Valheim Tutorial – Top 5 Early Game Goals for Fast Advancement [Valheim Guide]


Without wasting any time today, we’re going totalk about the top five goals that i recommendfor valheim to get off to a quick start. It might be tempting to go right to workbuilding a giant house but realisticallythe. Very first thing: you should be afteris a crude bow to access the recipe you haveto kill a boar in order to find leather, scrapsi tend to find boar all over the place, but you’resupposed to be able to find them mostly near water. Hunting deer without a bow is possible andhilarious, but it’s a lot more time. Consumingdefinitely get yourself a bow and practice with itbecause you’re, really gonnaneed it for the next part.

The next thing that we’re gon na do iskill a troll trolls drop. Troll hidewhich will get you some of the betterarmor at this point. In the gameonce you’ve reached the black forest, try to finda troll out in the open. There are troll caves, it’sjust a lot harder to fight them in a closedchamber setting this as a goal will eliminateyour need for leather armor altogether and saveyou from having to collect a lot of deer hidejust, try to stay calm and be aware, ofyour surroundings, and it shouldn’t Be toohard to keep your distance and keep firingcheap wood arrows into them until it dies. If you can keep your distance, the biggestdanger is really the additional enemies.

Thatcan sometimes appear. You can use the physicsin the game to find fine wood faster than younormally would, which is important because rest andcomfort are incredibly understated within the gameof valheim

I’Ve seen people online talk, abouttrying to use trolls to do this type of work. Butthe easiest way that i’ve found is to knock treesover that essentially knock these birch trees. Overand, then just roll them around on the grounduntil they break. That’S a lot of unlocked recipes.

It’S incredibly important: you collect thematerials needed to upgrade your equipmentas, you go and keep it in the bestcondition possible for efficiencyat. This point in the game: hunt trolls until youcan max out your troll armor, and you should beextremely survivable between the meadows andthe black forest. And lastly, i encourage you tostockpile everything. You’Re gon na likely have tobuild multiple bases, you’ll be using portals to gofrom one place to another. It’S gon na be importantyou, don’t throw things away and you don’t wastethings if you wan na, put a chest on top of anotherchest.

Just add a one by one floor to the wallhopefully. This video helped you in some way thatwas different than other videos might have if uhif so definitely leave me a comment like thevideo and please subscribe thanks for watching

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