BEST Agents PRO TIER LIST – Valorant Patch 1.08


Hello, everyone, My name, is Jack. Welcome to Skillcapped. Today we are going to discuss the best Agents for high level Ranked and Pro Play This video is the counterpart to our recent Solo Queue Tier List. So if you are looking for the best Agents to play when lone-wolfing in the Valorant Wilderness make sure you check out that video first, But for those of you looking to better understand why the best players in the world pick their team composition the way they do.

Then this is the video for you. We based our rankings off what we observed from the highest level tournaments, as well as the opinions from various pro players, coaches and our own staff here at Skill Capped With that, we will be ranking all Agents in Valorant from S to S A B C and D tier With this knowledge at your disposal, you and your friends can make sure that you arent making mistakes before the game has started and give yourself the best possible team composition to win no matter what you encounter.

Regardless, though, always keep in mind that these types of List are subjective its possible to win in Valorant, no matter what Agents you bring into a match and many teams put different value in different Agents depending many factors, we simply cant account. For That being said, if you think there should be Agents ranked differently on this list, then make sure to leave it in the comments down below. But before we get into that, are you struggling to win gunfights? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered at you’ll. Finally, learn: how to level up your aim: different techniques to win, gun fights and so much more

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So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank? You’Ve always wanted at link in the description below Jumping right into our number 1 Agents. In the S tier, The Agents in S are far and away the best in Valorant and depending on how far you take it, it isnt unfair to declare these agents Overpowered. Our S, Agents are Omen, Jett and Breach Now. Breach may be a surprise to the savy. In the audience, as prior to his recent buffs Breach had been left in relative obscurity since the beta

The thing is, despite that high level coaches have been saying that they hoped Breach wouldnt be buffed because of how easily he could become one of the best and most annoying characters in the game and thats exactly what happened. We’Ve only seen Breach at one tournament, post 1.07, that featured top EU or NA teams, and that was the recent BLAST. Twitch Invitational, at that tournament Breach shot up to an 83 % pickrate across the entire tournament and create seismic impact throughout The changes to Breach seemed minor.

On the surface, The extra flash, the small delay reduction between flashes, his ultimate deploying faster and the now obviously huge change of his concussion debuff, not allowing Ops to rescope and being pulled out of scope upon being debuffed. But all of that equaled out to Breach going from possibly annoying but hard to use to being absolutely demonic when played in a structured team. Weve all seen the memes of Jett’s OPing, a corner, then getting hit by a concussion stun into 3 flash bangs back to back to back then hit by an ultimate and just having a bad time, but thats not an isolated issue.

Considering the griped of the “ Operator MetaTM”, You should definitely be asking why you dont, have a Breach to deal with it. Breach is going to cement himself into a similar spot. That Sage had A near must pick due to the versatility of having a kit perfect for Stall and Anchor on defense and great Offensive potential. The big difference being Breach being far better as an attacker, then defender, but definitely no slouch. There is no bad map to play Breach and, if you hate Ops, then become a Breach main today, Our other 2 S Agents are no surprise to anyone. Omen and Jett are by far the two best Agents in the game and see near universal usage in any. Given tournament or High Elo ranked game Lets start with Omen. The king controller Omen is the default pick for smoke utility in Valorant hes, better than Brimstone by a country mile and about 2 or 3 continents in front of Viper

Omen also has the benefits of being a fantastic site anchor easily rivaling the Sentinels who are designed for that job Having the biggest longest lasting and easiest to cast safely. Smokes also gives Omen a big edge as a set up player on Attack and Defense. The things that push Omen over the edge into OP territory to many players are his Paranoia and teleports, making him the most slippery Defender on a site and annoying to deal with on Attack with quick repositioning potential. Arguably Omens best ability is his Paranoia. I mean lets not mince words here paranoia has a case for the strongest ability in the game. The reality is, despite many abilities, being able to kill stun or generally annoy people they all cant rival. What Omen can do with this ability?

