Valheim Tips and Tricks Beginner Guide – How to Mine, Metal Bronze Armor, Core & Fine Wood Location!


This valheim guide has everything time stamped below in the description, but we’ll be covering the following: how to craft a full set of bronze weapons and armor and upgrade it fully. So you have 36 armor in total and how to get the best early game weapons like the fine bow and cross fire arrows and a sledgehammer that does huge area of effect, damage we’ll also be covering where to find tin and copper and how to get certain Cores to build a forge and a furnace, so you can create tin and copper bars to make bronze and then start upgrading all your gear. All i ask in return is that you take a moment to like the video, but if you have not watched my part 2 guide on killing the first boss ekfear, please watch and do that first, because it drops the materials you need to craft a pickaxe to Mine, tin and copper that part two guide is linked in the description below, but now, let’s begin part three. So the first thing we need to do is use wood and the hard antelope which we got as a drop from the first boss and then come over here to the crafting workbench. And then we need to craft the antelope pickaxe.

This is going to allow us to actually mine for the first time in the game and also to quickly mention i’m using a flint axe. This is like the best weapon you have access to. Currently, we will be making a better one shortly, but i recommend that you actually craft the flint axe and then you go ahead and upgrade it to the maximum amount of damage you can as well. I also recommend crafting leather, armor and upgrading it too. It’S definitely worth doing, and it’s going to give you a lot higher armor value.

Armor in this game does a tremendous amount for you. The other thing i recommend doing is crafting yourself a wooden shield, because these are so useful early on for avoiding any damage at all and then once again, you’re going to want to go ahead and upgrade this as well. So, in order to find copper and tin, you need to go from the meadow starting area and find the dark forest area. If you look on the top right of the mini map, as i cross over into this area, you’ll see the name actually changes to tell me i’m now in the black forest on the map, this kind of looks like a bit of a darker woodland area. Just over here and you’re going to find tin near the coastline and i’ll show you where to find the copper deposits in a moment and as you guys can see, the trees in the meadow are completely different to the trees in the black forest, which have these Huge pine trees so once we’re in the black forest you’re just going to head towards the coastline of the black forest biome area, so we’re running along the shore here, as you guys can see and you’re just going to want to look at the rocks.

As you go along the black forest coastline – and here we go – here’s some tin just here or actually be labeled tin deposit, and you can go ahead and actually mine it with your pickaxe, and this is going to drop the tin. We need to combine with the copper to then make bronze, which i’ll explain how to do in a moment, because we need to make a furnace as well for that we’re just going to run along the coastline and essentially just pick up all of this tin ore And there you go now you have six tin or unrefined now to find copper deposits. They are more centralized within the actual black forest itself, we’ve locked out here and there’s actually a copper deposit right in front of us. They kind of they’re labeled as well. So you really can’t miss it if you’re standing on it, but they’ve also got these sort of coppery golden or veins.

Now, if you don’t have a pickaxe to mine, it double click on the or deposit just to give it a copper label. So you can come back here and mine it all later, but i’m just going to start mining this right now. So, as you guys can see as you’re mining, this you’re gon na be destroying the whole copper deposit and it’s not gon na respawn or anything. So now you guys can see. I have two unrefined copper ore and six tin ore.

So after you’ve got yourself a bunch of tin and copper, go and put it in your base, and the next thing we need to do is build a smelter and a charcoal kiln. These are going to allow us to process the ore, but in order to make them we’re going to need a circling core – and these can be found once again in the black forest dungeons, but they are filled with skeletons so before we actually go inside one of Them i do recommend you actually craft yourself, a warhammer. This is really easy to do. All you need to do is grab yourself an axe, and then you need to go and find a pine tree, so we can see a bunch of pine trees just here. So let’s go ahead and chop this one down: they’re, also labeled in case you’re, really confused, but shouldn’t take us a moment, but the difference is between pine trees and normal trees.

Is that, oh, my god, they can still kill you if they land on you, but they actually will drop core wood which you need in order to craft the warhammer. Let’S go ahead and finish chopping down this. There we go so now you can see. We’Ve got a bunch of core wood here. The next thing we’re going to need is some deer head trophies.

