Valheim Tutorial: Copper, Tin and Bronze Guide [Valheim Guide]


Leaving the stone age and being able to accessand use bronze, tin and copper, there’s a lot tocover. So this video we’re going to set up into acouple of different parts, you’re going to need apickaxe to get metal out of the ground. Beforeanything else. To do that, you have to kill thefirst god if you put yourself together a bow andplenty of arrows with good food, you’re gon na findthe fight itself, pretty easy. The hardest partmay be finding the deer antlers to sacrificeonce you’ve managed to find two deer trophiesand.

You know the location of the pedestalplace them down and the boss will appear keepyourself at range, using mostly the terrain toyour advantage. If it gets close, you can blockor roll if necessary. Once he’s defeated, he’sgoing to drop a number of things, you can placedown his trophy at your original spawn. Locationto get your first dragonborn superpower and youcan use the antlers to make your first pickaxethe. Pickaxe is the first step to finding copperand tin in the black forest.

We’Ll cover that nextyou can use the pickaxe in the meadows to digholes or to landscape. However, its real power isgoing to be in the black forest you’re going toneed to find both copper and tin, because when youput them together, that’s how you create bronzefinding, copper notes, like the one you see, hereis, just a matter of exploring they’re gigantic andthey’ll likely take you A couple of trips back andforth, i would suggest you use a map marker as youcome across each one. So you know how to find ittin, on the other hand, is almost always founddirectly by the side of the water, so you may notnecessarily need to mark it. You can run alongthe edge of the water and you’ll find plentytin is a lot easier to find and a lotmore efficient to mine, but you’re goingto need less of it. It takes two copperto make every piece of bronze eventuallynow that you know how to stockpile ore.

The nextstep is going to be to turn it into somethingusable. Finding, certainly cores is going to beyour next step in the black forest. You want tokeep an eye out for skeletons, they guardburial chambers, and when you see a burialchamber, you have a chance of finding thesecores inside. You technically only need fivecores to start an entire smelting. Operationbut you’re gon na need coal to run the smelteras.

It stands right now. Deconstructing things willgive, you all of your items back, so you can chooseto build a coal furnace first stockpile some coaland then rearrange the items into a smelter if youneed to, but ideally, if you can find yourself10 cores you’ll make your life a lot easier. Ina word of caution using the coal furnace. Becausethis may be around the time. You find core wood, orfine wood and have it in your inventory.

If you’renot careful, it will burn that as well should be atthe point now, where you can place a forge insideyour base and work with it. I would also encourageyou to put a box next to it, because most of therecipes require far too much metal to walk aroundand. The last thing i’ll say here: iscongratulations you’re, now in a positionto, be able to make yourself a new pickaxe anddo it all over again. Hopefully this helps someof you out there. If you like what you see pleaselike the video and subscribe.

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