Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped in this guide, we’ll be going over the aggressive strategies. The player asu uses to get more kills and top frag in his games on the map, bind in defense, gaining map control and finding information for your team aggressively early on to the round can net you lots of frags and wins in solo queue now playing aggressively In defense is pretty risky, you need to have the mechanics and be precise with your aim to be able to execute these plays with high succession. Come check out our previous video on asu, where we break down three aiming techniques. He uses to allow him to play aggressively which can hopefully help you do the same. Also, we’ve analyzed how he’s played defense on haven so come check that video out too, keep in mind playing aggressively on defense requires you to be flexible and adaptive at all times.

Asu always adapts to changes in situations and fills in gaps where his teammates cannot luckily we’ll be breaking down different variations of the same play. To give you guys a better idea of asus thought process and how he is such an amazing solo queue player before we get into that we’re excited to announce our brand new hyper, improved platform specifically designed to help you improve fast at skillcap.com, you’ll. Finally, learn: how to level up your aim: different techniques to win a gunfight and so much more. We have professional courses on every single agent map and mechanic in ballarant. This is backed by the top pros players and coaches to make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date and accurate info possible. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll improve using our system that we offer a rank improvement, guarantee check it out yourself in the link below simply put in what rank you’re currently stuck at and find out what rank you’re guaranteed by using our system. So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank?

You’Ve always wanted at skillcap.com link in the description below alright, so jumping into our first strategy. Asu actually loves pushing out a short and fight, either the right or left side in the cubby. We’Ll be seeing three variations of how he aggressively tackles this area of the map. Now before we continue the clip notice how asus team is structured, we have two players in a and three players. In b, this defense is heavily leaned towards b-side. What normally happens is that the b-side of players would aggress a little more on the map due to the numbers advantage. Finding early information on b-side will allow for decisions to either early rotate or aggressively.

Push on the a-side since bind is a relatively small map with multiple rotation options using the teleporter pushing areas of the map and finding early information is crucial in defense. The advantage and trick behind pushing this cubby section in short, a is that the offensive players on the right side actually can’t see you get into it. When the barrier goes down now be aware, the left side still sees you get into the corner, so be prepared to take that fight if needed. That being said, though, asu breaks the norm and decides to play aggressively on a anyways, regardless of the number’s disadvantage on his side of the map. This is a rather risky play because, if asu were to die, it would leave cipher alone on the site and would most likely be unable to stall in time for the rotate to happen for the players on the other side of the map. On the other hand, though, since asu does play jet, he can always just dash away safely. If anything were to happen. Let’S resume the clip before the round starts. Asus teammate tells him to watch his left and he’ll bait for the rank.

Let’S find out what you left this play is ideal, because if the enemies were to come, they would be too focused on the cipher and divert the attention away from the corner. Aesu is on. It will make the likeliness of them checking the cubby very low, as asu gets into the cubby. He doesn’t hear anything and decides to push notice how he is consistently watching the map and seeing what his teammates are doing and checking if any question marks appear that reveal the enemy’s position. This is important when pushing aggressively a lot of people. Stop looking at the minimap and just blindly push which causes them to make a poor decision. The soviet arrow reveals two people on long b, which gives asu enough information to confirm it is a b-side to push for the enemy team because of that crucial piece of information. Asu decides to hold the left and wait for the enemy players from long to wrap back into hookah. He gets an easy kill and even finds the bomb planter in the process. This in itself is already a huge benefit for the team and allows everybody to play around the bomb drop. Asu then proceeds to kill the lurker in the shower, who was trying to retrieve the bomb and grab a 3k in total.

That round strong way to start off the defensive half now onto the next clip here’s an example of why this cubby is so powerful to get into and how difficult it is to deal with. If you ignore or forget about checking it before, we start the clip, though, let’s take a quick look on the map. This time, asus team is heavily leaned towards the a side. This allows him to be more aggressive and take fights without losing as much comparative to the previous clip. If asu were to die in this situation, it wouldn’t be a total loss in the round, because there are still two people guarding the site. We can see that the phoenix is in position ready to flash for asu if needed and sova is also going to arrow and shower to gain early information. Everybody on this side of the map is ready to grab early information, which is the ideal thing to do when stacking a site. Let’S resume the clip right off the bat, we can see a barely missed flash from the enemy breach, followed by lots of footsteps.

This allows asu to pre-aim the right corner and be prepared for the enemies coming out notice. How he’s positioned in a way the left corner doesn’t see him. This is the safest spot to take the duel for the people coming from the right side. With the burst of his vandal. Asu immediately gives an advantage for his team. He tries to smoke himself out, but becomes a target for the breech earthquake to land. Jet is an amazing character at getting out of these sticky situations. Asu brilliantly uses the dash and gets himself out of this doomed predicament as the enemies start to collapse into the site. We can see that phoenix throws out the flash which he was initially positioned for in the beginning of the round, although it didn’t exactly help asu the phoenix gets a frag on the enemy breach, which stops the push onto a site indefinitely. The kill on the omen afterwards is just icing on the cake.

