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Check it out yourself in the link below. Simply put in what rank you’re currently stuck at, and find out what rank you’re guaranteed by using our system. So what are you waiting for, unlock your true potential, and get the rank you’ve always wanted at skill-capped.com, link in the description below. Alright without any further adieu let’s hop in to tip number 1. We are going to be looking into one of the key aspects of this map that differentiates it from the others. If you couldn’t guess it we are going to be talking about the teleporters. Specifically I want to show you all a little trick you can use with them to help confuse the enemy team and maybe grab some kills. Basically all you have to do is throw something through the teleporter and it will make a noise.

This noise will be similar but not the exact same as the noise of a player going through. Even though the noises are different though doesn’t mean you can’t confuse some players. You can do this with a gun or an ability that is a projectile. If you end up using an ability for it you can also time it and hope to deal some damage to the enemies on the other side of the teleporter depending on what ability you used.

Moving on let’s talk about one more teleporter specific tip that is in my opinion the coolest one on this list. This trick is known as the Omen fake teleport. Omen is able to use his teleport ability to fake himself going through the teleporter. This not only confuses the enemy team it also looks insanely cool. You can perform this fake teleport by walking up to the teleporter and pulling your short range teleport ability out. You now want to jump towards the teleporter and use your ability before you go through. With a little bit of timing you will go through the teleporter and end up back on the original side. I’m sure you can see how powerful this is especially when the opponents realize what you are doing and you switch it up and ACTUALLY teleport.

Hopefully even if you don’t main Omen you can keep this small trick in the back of your mind while you play against enemy Omen’s. Heading into tip number 3 we have an effective A site attack that will guarantee a bomb plant for your team. The only requirement for this strategy is a Sage and a Brimstone. Omen works as well. As your team pushes in you need to smoke off U-Haul, the top of this truck, and the site.

With these 3 smokes you will be able to push in and take the site easily. You then want to place the sage wall right here to stop enemies from pushing your smokes. Obviously with the recent Sage wall nerf this wall is going to be weaker than usual but this take is still very strong. A small tip to add on to this as well is to molly off U-haul as you push in to stop the defenders from pushing through your smokes. Alright I think we’ve focused a little to much on attack so I want to re-focus on one of the most detrimental mistakes that defenders make on Bind all the time. The mistake I’m talking about is not rotating quick enough and then trying to retake the B bombsite. The B bombsite can be incredibly hard to retake especially if you are going through CT to labs. Knowing this, we want to make sure our A players rotate quickly. This will allow you to hold onto this bombsite easier and prevent your team from getting into those sticky retake situations. And you might be wondering, well what about A site? If the enemies take A site it is MUCH easier to retake considering you can easily get players to push from showers, heaven, ct, mid and even quickly through U-haul.

Having all these options makes it much easier to retake, and if somethings not working, switch it up. Don’t be afraid to put an extra player on B or even A if you are having trouble holding it. Let’s go ahead and talk about another attacker side tip for Bind now. This one is again going to use that key detail on Bind that is the teleporter. As an attacker you can actually predict and force the defenders to move very easily with a couple of teleporting tricks. For instance, you can be B long and teleport to A shower side. The enemies will start to rotate towards A because they think you are going here. Well now you can head to A mid and teleport back to the B site.

The enemies will now rotate back to B. Now that you’ve done all that you can quickly head right back to A mid and plant on A site. Trick plays like this work surprisingly well if 2 factors are met. First you need to make sure you have at least 3-4 players teleporting. If only 1 person teleports the defenders won’t care. The second factor is you need to try and get a pick on one of the sites so that the opponents are forced to make some sort of rotation to compensate. If everyone is alive they might just stay in there original position and all the effort on your part was for nothing. Alright, we’ve already talked about a ton of tips but we are only halfway done, that right there is the skill capped difference. Now for number 6 we are going to be showing you all a one way smoke that is essential for every player to know. This smoke is super simple but also super deadly. All you need to do is toss a smoke on to this box and play on site. This works with almost every character that has a smoke but i’ve found brimstone works the best.

The reason this works so well is because of the elevation change from mid to site. You can use this to your advantage and hold site while the enemies can’t even see you. On the other hand though, if you see this smoke while you are trying to go through, make sure you wait. Walking through this is basically a guaranteed death for you. Next up we have tip number 7. This one is going to fully revolve around ultimate orbs and how to control them on Bind. First it is important to understand why these orbs are important, especially on this map. The first reason is obviously the main purpose of them and that is to get your ultimate. The more times you can use your most powerful ultimate ability, the better chances you have to win some rounds. The second, maybe more important reason is the positioning of these orbs. You have one in showers and one on B long. Anytime a defender gets to one of these orbs they get a lot of information. That is why you need to be doing your best to contest these and not give them up for free to often on either side.

Especially on attack I would highly recommend you have someone lurk on the opposite side just to protect and grab that ult orb because like I said if a defender is able to gran it for free they then know that you are at the other bombsite. And speaking of defenders pushing through sites how about for number 8 we talk about flanking and why it is so useful on this map. Flanking is especially strong through 2 areas of the map, those 2 are B long, and showers. These are so strong not only because they have the ultimate orbs, but they also are on the outside of the map. This means as you push through and try to get behind the enemy you only have to worry about one side. And to add on top of that, you have multiple options from these positions.

You can decide to go through spawn, market, even back to A mid if you want from either one of these flanks. Try to vary how your playing and consider flanking through on some rounds on defense to see how the enemies will respond. If you can do it and consistently grab kills by doing so then by all means keep doing it. BUT if the opponents are catching on think about how you can switch it up and not be predictable. Moving on to number 9 we have the most controversial of this list and that is using the awp on defense. With the current meta of Valorant the awp is very strong, specifically on defense. There are a couple reasons the awp is so strong right now but that is for another video.

Right now I want to teach you exactly how you can use it to your advantage. The main variable here that you want to pay attention to while awping is your position. There are a lot of strong positions to play with an awp but a couple stand out on bind. On A site you have heaven, U-haul, and fast showers. Heaven is very strong if you don’t get smoked off. U-haul gives you a great chance to hold mid and also fall off to site if needed, and then going fast showers and holding the door almost guarantees a kill on anyone that runs through unless they can use abilities to force you off this angle. On B site you have the fast hookah peek, the B-long hold, and on top of box. Fast hookah peek is dangerous but can be a great aggressive awp play to get an early kill, B-long is strong because you have one spot to hold but it is also very common, and finally on box is insane if you have long control.

You can look into hookah and grab a kill and then easily fall off and re-peek from a new angle. I’m sure you can now see how strong awps are on Bind and I want you all to consider trying to add the awp to your list of guns you are good with. Finally we have tip number 10 which is learn lineups and agent specific tips for your character on Bind. There are so many great guides and strategies you can use on Bind with literally every single agent so learning the best tactics for your agent will put you way above your competition. I can’t go over every single agent specific tip but do some of your own research and find out how you can use your agent’s abilities to the fullest of there potential. And remember, if you want to improve, win more gun fights, and get the rank you’ve always wanted then check out skill-capped.com, Link in the description below. Alright that is going to wrap up todays skill capped guide.

We went over 10 of the craziest tips on the map bind and even explained how you all can win yourself more of those games. If you learned anything from this video then consider dropping a like, and while your down there go ahead and hit that subscribe button as well so that you can keep up with the best Valorant guides on YouTube. I hope you did enjoy this skill capped guide and good luck, good half, and good game..

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