see, and then you can just start hitting him. So if you’re, unsure about dodging an attack, just use a shield, let’s try and like so he doesn’t actually stagger from the parry. But you do get a buff to your damage after parrying him, which is always really nice to actually caught me with this poison there and that’s going to start doing a big dot.

Now, since i have the poison resistance, mead, i’m actually going to be able to survive it, but otherwise you can use a medium or light healing which will allow you to survive it as well. Let’S take out these enemies, they’re also going to stack some poison on us too see these mobs are building up right now, so they’re becoming a little bit of a nuisance there, i’m at me brother. Ah you missed. Let’S just go ham. We should just be able to kill him even with that poison.

There we go get wrexon there. You go really easy to kill in melee combat. So after you’ve defeated him, he’s going to drop a wishbone and the bone mass trophy, which you need to claim the bone mass power which i’ll show you in a moment. Now, if you actually click on the wishbone in your inventory, you can now sense hidden objects. What this means is that, if you go to the mountain region, you’ll be able to find things like silver, which will then allow you to craft wolf.

Armor. I’Ve done a guide about that link down below in the description if you’re interested in progressing further in the game and also finding the next boss, the fourth boss in the game. So now i’m going to be sharing my second method with you guys, which my friend, seven fangs, actually suggested. We try out in a live stream over a week ago and actually have now. It is very, very slow, it does work, but it is so so slow.

So, as you can see, the boss platform is in the background there and we’re actually standing next to this fire fisher in the ground, because you can actually use this to set bone mass on fire and he will actually take fire damage as possible to do so. So it just makes the boss fight a little bit quicker. So next we need to go ahead and build ourselves, a worker bench like so, and then we need to grab ourself the staircase and we’re just going to start building a ladder up this tree. Basically, and the reason we’re using one of these thicker trees is because they can’t actually be destroyed by anyone. You can’t destroy them with an axe.

The enemy boss can’t destroy them with his physical attacks, so essentially you’re going to be completely safe. If you use this tree as a foundation for your structure after you get to a certain height, the ladder will turn red, which means structurally, it won’t hold its own way. So what you need to do is you need to build a beam coming from the tree. Like that and then once that’s connected, it’s going to be green again like so so you can just carry on building your rickety arse structure to the top of this tree, so you essentially want to keep climbing until you reach the sky box. So, as you can see right now, i can’t build anything so if i actually go lower now now i can build things again so now, i’m gon na from here start building out like a little platform area, then go ahead and build a crafting bench inside and We’Re also going to have a hole in the floor, so we can shoot bone mass from above.

So, as you guys can see, we finished our little structure here. Ideally, bone mass will be sitting underneath us on this fire, which means he’ll, be taking flame damage and we’ll just shoot him from above as well, but i mean really, we could just go afk and he would eventually die anyway, making this technique pretty damn easy here. We go and then we can actually just start running away and i’m just going to go ahead and tag him once like that. You guys can see that literally did no damage at all all right now. We’Ve got him right to the bottom of the tree.

He’S just trying to figure out how to get here. So it took me quite a while to actually maneuver bone mass into the correct position, because there were so many trees in the way so actually had to end up cutting them down during the boss fight and then finally, he actually managed to maneuver himself. Underneath me, and then i climbed up to the top my little safety tree house and now he’s literally just standing underneath me. I’M gon na go afk and make a cup of tea while he slowly burns to death, you’ll notice that he is ticking for 1.5 damage.

Every couple of seconds, but he’s also being hit for zero damage and that’s because of his fire resistance, and it’s raining you’ll notice. If i use arrows and i hold down for maximum amount of damage, i do between 15 and 16 damage. What you’ll notice is that i also train up my archery skill, which is level 42 now having bose level 42. This far in the game is actually pretty damn high and even with that, he actually still doesn’t take a lot of damage, so you’re going to need to have a hell of a lot of arrows to actually use this technique. So i sat there for around 10 minutes and just pelted this poor guy with arrows and over 100 hours later he had hardly lost a quarter of his health bar.

So honestly, this is so slow. It’S unbelievable! Now i have read on the wikipedia that you can use frost arrows because they do more damage. However, at this point in the game, you haven’t actually been to the mountain region to get the freeze glands. Nor have you been to the plains to get obsidian since they’re, both much higher level areas.

So while yes, this method does work, it is so unbelievably slow that i highly recommend that you instead just use a mace to kill the boss, because it’s so much faster and once you’ve learned the boss’s skill set. It’S going to be a lot easier as well. So now, let’s check out the bone. Mass power bones and viscous goo, held together by some unforeseen force, offer it to the sacrificial stones. Wanderer, look at your feet.

That’S tread upon r2 1000 bones without their meat will drag you to your doom, so bone mass gives us resistance versus physical damage, resistance versus blunt slash and piercing damage. Specifically, this is one of the best powers in the entire game right now, since so many enemies do physical damage. This is going to be especially useful in the mountain, but especially in the plains, where you’ll find the final boss that currently exists in early access version of the game. So if you guys want a guide on the mountain region where you can find this next boss check out the link in the description on the next things, you need to do to progress the game. Thank you for watching, leave a like.

If you enjoyed it and i’ll, see you in the next one

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