Let’S take that out and shoot the other one down as well. Yeah look he’s dropped a deer trophy. So let’s go ahead and pick up that. So now we’re back at our crafting bench in order to craft this weapon. You need to upgrade your crafting bench to level two, which means you need to craft.

A chopping block which you can find here in the crafting menu and a chopping block just requires 10 wood tenfold and to be next to a workbench. That’S going to upgrade your workbench to level two and then you’ll be able to craft yourself. The stag breaker, which is a sledgehammer, so you need 20 core wood, five deer, trophies and two leather scraps and you can craft this weapon. So this is the sledgehammer we just crafted. As you can see.

If i hit it, it does a massive aoe damage attack. So it’s so so good for obliterating skeletons with blunt damage. So now in order to craft the charcoal kiln and the smelter to process our ore, we’re going to need to find the sirtling cores and they can be found once again here in the black forest area. Just in randomly generated dungeons, so here’s one just here – you can see it’s kind of got like rock pillars around it, and then it’s got a sort of tunnel leading underground. They are all over the map.

They’Re pretty easy to find really you’ll come across them. If you’re walking through the black forest, they usually have skeletons around them as well and they’re of varying sizes, so you might need to visit at least a couple of them before you get all the circling cores. However, i’ve gone into some before well. I’Ve got like well over 10 cores in one dungeon, it’s all random, so you never really know what you so essentially you’re just going to keep exploring these caverns and eventually you’ll come across these. These circling cores.

This is what we need. We need. Ten of these in total so go ahead and grab this one and you’re gon na find chest with various loot in two now these mushrooms are great. If you’re low on food, you can actually eat them to regain your stats kind of want to go through this stage by stage just taking out all the skeletons as you go, so they don’t overwhelm you and by the way, these skeletal remains can be used to Upgrade armor if you pick up the bone fragments, so it’s actually worth grabbing those two and we are done with this dungeon. We only got one core.

Sadly, so here once again in the black forest, we’ve come across another type of dungeon. Now this dungeon is kind of like recessed within the earth, so you kind of don’t notice it until you actually get close to it. But once again, this is exactly the same as the other dungeons, usually a bit bigger though, and we can find saltling cores within them, the burial chambers. You also sometimes find some spooky ghosts as well, which is very exciting. I know hello, sir, how are you today now um?

I should tell you about parrying. So if an enemy attacks you and you block just before it hits like okay well, he didn’t hit me attack me and you block just before it hits. He actually gets staggered which allows you to finish him off really quickly. It’S a lot harder to do when there’s multiple enemies around you, but otherwise it’s a super, effective technique that you should definitely be trying out. Oh, we have a ghost here.

Do take care of these i’m gon na actually backtrack and just pelt them with arrows here, and we can get our big hammer out and eat everybody like. So this is why the hammer’s so good. You literally just stand in a doorway and spam. The attack – and here we have another soul in core, fantastic or certainly call and there’s another one. Let’S grab that well hello, there, okay, so this is actually a spawner and it will carry on spawning skeletons.

So it’s a really good supply of unlimited bones. If you need them, i do recommend actually leaving it alive or considering to do so. A good way of killing them is once again using our big hammer, just go ahead and eat them actually running away they’re. So terrified of me stand in the doorway here and go ham on them each time you stagger them, so they won’t actually be able to recover from each attack before hitting you again. So there we go they’re all dead and we’ve destroyed their spawn points.

Let’S get our torch out again and we can see there’s another circling core just here and there’s also some amber pearls, which you can use with the merchant. And then we have a bunch more gold as well and rubies, and another circling core here as well. Fantastic, as i said earlier, you’ll find rooms within the dungeons where you’ll luck out and get over five cores at once, but hold on to them all. If you have too many, since you also need them to craft portals which are also necessary for the third boss and beyond, because the world is huge and portals are the best way to travel in between so now in total we have 13 circling cores. We only need 10

So, as you can see, we can just put this anywhere we want and we can also craft the smelter as well like.