Without a doubt, this round was carried by asu with the initial kill on the enemy upper and then holding it down with the phoenix afterwards. Let’S review the differences in the two clips we’ve seen so far when asu does not hear or see any players, he decides to look at the map and attempt to push forward depending on his teammate’s information, but when he does hear immediate footsteps, he prepares for the Fight in the right corner and dashes out, if he’s ever put in a bad situation, remember guys any 2v1 situation is 99 of the time, a bad situation.

All the pros are already instinctually, avoiding these positions, so you should also do the same. So for the last variation. We have an off angle for a great operator spot that ninety percent of the time works at least once a game before the barrier drops. Asus starts from heaven and floats to the box next to the truck. This might take some practice, because the strafe at the beginning is important for maximum distance, also make sure to have your knife out, because you do jump further with it. With this technique, you can save an extra 100 credit at the beginning to use on another smoke, because updraft was not needed after you’re, on top of the truck float to the right pillar and stand on top to have a killer, off-angle setup, unfortunately, for the enemy Jet we can see her pre-aiming towards u-haul and instantly taken out by surprise by this angle.

The strategy makes for a great 4v5 advantage on defense side using the op after opting as short, a regular pattern. Asu follows is going to showers to mix it up, since he is up against immortal and above ranked players, they tend to not fall for the same trick twice, although in this round he does not get any initial kills, but in the next clip we see asu Getting a successful kill even with two enemies pushing into showers the killjoy nanoswarm was easily evaded due to jet’s ability to escape almost any 2v1 situation. The showers fight in general is mostly a very long ranged. One asu tends to use primarily the operator to fight in this area to reduce any risk of losing in that situation.

If you see the minimap having two people cover short, a would allow for enough time to stall and, at the same time, cover all the angles associated with that area of the map. Holding showers with an operator provides the highest chance of success in winning the fight and gives a heavy presence of control to the eight corner of the map. Now, let’s move on looking into how asu deals with defense on b, we’ll start with how he plays in hookah showing two variations of the play. To better understand, though, i want to clarify that this area of the map is actually the hardest to push out completely, due to the fact that there are many angles to cover and you’re kind of in the open.

If you decide to peek out, let’s start off by looking at the map again, we see that asus team is stacked towards the b side, which enables him to play aggressively without taking that much risk notice how we’re in the second round of the game. This is significant because asu won the round before which gives their team a major buy advantage. It is very likely the enemy team would save for the next round, which gives asu more confidence in winning these fights. In this clip, we can see that asu is steadily pushing out and keeps his crosshair in the market area. As predicted, though, we find the enemy kilroy with a pistol and a helpless in front of a spectre after the frag asu decides to back up from hookah and rotate back into sight. Why do you guys actually think he made that decision?

Why did he decide not to keep on pushing and flank the a players i’ll give you a hint look at the mini map? If you thought it was because the allied jet has already pushed into market, then you are correct. Since asu has pushed out, hookah jet has already pushed out short. The cipher is currently looking at long b and the only possible area the enemy can be is in showers, as asu is running back to spawn the enemy players from shower, fall back to shore and overwhelm the jet to reveal their positions because of the opening. The enemy silva was able to push through a short and onto the site, as shown on the minimap, regardless, though asus team quickly cleans things up and win the round now, for the other variation of the short push that asu.

Does he peeks out very slowly again, but this time he is met with three people staring and waiting in this situation? It is always best to take a quick fight and run back honestly. This is probably what would happen most of the time if you were to peek out hookah without any utility like what he did. The outcome is never good if you overstayed the peak in that situation due to the wall bangs that can potentially be lethal. Again. Remember being in anything, more than a 1v1 situation is always bad. Now, let’s take a look at long b and some options asu uses to play this open area.

Obviously he mostly uses the operator in this section of the map. It is the strongest weapon are holding any long range locations, as mentioned before. There are actually two different ways of holding this angle, though the first being holding the top for when the enemy peeks out further away and the bottom, when the enemy peaks close to the wall. If we analyze the mechanics involved in how asu holds the angle, he seems to prefer aiming a little high to catch the enemies from peeking out further away. Unfortunately, he only lands a shot on reyna’s leg, but this in itself can show how effective holding long b is with an operator. As you can see, the plays asu makes all depend on different situations that happen around him. Sometimes you don’t need to push all the way to get your team an advantage.

It’S good to know when you have a good position where you get lots of information or even better a couple of frags to help win your team. The round and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank you’ve always wanted, then check out skillcap.com in the link in the description below alright. So let us know in the comment section below which part of the map on bind you have most success on playing aggressively in and while you’re down there leave a like and hit that subscribe button with bells on to get more premium guides that help you improve. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching and we’ll see you again next time.

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