Valheim Guide ► Mistlands, Deep North & Ashlands Biome Prep | Power Leveling Skills, Flametal Ingots


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, bringing you another Valheim video today and this one,  is going to be a guide for how to prepare for the upcoming content.  So this’ll cover how to train your skills, the updates in roadmap,  the next biomes we can expect, that sort of thing. Let’s go ahead and get started. So first things  first, if you take a look at the roadmap for Valheim that they posted early on,  you’ll notice that they don’t really go into detail about what each upcoming update will include. We know that supposedly there’s going to be at least 4  more bosses, along with an area we can travel to famously known as Valhalla.

But here’s something  interesting that they don’t really tell you about. So you’ll notice on update 4 how it says that the  Mistlands is going to be a new biome. Now normally this might make people nervous because this game being procedurally generated,  that could mean under normal circumstances that we might need to reset our servers,  or that issues may arise and an entire biome might spawn on top of something very crucial.  Well the genius behind the Valheim developers has led them to already include  the Mistlands biome in everyone’s seed from the very moment launch went live.

You might’ve  already seen it but The Mistlands along with 2 other biomes are already available in a very  early state in everybody’s world.

This allows them to seamlessly transition all the content into the game, without messing with everybody’s seeds too much.  The Mistlands so far is a dark desolate forest that’s filled with spider webs and giant skulls.  And I’m sure we can already guess what’s going to be spawning here when they fully introduce it. The  cool thing though is that right now, even though nothing hostile spawns in it currently, you as the player can still travel to it and build in it.  Along with the Mistlands there are two other biomes available currently.

  The Ashlands located in the south which already are filled with the Surtling mobs that drop cores,  and allow you to mine a resource called Flametal, and The Deep North.

Very similar to the mountain biome but very much like the Mistlands, currently does not spawn  anything in general. So of the course the first thing to do in preparation for all of this,  make sure you take out the first 5 bosses, from the deer all the way to Yagluth. And make sure to  save the 5th bosse’s placeholder item, it might be worth farming it a few times so that when we  get this new content in the future, you’ll be more than ready for it.

You’ll also want  to make sure you conquer the Plains Biome, get yourself a full kit of padded armor,  and whatever blackmetal or magically infused weapons you need.

Still seems like the Dragur Bow is the best we’ve seen so far, so here’s the recipe for that. If you haven’t already this would also be a good time to get the food situation under control.  By this point you should have yourself a carrot and turnip farm going around the clock,  if my calculations are correct, it should take about an hour and like 15-20 minutes for your  crops or seeds to be harvestable. Also make sure you get yourself either a boar farm,  a wolf farm, or both. Boars will eat the veggies or even fruit, so they should be easy to tame and  keep up on.

That’ll give you a good supply of meat and leather scraps. The wolfs will  act as hunting companions and also protectors for whatever you come across. It is possible to also put them on boats if you need to transport them back to your main base. For them they love to  eat the raw meat, so this is another good reason to have a boar farm ready to go.  For the good food, depending on your situation you can either keep a stockpile of sausage,  berry jam, cooked fish, sea serpent stew, or even carrot and turnip stew.

If you need a better way to farm Draugur intestine for the sausage,  highly recommend finding a dragur spawner in the swamp, and then keeping a forward  operating base nearby. Also don’t forget about about healing mead,  that’ll come in handy in the future for conquering the upcoming content, especially if you play solo. Would be a good idea to get a stockpile of that going while you can. Skill wise if you want to  train them up, for melee weapons you can bash on a tree repeatedly and even though it does 0 damage,  you’ll still be gaining weapon experience the entire time.

You can also do this with boulders,  or giant skulls, anything of that nature.

Works the same with bows too,  let the cursor turn yellow while drawing the bow back, and you can fire it off at a tree repeatedly  to gain skill. For something like jumping, running, sneaking, or swimming, just do that  repeatedly. Also making a small hut and crawling in it might help your jump level up even faster. Then once we get to the biomes themselves, here’s the first thing you should do.  Head towards the Ashland biome first, so far this seems to be the only upcoming biome that  has a resource we can currently harvest.

And that might be a hint that even though mistlands is  set to come first on the roadmap, we might get a new tier of gear made from this stuff around  the same time. Because of that, try and get yourself a stockpile of Flametal. You should  be okay to mine it with something as simple as an Iron Pickaxe. If you’ve already killed the  Dragon Boss at this point you should have the recipe to create the Blast Furnace.

That’ll be the station you’ll need to refine this.

 Get a couple stacks of this stockpiled  and then you can leave that biome alone for now, the next one to focus on will be  the Mistlands. Because this content is already available to us, it might be a  good idea to build a forward operating base either directly in the Biome or next to it. Make sure there’s a portal going back to your home base if you need it. With the highly elevated trees in this biome, this is a great opportunity to build yourself  a tree house. Only thing is that in the future when they introduce the biome, creatures might  spawn directly inside it or a dungeon might generate into it.

Might be worth building a  few different ones just to be safe. Then as long as you have a decent food supply nearby or within  it, keep a stockpile of iron and other metal bars you may need for crafting,  and keep your skills training during this downtime, you should be more than ready by the  time this content makes its way to us.

And we’ll probably get more combat related content before that biome arrives, I’m starting to think a Fenrir boss might be in the works as one of  the remaining 4, possibly within this “Cult of the Wolf” update. But that’s I’ve got for now,  hopefully that helps you a little bit or gives you some ideas on how to prepare,  and have a wonderful night or day. Farewell.


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