Valheim Core Wood – the unsung hero [Valheim Guide]


In this video we’re going to talk about the coreuses of core wood, one of the most undervaluedresources in valheim once you’ve reached the blackforest for the first time. That’S where things inthe game start to really pick up: attackingand defending against enemies that are muchstronger than you’re used to is going to requiresome additional resources and tools, core woodis also a useful thing to have along when you’resetting up an outpost in a new and dangerous areain. Truth walls and stake walls don’t doanything to enemies other than slow them downso. Given that core wood is a component in oneof, the only base defense mechanisms in valheimit’s, incredibly critical, sharp stakes, requiresix wood and four core wood, they’re useful fordefense for outposts as well as for huntingif. You find a perfect chokepoint.

These thingscan more than carry their weight watch. Forpatterns in the enemy ai see that they alwayscome from a similar location and set up yourstakes accordingly same goes for deer or boaranything. You might happen to see if you wantto, take it a step further. You can force enemiesthrough a choke point that you have created justremember to keep a workbench nearby and if theyneed repairs, that’s because they’re doing theirjob, when you want to start building something tallenough that weight and stability come intoconsideration. Core wood is also invaluableif.

You have questions about. Building and supportin valheim, you can check out my other video herecore. Wood can easily become something youhave too much of, depending on your locationif. You find yourself having this type ofdifficulty. Remember that you can turn core woodinto charcoal, whether you find yourself doingit, because you choose to or because you have toit can save you a lot of valuable, regular wood, forbeing.

So incredibly, understated in the game it’ssurprising to know that core wood is actuallythe thing that takes you from tier 1 to tier 2allowing you to build bigger structures, farmand, most importantly, kick-ass weapons like thefine, wood bow or the stag breaker, so keepyourself a decent stockpile, and next Timeyou, take a boat out, exploring take a stackwith you in case you want to make an outpostremember that this specific type of wood onlycomes from pine trees within the black forestbiome. So if you’re exploring, you may not haveeasy access unless you’re carrying it aroundonce, you have a cultivator and a coupleof pine cones. It may not be a bad ideato plant a couple if your base isanywhere outside of the black foresti hope this helps some of you best of luckout there vikings and we’ll see you next time.

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