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Hello, everyone and welcome to another skill cap guide in this guide. You will learn 25 tips and tricks to help bring your game to the next level. This information has been curated by the top valor and players and coaches who have spent countless hours of research. To give you the most effective and up-to-date tips that you won’t find anywhere else remember to click the sub button and the bell icon to keep up. To date, with the most high quality valor guides that you will find most of these tips argued towards beginners, but I bet that there will be a couple of tips that even you high-level players don’t know to start. Let’S go over a very basic tip that many players don’t know. You see this gray circle on your mini-map. This is the distance that your footsteps can be heard by other players and valent. You are very loud while running, remember to walk whenever you don’t want your enemies to know where you are so many times. I see players run and hide behind a wall only to get sprayed down by an enemy that heard them, and this leads me straight into my next tip, which is learning which walls are able to be shot through and which are not every time you shoot a Wall an effect takes place.

Paying attention to this effect will let you know whether your bullets are going through the wall or not. Here we see when we shoot this wall, the bullets of an orange spark and a spiderweb crack pattern on the wall. This indicates that your bullets are not going through the wall. On the other hand, when we shoot this wall, we see a puff of smoke and a black hole is left on the wall. This means your bullets are going through the wall and hitting whatever is on the other side. Now anytime you’re trying to get that cheeky wall, bang kill, be sure your bullets are actually going through for our third tip. We are going to be going over some important economy information that many of you don’t know. For instance, did you know when you go into your buy menu? You can actually see how many minimum credits we will have next round. You can use this information to know whether you should full buy or even save. Remember you need 3900 credits to buy a rifle and heavy armor. Not only will you know how many credits you will have a next round, you can also check your scoreboard to see how many credits, the enemy team, is starting with, knowing how many credits the enemy team has at the start of the round is very useful because You can predict how they will play if the other team has less than 3,000 credits.

You can expect them to save and maybe play some close corners use this to triumph dict and reacts to how you think they will be playing another thing to pay attention to, while playing is who is actually playing at each bomb site. This is tip number 4. When attacking memorize, what positions the enemy is playing that way when you get a pic you’ll know which mob side is empty at the same time, if you spot an enemy at a bomb site, he doesn’t usually play. This can mean the over. She was stacking that bomb site and the other area of the map that the enemy usually plays is empty and easily taken always try to keep these things in mind while on attack side, so you can exploit the defending teams weaknesses. Now, let’s talk about tip number 5, which is knowing when to spray and when to burst your weapon, the further you move away from your target, the harder it gets to effectively spray and kill the target. As you get further from your enemies, you want to shoot less bullets. On the other hand, when you’re very close to the target you’re in a hold down, left mouse button and try and control your spray, this will secure you to kill faster than if you were to try and burst fire.

This target down for tip number 6 we’re going to talk about sound and Valarie sound is almost as important as sight. You can find enemy positions, gain useful Intel and even get free kills off their normal abilities. Don’T make sound when pulled out, but they do make sound when used. Each ability has a different distance at which it can be heard as well. For instance, a brimstone smoke is heard much further away than a Phoenix knowledge. One thing to keep in mind is that ultimate abilities, on the other hand, make the audio cue as soon as you press the ultimate button now on to tip number seven, which is going to help you get more kills by making sure you stay alive longer. Let’S talk about when to use abilities, most abilities in valor are used as utility to help obscure vision or help you move to an unexpected area. Using these abilities, while out in the open, is extremely dangerous and will get you killed instead. Try to keep behind cover, while using the abilities. The same goes through loading. Many new players will reload after shooting only a couple of bullets. This puts you in a vulnerable position and you should instead wait until you have a safe area that you can hide and reload. I and our next couple of tips are going to be some small things that you can do to take your gameplay to the next level.

