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Valheim | How to defeat Trolls Easy Guide


At first glance, these trolls look like a scarylot, but i was quite surprised how easy theyare to defeat you first probably find them in ablack, forest mining, copper and then the chinkingchinking of your axe or your pickaxe on the stonewill attract them all. You have to do, and i sayall you have to do is make sure you’ve got arrowsthat’s key in this game and then once you’ve, gotyour arrows make sure you’ve got your bow. Withyou run away dodge hide fire, your arrows nowas. You run away the troll’s going to follow youright and so probably many other things as well inthe forest, because you’ve made so much noise doingall that mining, the [ __ ], [, __ ] of the pickaxewill attract them, keep whistling down that trolland get him to follow. You through the forestthen, eventually you’ll, wear him down enoughhe’ll collapse right next to you, finishoff anybody else around and then it willfurnish you with gold coins and troll hidethe truth is in this game, make enough noiseand, you’re gon na attract something i was rightnext to my basically.

My house that i built on themeadows and one had followed me out of the forestbecause. I was making too much noise chopping downtrees. Now here i am again with my trusty bow andmy arrows. These are normal flint arrows, i’m usinghere wearing him down. If you’re cunning enoughand, you can sneak up behind the troll, then i didfind, i could score more points by shooting it inthe back of the head, but that’s all based on thefact that it hasn’t seen you and nothing else.

Inthe forest has seen you the rewards, though forshooting a troll are great you’ll get betweenone and two possibly three portions of troll hideand, then, after that it all depends how much goldit tends to drop now. Evasion is the name of thegame like many things in this survival game. Andvalheim is no different. Think about the first bossthe massive deer. You have to shoot it’s all aboutevasion and using your bow same with the trollsthey look lumbersome and they’ll lumber aroundhowever.

All of a sudden. You could find yourselfback in backed into an area and they will takeyou out also they’re gon na, be throwing rocksat, you so be sure to dodge those. Soon, as welli was like, i say quite surprised how easythese big killing these big beasts were umyou know a little bit of peril when you first seeone, you think, oh, how am i gon na do this but afterthat it’s all gravy, it’s easy stuff, as you can Seenow i’ve got him right. The way down to his lastfive percent. A couple more shotsand, that’s gon na, be him done one more shot there.

You gohe’s down in a cloud of bloodbig puff of magenta smoke, take some of theseother things that have been attracted by all thenoise out the way, and there we’ve got a trolltrophy pick that one up hang it on your walland. You’Ve got troll hide and we’ve got pilesof gold coins. Don’T forget those whatever youdo, because everybody likes a nice pile of goldcoins. I’Ve been ricardo thanks for watchinglike and subscribe. If you haven’t done so andcheck back for more videos in the valheim series, you

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