Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped in this guide, we’ll be going over the best sage, walls and slow orb lineups on the new map icebox for both the defense and attacking side. We will also be going over what positions on the map you should play and angles you should be holding as sage trust me when i say if you want to learn how to play sage on icebox, you really won’t need any other guide besides this one. So enough hype, let’s jump right into it, starting with playing on defense when playing sage on defense on icebox, your default position will be playing kitchen where, at the start of the round, you’ll go for this wall inside of the tube.

This wall will force the enemy to have to break every single piece, which is simply impossible to do, and so it effectively completely blocks off tube for the attackers to understand just how insanely valuable this is. Take a look at the map of icebox. If the attacking team pushes, through tube into kitchen notice, just how many paths of attack it will open up for them, they can go back of b site or defenders spawn for a super, effective flank catching many defenders off guard. They can also just continue through b halls to end up at the second level of b-side container, which is very strong due to the angles they’ll have, or they can just jump out to boiler and hit sight from there so notice how, by cutting off this attacking Path, it limits the amount of paths the attackers can then take if they go beside great.

A teammate will be watching that if they go middle, you’ll have a teammate on ramp and if they go aside again, teammates will be watching for that as well. So this leaves where you should be positioned after walling off you want to play inside kitchen holding this specific angle. This angle is very strong due to how hard it can be for an attacker to properly pre-aim their crosshair, while moving under tube due to both all of the angles they have to clear, as well as just how awkward of a position it is. Here’S the true power, though, by playing from kitchen, you have extremely fast rotates to back up either site after you wall off. If a teammate spots an enemy, pushing b site. Well, then you can instantly rotate, throw your slows.

Don’T worry we’ll cover these lineups later in the guide, and you can completely stop a push by the attackers. It’S the same idea for a sight after you wall off and hold kitchen. If your teammate spot the enemy pushing there, you have a very fast rotate slow orbs to stop the push and buy time for more rotates. While you hold the angle, so this is your default position on icebox wall off tube, hold the mid angle from kitchen and play as the fast rotator once your teammates spot, the enemy trying to push a sight now to do this effectively. You’Ll want to know some key slow, orb lineups when you rotate first, is if your ramp player spots players trying to push mid or under two. If that’s the case, you want to use this lineup move to the right and aim at the metal bar on the wall.

This will result in the slow orb fully cutting off both under tube, as well as olive middle. If the enemy instead is hitting b site. Well, then, you want to rotate from b halls from this position. Your first lineup is easy, just aim at the bottom corner of the green crate. This will stop any pushes directly into sight if the enemy has made it to yellow container. Then you want to use this lineup aim at this gray bar in the distance and run forward and release. So here’s how this would look like in a real game. You place your wallet in the tube at the start of the round, then, once you need to rotate you head to the end of b halls and can quickly throw both slow, orb lineups. Also, i just want to highlight an insane wallbang spot. Not a lot of players know about once you rotate. If you drop down into sight and play behind this box, you can wait for an enemy to plant in the default spot, and once you hear that sound of the plant, you can spam this location for a free kill. This wall is paper thin, so you’ll do a ton of damage just keep in mind.

They’Ll, see your bullet holes and can shoot back at you. So if you don’t get the kill after the first six bullets, or so you probably want to move alright. So what about for a site? Well again after you place your standard wall, you want to take this rotation path to a site. From this position, you have two key lineups. The first is easy, just remember to aim at this corner on the roof. This slows the right side of a site for the second lineup. You want to aim at the top of this light on the roof to the left of the light. You’Ll see a box outline of one of the roof tiles. You want to aim at the bottom center of it. This will stop enemies from pushing the left side and also has a unique effect of looking like this part isn’t slowed when in reality it is which can trick attackers.

