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Hello, it’s ricardo and welcome back to valheimthe viking survival game that generally has yourunning around hitting things with sticks. Well, inone of my previous videos. We dealt with the kilnand smelting chamber, but how do you use them andhow? Do you create metal from all? Let’S find outmining ore in valheim is not as straightforwardas one would imagine.

It’S not just a case ofgetting a pickaxe and going for it. You’Ve gotto find the deposit in question, as you can seei’m in the hills in the black forest here and i’mbeing chased by a troll. It’S not ideal, but beforeyou can do any of this. You have to go and killthe first boss and the first boss will give youantlers. So you can mind.

Have the antler pickaxethat will then allow you to mine the ore from theground now typically copper deposits, as you cansee here, are going to be found in the black foreston, the hills. That’S where i found them on my mapyou can’t miss them as you go towards them. You’Llsee it’ll flag up as a copper deposit, uh, withyour, icon and recticule get the old, antler, pickaxeout and away you go get to work. It is gon na bestamina sapping stuff, but it is worthwhile fromthat one deposit in about three four minutesi managed to get 10 or samples of copper. Once you’ve got your samples head back, toyour main base or wherever it is you’vegot your smelter and your charcoal kiln nowyou’re gon na need charcoal.

So you need somewood to put in the charcoal kiln and after awhile that will then push out blocks of chunksof charcoal okay. So once you’ve got that charcoaland, here’s some i’ve made earlier in the chestnext to my charcoal kiln, it’s time to feed thesmelter. So in one side you put in your charcoaland, it will tell you there: it is you canput the 20 units of charcoal in the smelterthere? We are we’re all charcoaled up and then it’stime to put in the other side, your all and youcan put up to 10 units of ore in the smelter solet’s, get that all in there all 10 units of coppernow. What that’s gon na do then.

After short, periodof time, the smelter is gon na fire and then out ofthe front is gon na pop out a lovely, copper blocknow. This would be the same as for whatever youdo, whether you’re mining, tin, you’re mining, ironyou’re, mining, copper, whatever and effectivelythat’s. What you have to do you pop it in there outcomes your block and there’s your new material, thecopper block and once you’ve got the copper blockyou. Can then upgrade your forge when you upgradeyour forge, then you can make more items and it’sas simple as that. The hardest part, especially whenmining copper, is dodging the troll, but that can bequite good fun and it does break up the monotonyof mining in this game.

Anyway. There you go that’show to use the smelter to refine all in valheimhope. You’Ve enjoyed the video check back for morevideos in the series. Stay safe, i’ll, see you soon. You

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