Valheim Swamp Survival Guide – Tips and Tricks for solo swamp survival.


In this video we’re going to lookat some ideas and tactics from theperspective of a solo player, tosurvive the swamps of valheimone of the first things to know and plan aroundis that you’re going to constantly be wet whilein the swamp area underestimating how muchthis will affect you can Cost you your lifeit’s, easy to lose track of time inside of a cryptcoming outside without a rested, bonus being coldand wet. At the same time, it’s not a great mix. Thefirst thing i recommend, is fully understanding. Howyour rested, bonus, works and keeping it up. Keepingyourself full of good food and keeping your restedbonus up is going to allow you to fight fora longer period of time.

Keep your stamina barfull and, more importantly, allow you to escapeif. You need to the other critical considerationto make. Is to make sure that you have poisonresistance mead on hand and in good supplyit will take time in preparation to put itall together, but having it is a necessityyou can and will be poisoned in the swamp, you’llbe ambushed at some point and if you’re poisonedif you’re damaged. It’S a very difficult thingto survive without poison resistance meadespecially. Because of all these other illeffects that you constantly have within the swampthe biggest defenders to watch outfor are leeches oozes and blobsif.

You can manage to stay out of thewater. You can avoid leeches altogetherby far. The most fun way to avoid leeches is toconstruct ewok bridges. Wherever you go knockingout the ancient trees around here will get youregular wood as well as ancient bark. The moreworkbenches you place, the less enemies will spawnso it’s a very easy way to traverse the swampwhether you’re outdoors or surprisinglywithin.

The narrow passages of the cryptsranged weapons reign supreme here, the muddyblockades that keep you from moving from room toroom, actually give you the ability to control thefights and prevent yourself from being surprisedi won’t make any specific, armor or weaponrecommendations for the swamp specificallybecause. Most of my experience has been with rangedweapons and just staying away from everything. Thedraugr enemies hit very hard, especially the draugrelites, but the blobs are a totally different. Storymost of their damage comes from a very intensepoison. You definitely want to keep them at rangethe draggers.

On the other hand, follow thetactics of the skeletons from the black forestthere’s a few ways in which they’re deceivingthey move very slow, but so does everybody inthe swamp. So it’s something to keep in mind. Alsothey. Can fire arrows from underwater and walkon the bottom surface of the water too theydon’t swim, oozers, look and act just like globsi’ve never actually been hit by one, so i don’tknow that they hit any harder, but essentiallyyou kill them and they just turn into blobs soit’s unfortunate. So we’ve covered some of themore common threats.

What about some of the moreuncommon things to experience within the swampi won’t go into the details of the bosswithin. This video, but there are two enemiesi – do want to talk about the first one issertlings and the second one is wraithsin, the black forest. You picked up sirtlingcores and in the swamp you reach the sertlingsthemselves. They gather around these giantpillars of fire, which you may or may nothave in your swamp. The cool thing is theydrop, certainly cores.

If you have any troublewith them just have them, follow you out into thewater, while they immediately turn into charcoalarguably. The most terrifying creature in theswamp is the wraith it spawns only at night andchases, you you’ll likely be at a disadvantageif you’re in the swamp at night, so be verycareful, but they are slow and they canbe fired on with arrows or melee weaponsso. To recap: if we’re going to the swamp solo forthe first time, you want to make sure that stayrested stay prepared with mead and good food youalso want to know your enemy and stay at rangei know. Personally, as a solo player, i foundthe swamp originally very intimidating buteventually. I found to have a lot of fun exploringit.

I hope something similar happens for youmy channel is brand new, but i appreciatehow many people have stopped to check outmy valheim material feel free to like andsubscribe the video. If you want to see morebest of luck to all you, viking gamersout, there we’ll see you next time.

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