Valheim Tutorial: Valheim Raft and Boat Control [Valheim Guide]


Valheim doesn’t do a great job of telling you howto actually control your boats, so this video isgoing to cover how to actually control a raft. Orany other water vehicle place a crafting benchright next to the water, and you can easilybuild a raft crossing large bodies of waterin valheim is intimidating even before you knowthat, there’s danger in the water itself. My firstpiece of advice, as you’re learning, is to stickclose to the shore, but definitely avoid rocksyour boat can and likely will take damageand if it gets destroyed. All of the pieceswill remain intact, but you don’t want thepieces to sink to the bottom of the oceanall water vehicles. In valheim have differentstations hold fast location for people thatare, just standing there and travelingwith you and a rudder location, so youcan actually control the boat.

Yourfirst step is to grab your rudderonce. You do take a look in the upper right cornerof the screen and notice. The new indicatorsthe top section shows whether you’re, paddlingsailing or stopped. The bottom shows the windthe direction and whether or not you’re able touse the wind if the icon for the wind is in theblack area of the circle, that means you’llhave to paddle. To move in that directionin.

The center of the screen, isyour, steering and accelerationthere, are three levels of forward accelerationstop and also a reverse reverse and the veryfirst level of acceleration, both paddle yourboat in the forward or reverse directionuse w, and s on your keyboard to controlforward or backward accelerationuse. A and d to steer your ship tothe left or right just like a car. Hopefully this video helps make thesea a little less intimidating for yougood luck out there. If there’s anything you thinki missed or you have any additional questions. Feelfree to leave me a comment: if you haven’t alreadyplease subscribe to, the channel have a great day.

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