For instance, tip number 8 drop the spike behind you, while you’re attacking your main objective is to get the down and defend it until it explodes so as a defender as soon as you see Bob you rotate over to it. We want to try and prevent the defending team from gaining this information by dropping the spike in a safe area that the enemies won’t see to ensure that they don’t get this crucial info. This can be as simple as dropping it behind you in hookah on bind before you push and then going back to grab it afterwards, so that the other team has to still be cautious about where the spike actually is moving on to tip number nine. Let’S talk more about our abilities, specifically our ultimate abilities and Valerie. You get your ultimate ability after gaining six or seven ultimate points depending on your agent. You can get these points by getting kills defusing and planning the spike dying and even collecting the ultimate orbs. The spawner on the map, you can use your scoreboard to check and see how many ultimate points you and the other team have. The other team’s ultimate status is also shown at the top of your screen. A yellow highlight instead, their ultimate charged and a green highlight, indicates that their open is in use another way to help increase. Your kill count, though, is with tip number ten and that’s positioning your crosshair at head level. Keep your crosshair at head level is probably one of the most important things to learn as a beginner consciously remember it and keep your cross her up at head level will gather you many many more free kills and coming in at tip number 11.

We have how to stay alive while peeking angles, one of the most common mistakes players make is over peeking or wide swinging, giving a habit of peeking one angle at a time as you turn a corner, instead of over exposing yourself to multiple angles through wide swinging. This will allow you to isolate your fights to one view ones rather than having to deal with multiple enemies. At a time now, tip number 12 is going to revolve around the Settings menu rather than your gameplay. There are a ton of settings in valent that can impact your gameplay a lot. Let’S start by talking about sensitivity, if you come from a different popular FPS game and you want to use that sensitivity, here’s a chart that shows the conversions from many other popular games. If you’re a new player trying to find the best at stivity for you there’s one simple rule to follow, this is the 180 rule start by putting your mouse on the furthest left side of your mousepad to drag your mouse all the way to the right side. You should do about a 180 degree turn. This is just a baseline too.

So definitely do some tweaking and find something that feels right to you. Another setting that is important is your enemy highlight color, you can choose to have your enemy highlight color, on red purple or yellow. Obviously, if you are colorblind to one of these colors make something different, but try to experiment with different colors to see which you prefer. You are already one step ahead of the other players by watching this video as well. If you want to keep improving hit that subscribe button and bell icon to keep up with all of the most premium skill cap guides now moving on. Let’S talk about tip number 13, which is to get extremely proficient with one agent right now in Valerie, you have the option of 10 agents. You can choose instead of randomly picking different agents. You should instead try to find one that you enjoy playing and try to get really good with this agent.

Let’S say, for instance, you decide to get really good at sova. Well, instead of just playing sova constantly also spend time to learn different airline ups and research, how some of the top, so that’s our plane for tip number 14. Let’S talk about how rotates can affect your gameplay, let’s say you’re on attack many times, players will get a pic on one site and instantly decide they have to execute on it. Just because you’ve got a pic on one site, it doesn’t always mean you have to hard execute on it. If you’re too slow take advantage of the pic, the enemy will often rotate players to defend the area that you just got a pickup. Consider using this pic as a fake, the enemy will think you’re pushing the site that you got a pick at and over rotate players to defend it instead rotate to the other side of the map where is likely empty at the same time, just because you’re on Defense and playing a site doesn’t mean you play there the whole time if three or more enemies are spotted somewhere else, and especially if the spike has spotted it’s okay to preemptively rotate.

This choice is to rotate is often dictated by how the enemy team is playing. If every time they’re spotted somewhere, they commit to pushing that site, then rotate faster on defense. But if every time you get a pick on attack, the enemy team instantly rotates their whole team to defend the site, rotate to the opposite site and take the empty one. Over there now that tip on taking sites is very useful, but it’s not as useful, if you don’t know, tip number 15, which is one of the biggest mistakes that new players make so many times. I see new players give enemies 1v1 over and over again when they could. Instead, trade, the when a teammate is speaking a corner, be ready to peek as soon as they get into a gunfight so that you can trade kills. This may look like you’re baiting teammates, but it’s actually a core fundamental in tactical FPS games and moving on to tip number 16. We have taking your time, especially when attacking many players commit to a fast execute on a bombsight with their teammates, as if they’re, a professional, five-man team, it’s okay to spread out and look for picks. This is referred to as playing default once you get a pick, this weakens the enemies, defense and forces them to start rotating players to fill in the gap, creating opportunities for you to execute a lot of times.

