Valheim Tutorial: Rested bonus and Comfort Explained [Valheim Guide]


Understanding rest and comfortin valheim is incredibly usefulyou shouldn’t really consider beingrested a buff if you aren’t restedyou’re going to regenerate your stamina at onlya, third of the rate and your health regenerationis cut in half. Stamina is used for everythingin the game without it you’re kind of uselesshanging out anywhere sheltered will eventuallygive you a rested bonus. If you don’t have onea shelter is basically anything outside but witha roof. So this can be a troll cave entrance, abusted down, building or something you throwtogether if you need to, if you have a fire, nearbyyou’ll have your first point of comfort and you’llhave an increased timer on your rested. Bonustaking time to maximize comfort at your baseand outposts will maximize the amount of timethat you can stay out in the wild withouthaving to return.

There are certain furnitureitems in game that add to your comfort, ifyou’re standing within 10 meters of themeach level of comfort you muster here is going toget you extra time in terms of your rested. Bonus players have found. As of the making ofthis video there’s a total of 17 bonuscomfort points that you could put togetherthough, there’s likely a lot more to comedon’t. Miss out on some of the cheap investmentsyou can make early game like deer, rugs for onlyfour deer hide or you can actually add. Threecomfort with a table and a chair, combinationfor just 10 fine wood, also, if you haven’t seenhow, to get fine wood really early in the gameyou can check out my other video here.

I cover thatin a little bit more detail. I think the developersdid a great job here, incentivizing decoratingyour bases and outposts, if you’re like me, andyou’re addicted to building anyway. This is agreat way to benefit from well-decorated baseas a warning. I would keep an eye onyour comfort level as you build thoughsometimes. It will bug out on you, it might go upor down and you don’t want to reduce your overallcomfort level before you have to run out for morebuilding materials.

If you could turn your bedor bedroom into a perfect spot where all of yourbonuses overlap and keep an eye out for strategicshelter locations in the wild, you’ll likely feelmuch more productive overall, hopefully this videois helpful for some of you out there. If you likewhat, you see, please like the video and subscribe

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