Valheim How to Find Haldor the Merchant Easy Guide


Hello, it’s ricardo and welcome back to valheimthe viking survival game that has you runningaround the countryside, hitting things with stickswe’re going to talk today about haldor, the traderyou might not even know he exists, but thisvideo is going to deal with how to find haldornice and easily and If you’re lucky without toomuch running around he’s, got lots of things tosell you if you want to park with your goldcoins, your rubies and other valuable items. Haldor the merchant resides in the blackforest, no other biome. As far as i can seethat’s, where he resides you’re gon na have to getout there and do some exploring now. This mightnot be very easy for you, dependingon, where your starting location isand. I can’t give you an exact location for yourworld.

As all the worlds are randomly generatedhowever, there are a few tools on the internetthat can help you out in regards to thishere, you can see a segment of my map. My start, inbiome is towards the south, as you can see at thebottom and i’m heading over north easterly that’swhere i’ve been tipped off where haldor may benow, if you’re having trouble finding haldor themerchant the merchant trader on your map, thereare tools out there to help you wd-40 Bomber 7has made a fantastic application at the valheimdash map, dot world and i’ll put a link in thedescription. Here you can type in your seed of your game. Select what you want to see. Showtrader, for example, you can look at the spawnpoint, so that does clutter things up.

Wherethe boss is gon na spawn where’s their treasure and what it’ll do it’ll go out, it’ll generateyour world and it will find the certain pointsfor you. This will give you several locations. Ofwhere. The trader could possibly be so: let’s havea go i’ve put in my seed, we’ll type go it’ll gooff and render this may take a little bit of time, and you can see it’s populated my world how doesthis stack up with my world in game exactly now. These bags of many here represent my traderand.

You can see scattered in black forestsall over the map. Now you can also use a consolecommand as enable press f5 and say: i’m a cheetahand then say go to those coordinates or if youdon’t want to cheat. All you have to do and mybiome of starting biome is down here, is gettinga boat and get over there. So, let’s check that out now, depending on where your trader is spawnedand, where your location is at that current timeyou may need a boat. I do need a boat, i’m on acompletely different continent, where my trader ishowever, the mapping between the application, onthe web and game is spot on.

I have to say i’mgoing to be moving up to the top right hand. Sideof the screen, where how old are the traders goingto be once i make landfall in the boat? It’S goingto be a quick run across the map and you can seea little icon has appeared of a money bag. Now thismoney bag represents haldor, the trader now there’sgoing to be like any black forest, grey, dwarfstrolls and whatnot running around, but you’ll knowwhen. You find haldor the trader he’s got a wagonprotective runes all around him to keep him safe and a big beast.

Hal seen he won’t attack. You he’s tame, haldor’s beastof burden and there’s haldor the dwarf themerchant. What can you buy here? A yule hatbit of a santa claus hat there for youhow. Do you buy things?

Well, let’s talk. Aboutmany you’re gon na need loads of many all thatmany you’ve been picking up in crips, leftright and center, all those rubies all thoseamber, pearls and blocks of amber. This is where youoffload them he will do an exchange deal for youand. In turn, for giving him gold, he will giveyou items of choice. Here you can find thefishing rod.

You can also find fishing bait. Yanirflesh and like i mentioned a belt or circletthat, will leave you to have a torch, andalso, a belt that will increase your strengthgiving you up to 450 units of carrying capacityso. Your encumbrance goes from like 330 to 450something, like that. These items, i think, are greatand are fantastic items to help you go through thegame, so finding haldor, you may come across him bychance if you’re lucky. I wasn’t so fortunate.

I hadto go and use the app on the internet to go andfind him. I don’t think i would have found him in amillion years afterwards, let’s be fair, i’m alreadyat, my third boss, i’ve already defeated bone massand. I haven’t seen any signs of haldor whatsoeverso. Now you can go fishing, you can wear a santaclaus hat a yule hat and you could have a torchlike circle it on your head. You can also havemore encumbrance by having a belt of strengthand.

You can have things like your new freshi’ve, been ricardo thanks very much for watchingand. I hope you found this video helpfulon how to find haldor the trader see yousoon and check out for more videos in the future. You

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