This is what it looks like when you put this all together. Your standard wall at the start of the round, then rotate to eight then quickly throw both lineups one after another to stop any a sight, push and hold the angle. Now, before we head into the rest of the guide, if you’re serious, about improving winning more gunfights – and you want to get the rank, you’ve always wanted and check out our hyper improvement system at link in the description below it’s. There you’ll not only find over 700 premium valorem guides, but we also have up-to-date lineups for your favorite agents, detailed map, breakdowns of the best strategies and spots to play and an expanding library of live smurf commentaries by some of the top valorem players breaking down.

How you two can climb out of every rank in valorement, ranging from iron to diamond. All of this can be unlocked with no risk with our rank improvement guarantee so click the link in the description below head to and get the rank. You’Ve always wanted. So now you understand the default way to play sage on defense, but still you can’t always do the same thing. Every single round, often teammates, can completely fail to hold sites, and so you’ll need to swap with them. So, let’s go over what to do if you’re the one playing b site from the start of the round when the round starts, you have the standard wall. This obviously blocks off the left and right sides, but the enemy can still jump over it using the containers.

This is an okay wall, but what you really want to do is switch things up from round to round. For example, you can wall boost yourself, then hide it in this spot, which will often catch players off guard or you can wall boost yourself and just hold this off angle, to pick any enemies at the start of the round. Another tactic, i highly recommend is throwing this slow orb at the start of the round, as it will stop any enemy from swinging on you from here. You can then move forward and wall off and go for some alt-orb farming, which is a really strong strategy on stage there are also two cheese walls you should be aware of. The first is in the top of b-side container. All you want to do is jump out then place the wall, so your head doesn’t hit the ceiling and break the wall. This is a really strong off angle to hold with an odin, as you can just spray down the entire enemy team and catch them completely off guard. This also lets you peek under tube to mow down enemies if they’re coming from there. Another really strong one is in this corner, make sure to line up the walls so that the left side is flush with the edge of the corner. This gives you this super hidden angle. You can play with an operator.

You’Ll often get multiple kills before the enemy. Even figures out where you’re playing from both of these cheese walls are something you want to use once at most twice in a game and that’s the overall approach to b-side as sage. You want to switch up between all these wall locations to make you super unpredictable. Now, for a site, it’s a bit more straightforward, you’ll want to go for this wall at the start of the round and look to farm the alt orb keep in mind. There is some risk to this as attackers that go nest can shoot you as you retreat. However, this is mainly only an issue if you take the left hand path when you turn around. Instead, if you hug the right side and quickly get around the corner, you should be fine. I do this regularly and rarely ever do i get punished for it. So you want to do this until you start getting punished once this happens.

You have two walls. One is really simple. Just wall off the left side. The left side is by far the best route for the attackers to take so by walling it off. You force them to come from the right side, which is closer to where your teammates will be rotating from and overall is kind of a death trap due to the angles if instead you’re actually having trouble holding that right side, you can then go for this one Way wall: this will allow you to see the opponent’s lower body while they won’t be able to see you, so you can easily spam them down as they turn the corner and try to peek. And lastly, we have one cheese wall. You can use go to this corner on top of the barrels and place this wall. This will give you a crazy off angle on the attackers at the start of the round, as enemies will never have their crosshairs pre-aimed in this location. Okay. So now, let’s switch over to when you’re on the attacker side, starting with the middle of the map.

There are two walls you should be aware of. First is a simple one: where you just look to cut off the enemy sight lines, so you can safely go under tube. This would be used in a split attack on b site. The other is a wall boost strategy to get on top of tube, which can be done from both the left side, as well as the right side. Also, if you successfully push tube into kitchen without using your wall, you should always wall off this spot here. This is a super common rotation path by the defense, and it will make it impossible for them to take due to them having to destroy multiple pieces of the wall.

