Valheim First Person Mod | Valheim 1st Person Mod (Quick Setup Guide)


Hey hey: it’s your tacky dude here in this video i’ll, be showing you how you can easily set up the first person mod on valheim. So let’s cut the talk and get started so for us to be able to install this particular mod. We are going to need both uh two things. First is the bep in ex pack, which will be loading our custom scripts and codes in valheim, and then the camera mod, which will be the mod that will actually enable the first person view feature in valheim. So, let’s immediately go to our desktop so now that we are on our desktop, simply go ahead and open up our web browser and then simply open.

This link i’ll be posting. This link on the description, which is the link for the beb and x pack, and also the camera mod tl from nexus mods we’re going to download first, the vpn x, plug by clicking on this manual download right here and, as you can see, it’s now going To start the download, however, i have downloaded this one before so i’m just going to cancel this one and then we’re going to go to the and once you are on this screen, you’ll be asked to log in to download the files. So simply, click on the login here, if you don’t have any account on this website, yet simply click on the register here you’ll be able to create a free account without any charges. However, since i already have my account, i’m just going to log it in here so once you’re able to log in, we can now go ahead and go back to the particular url that we have opened a while ago and just simply conduct a refresh and you’ll.

Be able to see here now the slow download option so just simply click on the slow download option and that will automatically start the download. For you simply start the download and once done simply go ahead and close this particular window, and we can now go ahead and minimize our web browser now that we are able to both download the vpn extract and the camera mode, the dll we can now go Ahead and set up and open up this theme, you can go ahead and open up steam from your desktop. If you have a shortcut on your desktop or if you have one on your start menu and just simply sign in your account and then close all these windows and simply go to the games and click on the view, games, library, if you have the valheim simply Right click on the valheim and click on manage and click on the browse alcohol files. It should take you to the local folder of valheim. However, if you are taken to this particular steam folder, you simply navigate through the steam apps and go to the common and look for the valheim, folder and you’ll be taken to the folder or the directory of your game.

Once you’re already on this directory of the game, we can go ahead and go back to where we have downloaded the camera mod and the web in x-pac a while ago. So we’re particularly interested in extracting first, this one so go ahead and open it up and you’ll be able to see here these files. We need to drag and drop this particular folder onto a directory, and then we can go ahead and open up. This particular folder right here and you’ll, be shown with this kind of files and simply right click on it and simply copy that one and going back to the root directory of welheim simply go ahead and right click and paste that particular files. And now you should be able to see all these kinds of files on wallheim just simply go ahead and unselect everything and then go back to the downloaded files that we have downloaded a while ago.

So now we’re going to go ahead and open up the cameramod.dll, and we can now go ahead and close first, this one and go ahead and open up the camera mode. The dll file and you’ll be shown with a single dll file, simply go back again to the root directory of valheim you’ll. Be able to see here, the web in x folder simply open that one up and go to the plugins folder simply drag and drop the camera mode. Dll to that particular web in x, plugins folder and you have now actually successfully installed.

The first person view mod on valheim so go ahead and launch the valheim from steam, and you should be able to get this particular preloader before the game starts. So just to show you how, with the first person view mod, actually works, we’re going to load up. My world right here and once the game has loaded up or your world has loaded up. You might be shown with this kind of perspective, however, to simply use the first person view mod. You just need to simply scroll on your mouse, so simply scroll up for you to get to that particular first person perspective, and hopefully you are now able to get the mod working in no time and if you want to go back again to the third person Perspective simply go ahead and unscroll down, so hopefully you gained something on this video feel free to leave your comments and feedbacks as to whether you’re able to get the first person view mod running in no time.

Let me know if you did or if should you have any questions feel free to leave them down below and i’ll. Try to help you out and if you haven’t, subscribed yet hit that like and subscribe button and bell notification to get updated with the latest tech talks on this channel till then see you in my next videos. You

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