Valheim Guide ► Blackmetal Weapons & Padded Armor |Sea Serpent Gear – How To Survive Plains Biome


Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, this gon na be the last valheim guide, video we do for a while, But I wanted to jump into the topics of how to get some of the best weapons and armor. We have available right now Alongside how to hunt the sea serpents properly and create what is known as sea serpent scale shields, Let’s break it. Down..
Let’S begin with the desert biome Previously, in the last video we talked about how, after you kill the dragon boss, you get recipes for building completely new workbenches that you can utilize to conquer this biome.

Some of you might have already explored the desert a bit before killing the dragon and unless you got super lucky, I’m assuming that trip was cut very short, But don’t worry, we know your pain,
What lives in the desert is some of the most powerful creatures you’ll be able to encounter right now. It contains the goblins, the animal known as lox, and the deathsquitos, Which are very true to their name as you’ll come to find out.

The key to surviving in the desert could be as simple to make use of the biomes surrounding. It Would not recommend putting your forward operating or regular base directly inside it at night time, as we mentioned before, mobs get more aggressive and they’ll start spawning more, Which the goblins like to spawn in packs.
They hit pretty hard and they love going after your workbenches and crafting stations, or even trying to smash your portals Wouldn’t mess around in here unless you’re building stone or you have a base here specifically for farming.

Mobs You’ll find different points of interest within it, such as the goblin villages. These have different types of them like the goblin shaman and the berserker

The berserker is basically a giant and more powerful version, but the shaman is capable of spawning more of them, and previously we even saw it generate forcefields around them. Now in the goblin villages, you’ll find one of the plants known as flax.
This is a material you’ll need for crafting the desert, biome armor, so you’ll need to visit one at some point. The deathsquitos is probably the biggest reason why the plains biome is so dangerous, Even though they glow in the dark at night they’re, very tiny and fly pretty fast.

They can be right on top of you in no time if you’re not paying attention and despite their small sizes, they hit like a freaking truck Like one shot you in iron armor before you even know, what’s happening kind of truck and that’s with multiple food buffs
The key to surviving them is to shoot them down with your bow before they even aggro. They can fly over water too, and have a pretty big aggro radius, so this can be even harder to do while sailing near the coastlines.

But worse case scenario: if you have a shield, you may be able to parry the mosquito or just block the initial hit and then try to melee it down from there. They have little to no health, so try to hit them by any means necessary. Now, for the weapons and armor you can make from this biome you’ll discover the recipes of Black metal weapons and Padded Armor For making these weapons you’ll need to get black metal, fine wood and linen thread.

For the armor, it’s mainly just iron and linen thread At this point in the game, I’m still using a dragur bow, which takes silver deer hide and both ancient bark and guck that come from the swamp.

To reach the guck, you just build a ladder or staircase up to it and get it with your hatchet. For these weapons, though, you can get black metal scrap as a drop from the goblins Having a base specifically for farming. Them is very useful in this regard.
To smelt the metal, you need a blast furnace which takes these materials and you unlock the recipe from killing the dragon.

Like we talked about earlier, Fine wood is gon na, come from the birch trees, which are the skinny white ones, you’ll find around the world, and if you get lucky, you can also get from the oak trees. And, lastly, the linen is gon na, come from flax. Being used in a spinning wheel, Fine, wood, iron nails and leather scrap to make the refinery, and you need the artisan table, design that you also get from killing the dragon.

Flax, as we talked about only currently grows in the desert biome, and you can find and harvest it inside those goblin villages.
Make sure to take extra care and watch out for mosquitos very recommended to use portals for your forwarding operating base because doing anything related to the desert is going to have a lot of trial and failure .

. For upgrading these weapons, you should just need the black Metal itself and the damage on most of these will be a big upgrade on whatever you have. The armor is simply iron and linen, and the porcupine is also incredibly strong, if not one of the strongest, but for this one you will need to hunt the mosquitos
It’S gon na take about 5 needles to make this one Also recommend looking at the frostner, if you like hammers, it has a freeze effect alongside the blunt damage of it and for the ymir flesh to craft. It you’ll get that at the NPC trader.

Now for the sea serpent, allow me to tell you how you can get your hands on this sea serpent shield, It’s almost as good as the black metal ones, defense wise, but where it evens out, is mostly on the durability side and also the movement speed penalty By the way, if you need chains to craft the black metal shields, you can get them off the wraith or the dungeon chests in the swamp.

First thing: you’ll need before hunting. Serpents is a harpoon. If you find giant sea turtles out in the ocean, you can harvest the nodes on their back for, what’s known as chitin, Then you take that and craft yourself, an abyssal harpoon After that find yourself, a sea serpent, make sure you bring the medium sized ship or The longship having the dragon power, helps with your sailing And be sure to bring at least one person with you to make it easier. Personally, I’ve had better luck. Finding the serpents out in the ocean during a storm or at night

But we’ve also been able to spot them during the day Once you’ve got one on your tail, harpoon it and start bringing it to the shoreline.

You can drag it up on the shore but make sure not to let go. Then someone else can slice it or you can wait for it to burst. Then you can finally collect the serpent scales, the trophy and the meat
If you’ve hunted serpents before but didn’t get anything but the meat, it’s because you have to drag them up onto the shoreline first. Hopefully, this helps you guys survive, make sure to be careful while farming, these resources in the desert – and I hope you have a good night or day Farewell – folks..

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