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Hey man want to waste less time, traveling between places in valheim and spend more time doing the fun stuff. This is life hacks with hmac, and i’m about to help you with that. I’Ve played a lot of valheim with a lot of people and i promise you need the tips in this video, because most players are regularly making mistakes that can waste hours. So, let’s see if i can’t fix that, if you like the tips in this video, throw me a like, and if you want to see more life, hacks dude, you already know what to do hit the sub button. You can always unsub later no worries.

Now, let’s get into the video, let me know if this situation sounds at all familiar iron supplies are low and you’ve dug the local swamp dry, so you’re taking out the old car for a little expedition. You think to yourself. Geez this map is big. I wonder what’s out there, or maybe you don’t, but this is hypothetical, so stick with me now, anyway, you see some ancient trees in the distance. Ah, there’s where i’ll get all the iron i need, so you raise sail and off you go biting off draugrs marking every krypton site and dreaming of all the iron gates.

You plan to make lots and lots of iron gates, but your daydreaming is interrupted by a distant yet distinct laugh a laugh sounds playful. Did they finally add some more npcs to this game? Oh boy, you haven’t heard that laugh before. Well, this isn’t a great time to explain, but those are ah what the heck yeah. So maybe you can relate, i mean the planes are frequently found next to swamps and our little goblin friends have high aggro ranges, high damage and apparently high senses of humor.

Okay hmac, but where does the tip come in? How do i get my stuff back? Well, you see you’re an example of the wrong way to do things. So, let’s now talk about the right way to do it. If you’re searching for iron, then you can make a portal.

A portal is built using two sertling cores: 20 fine wood and 10 gray dwarf eyes. Hey at least those eyes are useful for something right. It can be placed when using a hammer and near a workbench, along with nearly everything else in valheim, and it only works when connected to another portal of the same name, which you can change by pressing e. Just remember that it’s case sensitive, even though, for whatever reason, most writing in valham is shown in all caps, so pretty stupid, right, hmac you’ve covered the basics, but we already knew that. I’M not seeing how you’re saving me time here – okay!

Well here it is, then you need a pocket portal, my friend pocket portal. What’S that you said, i need to place a workbench to build it. Do i need a pocket workbench too uh? What i mean to say is you just need to carry the components of a portal with you, along with 10 wood for a workbench, but remember in order for a portal to work. It has to be linked to another one, so you will need a dedicated portal at your base for this.

I personally like to leave the name blank. So if i’m in a tight situation and need to portal quickly, adding a name is one less thing to worry about, so i would recommend you do the same or at least make it a very short and easy name like e for exploration. Now i’m mentioning this because way too often do i see people not running around with an extra portal in their pocket. Let’S quickly go over the reasons why you need this in your life, if you’re traveling to unexplored locations and are not sure what waits for you when you dock, just place an exploration portal in a safer spot by the coast and go exploring without concern for your Life because you’ve now made it much easier to retrieve your body. If something does happen, just remember to mark it on your map.

You can always unmark it by right-clicking. Another situation would be if you’re out and want to quickly get rested, grab more food or go back to your base to sleep at night, more creatures spawn and higher level ones at that. So while you may not want to end your adventure, you may want to skip the treacherous nights. This makes it that much easier. Now, a quick reminder make sure to clear your inventory of items that can’t teleport before placing keep this in mind.

On your travels, if you’re exploring, then you shouldn’t be as concerned about picking up ores quite yet so remember to dump them out before hopping through that all makes sense, but is that it pocket portal everywhere, any other tips to save me time, while i’m out here Sure man, i got tons of tips instead of an outro how about i’m just going to rapid fire, some extra juicy tips. Let me know if any of these are new to you, you don’t need to make a portal hub. Do it if you want, but you really only need two portals at your main base, your exploration portal that you always leave open and another portal that you use to visit. All of your other portals, i threw up a bunch of wood signs with the name of each portal. I might want to use right next to it just be sure to back away and give the portal a few seconds before going through, or else you could be sent one way through the portal with no way back.

This will save you loads of time. Building the portal hub and collecting certain cores, if you find a spot, you want a new portal place. The pocket portal go back to base and get materials for a new one. Then change the name of your other base portal to whatever this one will be go back through the exploration portal and place the new one. Then just pick up your exploration portal and you’re on your way build a dedicated portal near spawn.

I used to think this was standard practice until i started visiting some of your servers. You want to change your ability, frequently to whatever suits the situation, and you want guests to quickly be able to get to your main base. You want me to visit your base. Join the family dude and feel free to hop in my discord. The link is, in the description, just make sure to place a damn spawn portal before inviting me over until next time.

This was hmac signing off

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