Valheim Tutorial: Finding Iron Guide – Solo Iron Mining [Valheim Guide]


Keep an eye out for these tall gnarly treesbecause, once you’ve mastered the meadows andmade your way through the black forestyou’re, going to be on a search for ironthose trees mean you’ve reached the swamp whichshows up as a brownish type of area on your mapif you’re trying to Survive the swamp solo andit’s, your very first time there you need to comevery, prepared poison resistance. Meat is a hugeplus in the swamp because lots of things liketo poison, you out there keep an eye out for greenflames to let you know where the sunken crypts arelocated. This is the location of the iron you’llneed, a key from the elder boss to be able to openthe gate, scrap piles block doorways and keep youfrom easily progressing from one room to the otherbut they’re. Actually, what you’re looking for andit makes traversing the dungeon that much easier. I suggest you move slowly from one room to thenext and actually you may be able to see the headof, an enemy pop out and fire.

Your bow without evenhaving, to put yourself in any danger slowly moveas far as you can and remember, to keep yourselfwell fed. Just in case as a solo player, you shoulddefinitely prepare to be coming back to this samegrip multiple times, because iron is very heavyyou’ll, find iron in a ton of recipes in thegame. So it unlocks a lot of different stuffyou can smelt. The iron scrap directly, you don’tneed to mix two different metals together: likewith bronze. So technically it’s a little easier.

Inthat regard. Remember the bare minimum requirementto get into the crypt is going to be that youhave. The key don’t attempt this without thekey in your pocket. For anyone. That’S curious iwas able to pull this off solo with maxed, outtroll, armor and bronze weapons, and there youhave it there’s not necessarily a secret to itbut.

Hopefully this eliminates some of the fearof, the crips. For you, good luck out there vikings

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