Typically, the way you want to use your mid walls is combining it with this ramp, slow, orb lineup, go into this corner of the container and aim slightly above the top right hand, side of the shadow jump and release at the peak of the jump. This will prevent any enemies from peeking from ramps, since they won’t be able to move to cover after they shoot. One combo you can use is to throw the slow orb lineup at the start of the round, then go into position for the wall boost since ramp is slowed, the wall boost will either catch an enemy for a free kill, or they will have to just give Up ramp control that will then allow you to move onto tube safely, often, while enemies are completely unaware, giving you more free, picks after moving on to b site, which is probably the strongest site to take as sage, and that’s because of this default wall lineup. This will make it safe for you to plant at both default spots without being able to be shot at from the common spots. On the right hand, side you can also get tricky with the wall, for example, while boosting yourself to kill any enemies who like to play close right behind the container. Honestly, if you only knew this one wall, when attacking b site you’d be fine, it’s just that strong. However, there are a few other advanced ones.

For example, you can wall boost yourself so that you can get on top of the yellow container. This can give you unexpected peaks and angles on defenders also, if you’re able to take b site without having to place your wall, then you want to go for these two spots. The first is inside b halls. This vertical wall will prevent anyone from taking this path. Since they’ll have to destroy the entire wall, which is basically impossible, the second is back of b site, which, again, the goal is to stop a common rotation path. From the defenders moving on, you have two main slow, orb lineups, when attacking b sight for the first one go into this corner and aim. At this light, this slow orb will cut off a common location that defenders try to retreat through and peek out of the second slow orb is insane, and i promise no one else knows about it right now. You go to the center of this right panel of this container then turn around and you’ll be aiming at the bottom corner of this yellow triangle. You want to line up this edge of your slow, orb hud with this bottom corner of the yellow triangle.

This will result in the orb actually landing inside of the second level of the container, which is a common spot. Defenders like to hold just keep in mind. This is a near pixel, perfect lineup, so you’ll want to head into a custom game and practice it over and over. The remaining slow orb lineups for b-side are super effective for winning the post plant on attack. You can go into this corner from before then aim at the right and slightly above that metal, point jump and release at the peak of it. This slows the default plant spot, which either results in the diffuser being a sitting duck unable to retreat to cover, or just makes it hard for enemies to get on the spike. In the first place, similar idea with this lineup head into this corner and aim at the bottom center of the light release, and this will actually bounce off the container door in the distance and land in a super, valuable location to cut off rotations and slow.

The default spike location from that same spot. You can also aim at this corner, jump and release at the peak of it again we’ll land in a similar post, plant location, alright. So now, let’s move into attacking a site, in our opinion, the best wall to go for is this one? It keeps you safe from a lot of angles to your right that opponents like to play while you go for the default plant while then leaving you to only focus on the angles to your left. The second wall, we recommend, is more aggressive and can be used once you know, you’ve cleared outside and no more enemies are there. You want to wall boost yourself onto the rafters, which gives you a very unexpected peak to catch defenders rotating through their spawn, or you can simply play in this corner of rafters, which pretty much no defenders check and will guarantee at least one free kill. The last wall is, if you find yourself taking the path.

On the left hand, side you’ll want to go for this wall here, since it cuts off common sight lines and angles. Defenders will be at especially as the rotates come through. Moving on to slow orbs, you have lineups for the right side and left side of sight for the right side. If you’re coming from belt, you want to use this top part of the rope as your reference point. This is the highest. You should ever have to aim to slow the back of sight from there. You can adjust your aim lower to get more of the sight as well as based on how far away you are or close if instead you’re coming from the ground, just remember to aim for this center part on the wall run forward and release.

This will end in the same valuable spot if, instead, you want to slow the left side if you’re coming from belt, you want to aim at this corner in the distance. This slow can be great for stalling rotates from defenders. If you’re coming from the ground, then you want to just remember to aim at the middle part of this white part of the wall. Another good place to slow is rafters once you’re in sight simply aim at the top of the rafters. Here’S an example of how to use slow, orbs and walls on attack. First, you would clear your angles and make sure that you’re safe. You can then wait a bit for your teammates to get into position to attack the site, then right before they push in. You can throw your slow, orb lineups and join them for the push once on site. You can then go for one of these standard walls to help secure the plan and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank.

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