This is much more effective than trying to run an advanced execute on a bombsight. We talked about tip number 17 earlier, but let’s go more in depth, I’m going to explain how you can use sound to your advantage and why this is so important to start. I think it goes without saying you need to make sure your volume is loud enough to hear enemy footsteps, as well as everything else that is happening after you make sure you can hear everything correctly. You need to pay attention to what different sounds. Sound like an especially important part of this is the direction that footsteps are coming from. Moving on many players explained to me that they understand the game, but can’t seem to improve their aim to help secure the kills that they so desperately need. This is why tip number 18 revolves around training. Ballard gives us a free aim, trainer built into the game, which is very useful while in your main menu go here, then click practice. This will bring you to the training ground. There are many options you can do while in this training ground, but I will give you the most useful for training your aim. The first test that I would do to warm up in practice is right here in the shooting range click f3 to check the settings and set the bots to easy try to kill as many bots as you can, while in this mode a 30 is considered a Perfect score this warm-up or training routine will help you more and more with reaction time flicks, whereas the next routine will help more thraw aim.

The next training you can do is simply call to practice. You can activate this by shooting the square here on the board. This will spawn a ton of bots that will auto respawn, spend five to ten minutes, focusing on hitting headshots on these bots as new ones spawn go ahead and take them out as quickly as you can. This is my personal favorite way to warm up and practice, as it is also the most versatile tip. Number 19 is the key to winning your Balor games, and this is communication. Communicating with your team is absolutely essential to being a good player into winning more games. You want to make sure your teammates have all of the information that you have. This will help everyone understand exactly what is going on throughout the game, while still focused on getting kills. If your entire team implements this and communicates, you will know everything that is going on on the entire map. Hopefully, you understand why this could be so so useful, along with the topic of communication.

Let’S talk about call-outs, which happens to be tip number 20 and valor people communicate with call-out. Essentially, these are nicknames for different areas of the map, so that you can most efficiently deliver information. For instance, if someone is playing in heaven, it is much easier to say one heaven, rather than there’s a player in the room above the site on the right side. Learning these calls for every map will not only help you understand who teammates better, but it will make you a better teammate, as you can tell your team where enemies are without causing confusion, don’t be scared to turn your mic and start calling things you see out. Even if you don’t have a microphone, try to use the in-game text, chat or even ping features to help deliver information to your team. Next up, we have a very simple tip. We touched on some earlier for tip number 21.

We have walk, don’t run. We already talked about just how important audio is in valor, but we didn’t explain just how much footstep sounds affect gameplay and valor running is super loud try to walk as much as possible, so you don’t get away your position to the enemy team. On the flip side, you can exploit your enemies by listening, for their footsteps then predict the position that they will be in and pre-fire them for a free, easy kill at tip number 22. We have their your gun usage. Almost every weapon and valor is useful. Even the LMGs, so if you don’t have enough credits for a phantom or vandal, buy something new, especially depending on what round it is. These cheap guns can do some major damage.

For instance, the Ares is only 1600 credits, but can shred through entire teams in just one clip tube number 23 is a great way to improve a ballot. While you aren’t even playing the game – and this is by watching high-level valor and game playing guides, watching streams and videos that are made by people that are better is a great way to learn how to take your game to the next level for tip number 24. We’Re going to talk about map awareness, staying aware of what is going on on the other side of the map is very important. There’S a lot of information that can be seen in your mini-map to help you better understand what is going on during the game. The map shows all of your teammates positions, what they’re watching where the spike is, and even when your teammates see an enemy, keep checking the map regularly, especially when your team is not using voice comps and on to our final tip.

This might be one of the most important and that is tip number 25. Get creative with your playstyle. Do the unexpected and valor predicting what the other team is going to do can be easy at times make sure you are doing things that the other team will not expect. For instance, let’s say all game you’ve been smoking off this hallway and falling off well. Instead of smoking, falling off smoke it off and push through get creative with how you play and use your abilities to keep the enemy teams on their toes and hopefully start winning you more games wow. We just went over 25 tips and tricks that will help all of you win more games, get more kills and be a better teammate, which tip was the most helpful for you. Let us know in the comment section down below also, if you want to keep up with some of the best Valor content on YouTube, be sure to hit that subscribe, button Bell, icon and leave a like if you found this video helpful. Thank you for watching the skull cap guide. This has been carnage and I hope to see you in the next one.

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