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[, Music ]. What is going on everybody and welcome back in today’s video i’m going to be showing you all how to build some of these beautiful stovetop cauldrons with the inside oven, so that you can turn your brew room into a real kitchen and since all you’re going to Be doing in here is making meat bases. You don’t need to have a ton of cooking stands in here unless you’re a solo player, then this might be all you really need, but on top of that, i’m also going to be showing you how to build double layered tables so that you can hide your Item stand and make your table setups look 100 percent, more natural, so first off, i’m gon na run you all through the double layered table. So as we frame out this table and whatever shape or height, you desire you’re we’re going to want to get rid of the little spaces that it generates. When you link the blocks together, so we’re going to build inside the block and overlap on the other end.

Since you can always overlap the non-snapping side of objects in behind, if you haven’t figured out pro tip and boom fill in the sides using shift click as always trying to get things as perfect as possible, with a little bit of patience, [, Music, ] and once The table top is built, you’ll, be able to knock the legs out and quickly change the legs to whatever you want, whether it’s angled blocks or single blocks. But after the frame is done, we’re going to go to the inside and we’re going to snap one block in and just place. The item stand on top of it and then come right next to it and raise up one with shift clicks very slightly just enough to cover the item stand and boom there, you have it, it covers it perfectly. Then you can litter your tables with tankards and mead, and big old locks, legs and it’ll. Look completely natural all right.

So next we’re going to talk about a little quick shelf. Now this is real simple to do. You can do with the one by one flat boards as a foundation and just run right up the side with flipped over signs and then place one by one meters as you go up the other side and snap the flat boards to it boom. Just as easy as that now you might have to go back and replace these like. I did right here and they just stick over a little bit more, not enough to really notice boom and there you have your shelf and finally, we’re going to move on to the stovetop cauldron with oven.

Now we’re gon na knock out some floors. We need this to sink down all the way if you haven’t already seen how to build a meat smoker. This is gon na, be the same concept that video should be popping up right there. If you want to check that out too now, once we have it lowered down far enough we’re going to cover up this little front piece right here because can’t place any cooking stands on that concrete and we’re just going to slide one in here. Since this is the brewery and we’re not really using this as a cooking room, more of a cosmetic application here and now we’re going to bring these boards right here and you have to lower these onto the cooking stand enough to where, when you put the meat On the pieces of bones are exposed above it and you see how i put it on there and you don’t see the tail end of the bone, so we’re going to lower it down just a little bit.

So you can see some white and then you know when you pull them off: they’re gon na pop above [, Music ] boom there. We have it just like that, and now, when we build around it, they’ll pop right into there so to be able to get a campfire above this we’re gon na have to build across it with an iron reinforced piece of wood. So we’re gon na go down below it and i build a quick little frame around it. That way, i can place one directly in the center real easy and then sink it down into the ground. So it’s grounded all the way up and then we’re gon na come back over to the top and stick one right above our boards right there, because this is the safe part of the earth.

There’S a certain portion of the earth that you can build above without choking out the hearth or the campfire. Finally, after you get done, placing your fire and get everything situated, and neither one of your fires are shutting on, and off, you’re gon na go ahead and just frame in your stove and see that’s where the frame comes in handy, where you can do your select Shift right there, but after you get your frame on knock those down because they obviously aren’t going to fit right in with your counters. The way you want them to set, but you most certainly do need that one to be grounded right there. Otherwise, your campfire will break but wall it in and boom. There you have it.

You slap your cauldron up there and now you have the official kitchen with the stovetop cauldron and of course i built a fridge right next to it, with the same structure as the cabinet from episode, one, if you haven’t seen, go check out now. What are you doing with yourself? The only difference to this cabinet is, i framed it and filled it up with just so. You have all your ingredients right there. Next to you, you can get to real quick, and i think it makes your brewing station look way more official now, if y’all want to learn how to make one of those wicked sinks right there.

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