Valheim Wood and Chopping down Trees | New Player Guide


Hello, it’s ricardo and welcome back to valheimthe viking survival game. Now we all want ahouse and we all want to fire. We want to staydry and nice and warm at night, but first of allyou’ve got to find wood and for the new playerthat can be quite difficult. So this guide guide’sall about finding wood and chopping down trees. It would seem as soon as you start valheimsomebody’s in your face and when you’re only leftwith your bare hands that can be a bit irksome andtiresome, and not only that you’re gon na get killedso you’re gon na need weapons and materials, ofsome sort, fortunately you’re armed as You startoff with a torch that will offer you someprotection and light now.

Wood can be foundlaying around normally in the starting areaas branches, pressing the e key to select themspawns the branch run over it, and then you getthat item of wood in your inventory, but that isnot all it also spawns a tree of materials. Anditems that you can make the hammer the axe theclub all these are really important in valheimnow running around this environment. Picking upbranches is all well and good, and still a viableway of finding wood, however, go up to the smallsapling type trees and give them a goodbeating. With your hands go seven rounds witha little sapling that will also give you some woodand slightly more wood than what you can pick upfrom a branch lying around on the floor and that’sall well, and good and you’re going to need theseitems of wood to create things like The club andthe stone axe, also you’re, going to need stone, butwe’ll come on to that in a minute, so go toe totoe with the beach saplings and get some woodyou’re also going to be aware of other trees. Inthe valheim arena that’s been generated for youright.

Some of these, you won’t be able to knockdown with your rudimentary tools: you’ll needmore, advanced ones, but typically the beech treesyou’ll be able to it being a nice playable, woodas you’re running around also pick up as manystones. You possibly can because you’re going toneed several to make the stone axe in particularfour, four stone and five items or units of woodonce you’ve got that. Not only will that afford yousome additional protection against the graylingsand other beasts walking around quite a formidableearly weapon, but it’s also going to allow you, togo and attack the beech trees. Now, as i mentionedsome of these trees are going to be too hard, andyou’re not going to be able to go and hit thembut don’t be worried about going up and gettinghold of a log logs are lying around all overthe valheim arena, and also, first, you anythingbetween five And seven wood, just by hittingthat one particular item with your stone axenow. As i mentioned some of the birch trees they’retoo hard to hit with your rudimentary axe, howeverthe beech tree, you can give that a damn goodwhacking!

That’S what i’m saying give it a goodwhacking and once you’ve cut it down it’ll spawn anice long log. It will take a little while you cansee it shaking there. It is there’s the animationof the log coming down. Now, that’s a big old logwouldn’t. You agree.

You also can get a little bitof wood as well go to work with your stone axe. Atthis log hit it enough times and then it’s gonnabreak in two when it breaks into you, can then goto work on the individual items to hit that logas well to spawn even more wood and straight offas. Soon, as you start playing the game by craftingthese rudimentary items, you can start getting, woodand think about building a fire and a shelter andnot only that it’s good to have some wood as wellto build some more items like the hammer as wellthe workbench. All these things that we’ll cover infuture videos, so i’ve been ricardo. This has beenvalheim how to get wood.

That’S been laying aroundand chopping down trees with your stone axe. Someof. These things might not be obvious to everybodyaround there. So that’s why i’ve done this videothanks very much for watching like and subscribeif. You haven’t already done so and look out formore valheim videos in the future.

See you soon. You

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