So now, i’m going to go to my base where i already have these built. So, in order to use the charcoal kiln, you just need to put wood in it and then it will start burning and the more wood you add. The more sort of charcoal is going to fall out of it, but after a few seconds or so it will just deposit some charcoal. That’S why i have this kind of barrier around it. So it all just drops in one position and with that charcoal which has just dropped the coal here we can pick that up and we can actually add it to our furnace, so we can put it in here.

Currently it’s already got 20 coal inside it. So it’s ready to start burning the oil we gathered earliest. Now i recommend you put in five of the tin ore and then swap them around and put in five of the copper ore like so and then, as you can see, it’s gon na start dropping out. Copper and tin, ingots and now we just need to sit and wait for them all to process. Make sure that your kiln is fully stacked up with coal, which you can make obviously with your charcoal kiln.

And then you can go ahead and go to sleep and by the time you wake up. Most of your stuff should be processed completely so in the morning you’ll be able to pick up all of your copper and tin. So now we have some copper and tin bar. We can actually build a forge i’ve already built a forge over here, but to build one. You need to go to your crafting menu with the hammer and you need to click on the forge.

As you can see, a forge requires six copper to craft and some stone coal and wood after you’ve crafted the forge. You can go ahead and use it, and you can now see that i can make a bronze bar, which requires two copper and one tin, so i’m just going to go ahead and craft myself, some bronze bars now, for the sake of this video i’ve pre-crafted myself, 35, bronze bars now, obviously, bronze is quite hard to make. You guys now understand that. So what do we want to craft? Well, the most important thing to craft before we craft ourselves, bronze armor, is actually the bronze axe, because that will allow us to chop down a certain type of tree that will allow us to get fine wood.

So we can then make a fine wood bow. Now. Obviously, you can also use the bronze axe as a weapon, but if you’re going into the marsh area, i recommend the bronze mace, that’s very effective um. I don’t recommend bothering the bronze sword. Yet the bronze buckler is very good, so suggest, and then we also have the bronze plate leggings and plate curious and also the helmets now you’ll notice.

Each one of these starts off with an armor value of 8, which is huge, and you can also upgrade these even further as well. So let’s go ahead and craft this. We also need some deer hide as well, which i have in my inventory. If i upgrade the bronze plate curious with another free bronze, it’s going to increase the armor by an additional two. Now the drawback of obviously wearing heavy armor is the movement.

Speed is minus five percent per piece, so in total you have minus 15 movement. Speed sacrifice is so worth it and obviously, if you also upgrade your bronze axe as well, you’ll increase the damage it does too. So, as you can see, i’ve upgraded my armor to level three bronze and each one of them gives me 12 armor. So i have a total of 36 armor, which is obviously incredibly powerful, while my bronze buckler will block 55 damage. I should also mention that we can now craft ourselves a cultivator as well, so let if we go ahead and craft this, you can then see that you can cultivate the ground ready to craft fur, saplings, pine, saplings, beach, saplings and also carrots, and you can also Turn areas back into grass as well, which i don’t know about you, but if your whole fortress is just you know, mud, maybe you don’t like that now, the next thing i’m going to be showing you is how to get fined wood to create a fine wood, Bow so to get fine wood, you need to drop down birch trees using a bronze axe.

Any axe before that, like the stone axe or the flint axe, won’t work to find the birch tree. You just need to go to the meadow area, which is like the starting area in the game. This is the easiest place to find them without having to go anywhere dangerous or treacherous, and then you’re just going to find a birch tree in the surrounding environment, which looks like this white one just over here. So let’s run over here. This is birch.

Let’S grab our axe and then just start hitting it. Excuse me, sir, let’s chop down this birch tree and then we can start shopping the logs as well like so and as you can see, this is fine woods. So we pick up all the fine woods. We now have 28 fine wood and we can now look at making ourself a fine wooden bow craft. The fine wood bow we’re going to need fine wood, core wood and to deer hide.

Now i showed you how to get the core word earlier on in the video just check the time stamp below if you’re confused about that it’s in the dark wood forest. So let’s go ahead and craft. This now 32 piercing damage. Now, as for the arrows that you’re going to be using with your bow, i highly recommend using fire arrow. The next video is going to be about killing the second boss, um in a really really easy way.

It’S linked below in the playlist. If you are interested and i’ll see you there, goodbye

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