Paranoia has the ability to stifle an entire push and be deployed from anywhere. You can reach your intended target and be tossed through any cover Its the perfect defensive/offensive tool. And if you could only better tell when you are going to paranoia your teammates, then it would be undoubtedly broken. Rounds can almost entirely revolve around getting Omen to use his Paranoia for little value, and that speaks volumes for his greater impact on the game. For any player, who wants to play a supporting role or be the leader facilitating strats Omen is easily the best Agent for you to pick in the game.

Talking about the total opposite of Omen, Jett has been a terror in the game for some time now and has directly contributed to the Operator Meta, and the many calls for both it and her to be nerfed. Jett is by far the best Duelist in the game and sees near universal usage for any team with dedicated Operator play. Her kit perfectly facilitates the abuse of the Operator and similar cheesier weapons, like the Judge and Shorty

Jett gets the benefits of being able to play super aggressively, while also having a mistake remover in many situations, her Dash Its unbelievably annoying to use something like a Smoke to cover Mid on Split but then get fragged by a Jett who pushed through Oped. You then back dashed into the smoke to avoid the trade from a teammate, Its these kinds of plays that have driven people mad with Jett over time. A thing I personally dont rate enough and was pointed out by Hiko in his recent Agent tier list, is how good Jett smokes are at creating one-ways

Its not something I had really considered. As for most players, myself included, Jett smokes were just used for quick cover in pushes, but it makes a lot of sense Because Jett smokes deploy once they hit any surface, you can simply throw them head high onto any wall and create a one way. Angle. Im. Definitely interested to see that explored further, but I dont know if we will Its no secret that Jett and the Op meta are clearly on the chopping block for the next major update, and I fully expect both a major nerf to the Operator and probably to Jett Herself, I think, of all our S and S, tier Agents. Jett is definitely next to get the Sage treatment and I think that her decline is just over the horizon. But for now, while she’s as is, and your a duelist player with no preferential pick PLAY JETT Heading a tier down, we find ourselves looking at the S tier Agents.

Agents put here are some of the best in the game, but arent necessary to every team comp or map They half few flaws, but those flaws do contribute to their status being below the Agents in the S Tier Starting off. Our S, tier is Cypher. Cypher easily. Has the best case on this remaining list to be considered s or even overpowered in some eyes, However, while useful in any circumstance, I think Cypher’s has sufficient draw backs that to me hes fairly well, balanced and doesnt feel to me to be in an Unhealthy state. Cypher’S kit needs no explination, some of the best defensive Anchoring in the game via his trip-wires push denial in his cages, intel from his Camera and a situationally beneficial ult.

We all know the inherent strength of Cypher, But he does come with a fair few downsides. Trip-Wires on Offense, almost only get used to cover flanks and arent, really proactive at all. Cypher cages become decent but very limited smokes and his camera maintains the most usefulness, but it becomes more map dependent like Ascent or Split, whereas it goes down heavily on Haven or Bind attack. I would say: Cyphers biggest weakness is his ult and thats just down to the situationality of the ability Needing line of site, a recent kill and be in range all can be of great constraint to the Cypher player. He easily has the lowest ultimate usage in the game, but its not a big enough issue to detract from his overall benefits, backed up by his generally very high pickrate. Since the start of the Ignition Series tournaments

Our Other S, tier Agent, is Sova and full disclosure. I think its perfectly fair to swap Sova between A and S depending entirely on how you see his benefits, but based on what ive seen across the tournaments ive watched as well as my own experiences in Ranked i think, Sova deserves the S tier spot.

Sova is the best flex pick in the game, hes not necessary to the team, but has dominant impact when played correctly. His kit is versatile and useful on Offense and Defense and while he struggles on Haven and Split hes amazing on Ascent and Bind Sova, doesnt have many downsides, but he suffers from not being in the must pick category unless you have premade strategies going into a match. Its rare to first pick lock in that Sova player, and he often ends up being that last pick fill Agent. This isnt a bad thing and its undeniable how good Sova can be, especially in games against Cypher Killjoy or Both those Shock. Darts allow instant clearing of heavy utility if you lack a Raze to do the same.

