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The Dragon Response Missions are the latest addition to the end  game content in Guild Wars 2. The missions are fairly easy but  with all the challenges activated they can be rather difficult to complete. Therefore, I want to give you a few tips to help you complete the Challenges of these  Dragon Response Missions as fast as possible. I’m able to do three of these missions in about  30 minutes so I’m sure you can do it too! It’s me Kyo and let’s get into the video. First, let’s have a brief look at the challenges you have to complete. At the start of a Private Dragon Response Mission, you can find two NPC’s. At one NPC you can rent NPCs to assist you in the second half of the Response Mission. We talk about this NPC later in the video At the second NPC you can select your challenges. The first challenge adds a timer to the response mission. After you complete the first event where you have to kill enemies, escort allies and repair  structures, this timer will start. Depending on the mission, this timer  will be between 16 and 22 minutes. This could change in the future. However, this is easily doable if you follow the other tips in the video.

 I usually have at least 5 minutes left on the clock. The second challenge increases the strength of all non-champion enemies. Their damage and health will increase, so make sure to stick together when engaging enemies. The third and last challenge, increases the strength of enemy champions. Usually, there is just one champion and this is the final boss. To be eligible for achievements, you have to complete the Dragon Response Missions multiple  times with all these challenges activated. But, like I said before, follow the tips  in the video and you can easily do it. First tip, if you see these orange baubles,  make sure to pick them up. They grant you 5 might and  thus increase your damage. These baubles will spawn  whenever you kill a Destroyer enemy.

Comes in really handy whenever your  support cannot give you enough might or you cannot give yourself enough might. The next great thing about these Dragon Response Missions is that you can use mounts. Usually, instanced content like Dungeons, Fractals and Story instances  don’t allow you to use mounts. But here, you can use mounts! I discussed the usage of mounts in combat in another video. You can check this video out in the info charts. But, in short, you can use mounts. Use, for example, the raptor to pull enemies together and get around. This stuns enemies and allows your team to easily damage these enemies. 

The Springer can be used before you initiate the final boss. This will do a significant amount of damage to the it’s defiance bar. After this bar breaks, the champion will be stunned and you are free to  damage without any obstacles. You can also use the Skyscale  to initiate enemies. If you use your first skill,  your skyscale will leave a fire field that will continuously damage enemies. Also, your allies can blast the fire field for might or use it to enhance their attacks. So, everytime you can, hop on your mount and initiate  enemies to have an advantage over your enemies. As you heard in the last segment, you want to CC your enemies. All champions in the Dragon Response Missions have a break bar and have it pop up a few times. You want to break this bar as soon as possible. All professions have CC so everyone should be  able to bring at least one skill. Great skills to bring along are  Surge of the Mists for the Revenant and Dragon’s Maw for the Guardian.

 But your own skills are not the only CC skills you can bring. If you head to Drizzlewood coast, you can pick up a United Legions Waystation. For just 25 War Supplies, the currency of Drizzlewood Coast,  you can purchase one of these Waystations. While you are at the last champion,  you can drop the United Legions Waystation. At this waystation, you and your allies  can pick up an Electromagical Pulse for a few War Supplies. This gives you 5 charges of the Electromagnetic Pulse which applies stun  and thus CC on just a 15 second cooldown. This is significantly better than the Warden  stun if you decide to rent these allies. Also, if possible, bring some Reflect skills. For example, Wall of Reflection for the Guardian. There are ranged Destroyers in this mission and  they will launch a great amount of fireballs at your group. This can easily surprise you and it does a great amount of damage. You have to act fast because the cast time of these fireballs is short. You heard the term “Renting your allies” a few times in this video.

 Let’s get into that a little bit. At the start, where you activate  your challenges, you can also rent some allies that will assist you in battle. Although I personally think that they aren’t too strong, they could help you in various ways. You have the option between the Peacekeepers, Seraph, Wardens, the Crystal Bloom and the Norn. The Peacekeepers allow you to use a Golem at the second half of the mission. The Seraph and Norn bring a number of allies to the table that fight NPCs with and for you. The Wardens bring Sylvari allies and allow you to get a Sylvan Hound which can stun enemies. This stun has a longer cooldown than the Electromagnetic Pulse we discussed earlier. And last, the Crystal Bloom brings a huge crystal that protects you and your allies. This crystal will also allow you to get a limited buff that will  heal allies whenever you take damage. In my opinion the Crystal Bloom is the  best pick whenever you have the option. Your rented allies are fairly weak.

 So, you might have to res them a couple times after battle. In order to use the Crystal effectively,  you have to res the Crystal Bloom after battle since the Crystal is tied to these NPC’s. You know a lot about the Dragon Response Missions now. But let’s have a brief look at your preparation. Since the current Dragon Response Missions only  allow parties of 5 you have to be smart about what roles you bring. A good team setup will not necessarily make the Response Missions easier,  but it does make it much faster. I would advise you to take a  default Fractal Setup if possible. This includes a Healing Firebrand that  can provide you allies with Healing, Quickness, Stability and Reflects. Any support you need can basically be found in a Healing Firebrand. The second role I would recommend is an Alacrity Renegade. As its name states, this will provide your team with Alacrity.

 This will make sure that your cooldowns will be reduced and you can cast your  stronger skills in faster succession. The other three roles can just be a DPS. For example, a Power Dragonhunter with traps but any DPS will do. If you happen to be a Warrior, bring your Banner of Strength and the Banner of Discipline. This will further increase the damage of your allies without decreasing your own. Also, use consumables and utilities to further enhance your damage,  healing and support abilities. The last and next thing I want to  say is that Rezzing your allies is overrated. Yes, in countless videos I have said that rezzing  your allies is extremely important. However, in Dragon Response Missions  it’s much less important. Whenever you see an ally go down,  hold off from rezzing them right away. There are usually a ton of enemies around  that you can kill to get back up! So whenever you go down, make sure  to hit as many enemies as possible. Chances are that the rest of your team  will kill these enemies and you will get back up on your feet. Of course, when your ally is close to dying, just rez them.

 There is no point in letting them die. If you do happen to die in a Dragon Response  Mission, make sure to use a Waypoint. Dead is not really dead in Dragon  Response Missions. The missions are not as  punishing as Raids or Fractals. There are a number of Waypoints  in each Dragon Response Mission. Using a waypoint is much faster and more  efficient than letting your teammates res you. They are most likely in combat anyway and this  will significantly decrease their resurrecting speed. If you follow the tips I mentioned in this video, I’m sure you can speed up your DRMs. In the future I expect to see more Dragon Response Missions. I’m sure all of this will be applicable to these Dragons Response Mission as well. 

Oh, and don’t forget to loot the chest at the end! This is usually not automatically looted so you might miss on some rewards if you leave  the instance too soon! Just mash F a couple  times when the chest spawns. Got a tip for Dragon Response Missions? Make sure to leave them in the comments. If you want to support me, consider  subscribing, liking and sharing the video. And you are always to come and chat with me and  the rest of the Kyosicats in my own Discord. For now, thanks for watching and I’ll see you  in the next one! PEACE.

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