Valheim How to Defeat Bonemass Solo Quick and Easy Guide


Hello, it’s ricardo and welcome back tovalheim, the viking survival game. Thathas, you hitting things with big sticks, nowi’m gon na deal with how to defeat bone. Masshe’S, the third boss in the valheim series ofbosses and resides in the swamp he’s not easyand he’s a worthy opponent. So let’s take alook of what you need and how to defeat him so bone mass. What you need to defeat this biggelatinous bone-filled mass bone, mass well, firstoff!

You should have defeated the elder and gainedaccess to the swamp. Key. The swamp key is gonnabe a key. That’S gon na allow you to open the irongates of the crypts, the sunken crypts in the swampwithout that you’re not gon na, be able to gainaccess to what’s contained inside, namely ironore and withered bones. Now these crips they’re notgoing to be unguarded you’re, going to have draegerin there you’re going to have blobs, they’re, goingto, ooze poison.

At you, it’s going to be a tough oldbattle but be sure you go in there fully equippedyou’ve got some poison potions. If you know howto make those check out, my channel get in therewell equipped, well, armored make sure you’ve gotsome weapons, some decent weapons, and you can getback and forth to your forge transporting ironore cannot, at this time in game, be done via theportals, so you’re gon na Either have to hoof iton foot back to where you’ve got a forge or you’regonna have to get it all in your boat and get yourboat back to where you’ve got your forge. Eitherway you’re gon na need some upgraded, weaponsfor bone mass. However, you are gon na need. Themace, so a bronze or an iron mace is gon na be key.

Now to summon bone. Mass you’re gon na have to have10 count them 10 withered bones where the bonesare found in the muddy scrap piles in the sunkencrypts once you’ve done them and you’ve got thoseyou’ve made your sacrifice it’s time to run asfast as you can away from the entry point. Becausebone mass will be summoned, he’ll appear, generallyquite close to you, and not only that you’ve alsogot to be aware of all the other crittersand things like that that live in the swampthey’ll all come out to attack. You not only willthere be eels in the water, but there will also beskeletons that bone mass is going to summon whilehe’s doing that, though, he’s got two or three majorattacks he’s got a swiping attack he’s also got asickness attack and he can also throw big blobs ofwell Mass should we say or slime at you allof. This incurs poison damage, so it’s wellworthwhile having some poison potions anti-poisonpotions in your repertoire.

As long as you’ve alsogot some healing potions. Let’S be you know, forgood measure. I also have some stamina potionschipping away at him, with fire. Arrows will do alittle bit of damage, but not much with bone. Massyou’Re gon na have to get in there down and dirtywith a mace either the bronze mace or the ironmace bone mass is also gon.

Na start, destroyingthe, environment and spawning skeletons anynearby spawning points will attract other peoplelike, the dragers and the blobs, and all the rest ofit in to help bone mass defend himself from yourattacks. I have found in this particular locationgoing for higher ground to be easier. Becausebowmas, typically won’t go up there, he’ll stayto a certain level, another top tip as wellis to try and flatten out the swamp-likearea around you. So you can run around andfight him on land and not water. Being inwater is going to impede you and slow downyour movements so get the hoe out and startflattening the areas and filling in some of thegaps deal with all the draega and the skeletonsthey’ll have missile weapons, that’llchip away at your stamina and healthget rid of those and dispatchthem.

As soon as you possibly candon’t worry about picking up bonesin any particular items, you can doall that later concentrate on staying away, frombone mass when you’re destroying all his minionsas. The fight goes on you’ll become more and morebrave getting in there. With your blunt weaponslike, the club like the bronze mace like the ironmace as well, and a good shield, you can see youcan deal significant damage to bone mass don’tbe afraid either of using the shield to blocksome of his attacks. Like the swipe attack, butthe name of the game and how to defeat bowmass isgetting in there doing some good swipes with yourmace or blunt type, weapon, retreating, building, upyour, stamina and then going back and giving it tohim again. That is the key to defeating bone.

Masspoison potions are also key, so keep an eye on yourpoison potion levels. Also, if you’ve got the ethica skill loaded, which will giveyou stamina, when runningor reduce your stamina loss when runningmake sure you’ve equipped that as well before long using your hit and fade method, withyour malay weapons, the iron mace or bronze maceyou’ll, soon defeat bowmass. And when you do you’llget the message that he is no longer movinghe’s gon na drop two really important items: oneis going to be the bone mass trophy that youcan go and hang where you hang your trophiesand. Also, he will drop something that is soimportant for finding other metals and materialsyou’ll get the wishbone which, when equippedwill act like a sort of a tuning, fork, orwater vein, which will be able to detect metaland other materials underneath the ground enablingyou. To get things like silver and find otherburied treasure going over to your very helpfulraven he’ll tell you all about it.

Hopefully youfound this video, informative. I’Ve enjoyed doingit thanks very much for watching, see you soon. You

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