Sova can be one of the best characters on Ascent with Recon Dart assisted Odin spam, and he does really well on Bind because of how much Recon darts can cover on that map. Specifically, The Owl Drone is also easily the least costly Scouting tool in the game and its invaluable when used well. Moving on to our next tier Agents in the A tier are significantly better than the Agents below them on this list. They may be more map specific. Then those above them and end up being fill picks in the cores built out of our S or S, tier Agents, but are still undoubtedly amazing. Choices. Lets start with the easiest candidate to move up into the S tier if any of his competition above shifts out of favor

Phoenix is easily the best Agent outside of the S tier strata and, if you were to ask most pros, who is the best Duelist outside of Jett players like Hiko, would answer instantly Phoenix Phoenix offers the third or fourth, if you’re, a Reyna, stan best flash ability In the game, But where Breach and Omen have stuns that last longer or have more of them, Phoenix strikes the balance of bringing two flashes that have great versatility in deployment Without a single doubt, Phoenix’s ultimate has a claim for the best ultimate in the game Run. It Back has a 6 charge cost and considering Phoenix players will be often slotted into the Entry roll on a team. Phoenix ends up getting significantly more ults per game than other characters and because of its impact, can be gained with relative ease, there’s rarely hesitation or a situation where you shouldnt use, Run it Back. In his recent Agent tier list, Hiko said that great Phoenix players could get 3 or more ultimates per half in a game, and the potential impact of that is massive to conisder.

Phoenix is strong on all maps, but currently loses first choice slot to Jett in terms of Duelists. But if a team prefers a second duelist in lieu of a Breach or Sova, then Phoenix is the first consideration. Prior to the most recent Satchel nerfs in 1.8, Raze and Phoenix were basically interchangable as a teams. Second Duelist pick, and if this video was done about a month from now, I think Raze would land lower, because currently the meta is turning against Raze at high level play. Not only does Raze not do well on maps like Bind and Ascent with Sage getting blasted out of the must pick meta.

The Sage/Raze combo is effectively gone Prior to 1.7, Raze and Sage could create a massive synergistic combo that enable Raze to get the most out of her nades and showstopper ultimate via abusing Sage Slow orbs, With that combo going way down in viability and Raze no longer Being able to instantly abuse Satchel damage to take 1v1s in their favor, I fully expect Raze to go down in viability in the next few months, assuming no more changes to her kit. I still think that, as of right now, she deserves her A ranking based on performance in recent tournaments and viability in ranked, but I wanted to be transparent and represent the growing number of issues with playing Raze

Killjoy is easily the surprise pick of this list and it mainly comes from my perception of the game. Most other tier lists have Killjoy and Reyna swapped between A and B, but I personally think Killjoy is a lot better. Then people are giving her credit for The Sentry is one of the best tools for annoyance and stall in the game and borderline overpowered in the pistol rounds. Nano swarms can be set up in a variety of spots to create great impact, both defensive and offensively, and her Alarm bot offers up great flank coverage and wombo-combo setups on defense, with Nano swarms. Killjoy’S ultimate is probably my current favorite ability and, beyond my own bias, I think the impact and play potential is currently being shown at a break neck pace.

From great attacking takes to push people off of sites to Last man, standing defensive holds where you slap the detail down behind cover and keep the attackers from taking control of the site. Detain represents all of the best aspects of ultimates in this game. Its strong with strong downsides and can be defeated, but when executed well is absolutely deadly. Killjoy really only has one weak map, and that to me is Bind especially with how much better Cypher is in her stead, But all in all, I think Killjoy has a great spot in the meta and can be very valuable in ranked despite her issues at the Pro level B tier agents are good, but not great and are almost always considered to be less useful, then others and really only brought out by enthusiasts or dedicated team compositions. Our only B tier Agent is Reyna

Reyna to me is the worst duelist in the game at the Pro level, while being far and away one of the biggest nightmares at low level play in ranked. I think there is a certain point where the skill levels in ranked make Reyna significantly worse. Her kit entirely relies on getting frags and if you can suppress or stall out her ability to do that, then she goes way down. Dont get me wrong. Players like Scream and TenZ do make Reyna look good at times and play her to a high efficacy. At the highest levels of play, but those are outliers, Two of the most mechanically gifted players in Valorant play her decently, but still dont have high winrates in tournaments, with her isnt, a proof of concept to me.

I dont think Reyna is underpowered btw. I dont know how you change Reyna for this phoenomina to go away, but as of right now, Reyna is a skill check, character and high level. Players should never struggle to deal with her, except for fringe cases. C. Tier agents are not necessary to a winning team composition, but people may pick them for very specific niche usages. Our first C tier Agent is Sage, still realing from her sudden plumet from being an S tier Agent to being seen as obsolete by most pros.

However, I think Sage will maintain some viability, always assuming she doesnt get a buff in the near future, because at the end of the day the Rez is an amazing tool and her kit is still good, but it lost its biggest appeal. Post 1.7 Sage is no longer able to completely negate pushes like Mid on Split or many other sites and cooridors. Her Wall changes make it a preemptive tool instead of a reactionary tool, and that shift is gigantic for her viability. You now have to guess ahead of a push to get that wall up early to let it get to full health, The problem there being that youre forced to make a prediction that can be back breaking if you mess it up, Because once Sage uses her wall And slows shes just down to the individual skill of the player, with no reusable utility that the anchors above Sage on this list have in spades Sage will continue to trend downward, assuming nothing changes with her kit. Despite the few good qualities she maintained being quite good.

I just dont see her seeing high level tournament success outside of isolated circumstances. Our other C tier Agent is Brimstone Man. The state of Brim makes me sad. When I got into the Beta. I was the biggest Brimstone Boy to ever Battle. I thought he was the shit and was a former counter strike players best friend in terms of transferable kit, but with Omen just being a superior Brim. Theres very little reason to take him as your main smoke character.

Teams, like FPX, have had success using Brim as a secondary smoke user on their leader Ange1, and while it was cool to watch, I dont think its indicitive of his stock, going up in the general meta game, Brim cant anchor like Omen and if his smokes get Baited out early, then Brim is effectively useless, while teams with Omen can stall for his smokes to regen. Brim could do with an adjustment, in my opinion, but I dont know what you change to Brim, that doesnt take him to an over the top status, because what we really dont want in Valorant is a metagame with current Omen and an OP Brim, because we will All die from Smoke inhalation, Maybe its an adjustment to Omen that brings Brimstone up but its hard to say Our last tier is D.

D tier Agents are unviable for competitive play and are only to be used by teams that have practice vigoriously to try and create situations where their tremendous downsides can be overcome. But in general picking a D tier agent is a Hinderance over Helpful. Our only D tier agent to the surprise of no one is Viper. I got ta be honest. I really like Viper. I think she can one day be impactful to the meta game, but she in her current state is just awful. Despite all of the buffs and changes, She is far too hard to make work, especially when controllers like Omen and Brim are far better and easier to use to full effectiveness. I was struggling to put into words what makes Viper so bad, but Hiko kinda nailed it Most of her abilities, especially her ultimate can be hinderances to her team rather than helpful.

If you run through friendly Viper smokes or walls, you take damage, you walk into her ult, you take damage her ultimate takes up so much space and the visibility for the non viper players is so bad that it gets in the way Everything she does would be. Amazing in a 1v1 scenario, but shes so bad at doing things that dont hurt the team. I really dont know what you can do to Viper to make her good, but as of right now, there is no logical reason to pick Viper. If your goal is to win at a high level And remember if you want to improve, win, more gun fights and get the rank, you’ve always wanted, then check out Link in the description below

And thats our Tier List for Agents at High Elo and Pro Play. What do you think? Would you rank any of these Agents differently? Let us know in the comments down below And while you’re down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides with one goal in mind, helping you become a better a player. We here at skillcapped want to thank you for watching and we’ll catch you in the next one..

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